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Elliott Equipment Lift Certification

 Elliott Equipment Lift Certification

The aerial work platform (AWP) industry is flooded with different brands and models of powered lift equipment. With so many different types to choose from, it’s easy to become confused. It’s also difficult to know the difference between the various types of lift equipment that are available. The various types of aerial lifts and aerial work platforms have different capabilities and are specifically designed for performing different tasks.


The Elliott Equipment Company is an example of an aerial lift brand that has permitted many operators to both improve their on the job performance and increase their workplace productivity. The Elliott Equipment Company specializes in three main types of aerial lifts, which are HiReach AWPs, BoomTruck Cranes, and Digger Derricks.


If aerial lifts, including  Elliott Equipment Lifts, are used in your workplace, your workers will need OSHA-approved lift training and certification designed specifically for operating the lifts. This training will ensure you and your employees know how to operate the equipment properly and safely, which will make the workplace safer for both the operator and his or her coworkers. Completing Elliott Equipment lift training and certification also means operators will use the equipment more efficiently, which will increase productivity.

What is an Elliott Equipment Lift?


During the 1940s, Richard Elliott, a pioneer in the electrical and utility industries, developed the original telescoping AWP and crane combination. Mounted on an ordinary truck chassis, Elliott’s design was the first of what is known today as an aerial work platform, which is a category that has come to include aerial lifts, boom lifts, and scissor lifts. Since they first opened for business, Elliott Equipment has used only the finest parts and materials available. That was true when Elliott built their first truck-mounted hydraulic telescoping aerial work platform and crane more than 70 years ago, and it’s still true today.


The three primary types of lifts manufactured and sold by Elliott Equipment are the HiReach Aerial Work Platform, a line of BoomTruck Cranes and the Digger Derrick, which is a specially engineered machine used for installing and maintaining transmission power lines and similar heavy duty construction projects.

What Makes Elliott Equipment Lifts Different from Other Brands of Aerial Lifts?


The Elliott Equipment Company specializes in manufacturing and distributing truck-mounted aerial work platforms. Their AWPs provide the very best in terms of strength, safety and support for lifting loads and getting workers in a position to perform jobs high overhead. Elliott Equipment makes over 50 different models of truck mounted cranes and aerial work platforms, many of which include custom features and options that are only available with Elliott Equipment products.

Where Are Elliott Equipment Lifts Used?


Elliott Equipment lifts and AWPs are used for a variety of applications across a wide spectrum of industrial activities, including the following:

 — Light and Heavy Construction Projects

— Transportation and Public Works

— Overhead Utility Installation and Maintenance

— Electrical Contracting

— Mining Operations

— Oil & Gas Field Exploration and Maintenance

— Signage and Overhead Lighting Installation and Repair

— Loading and Unloading Freight at Dockyards and Rail Yards

— Warehousing


You’ll find Elliott Equipment aerial lifts being used to repair and install overhead power lines and communication cables, working in oilfields, on construction sites, in warehouses, putting up billboards, and just about anywhere that requires workers to be more than a few feet off the ground. Due to the dangers associated with the types of jobs where aerial lifts are used, only trained workers who have received their Elliott Equipment lift certification are allowed to perform these tasks. The fastest, most convenient and affordable means of receiving Elliott Equipment lift operator certification is through the online training available from

Reasons For Getting an Elliott Equipment Lift Certification?


Performing labor-intensive tasks while working at sometimes dizzying heights in the construction, utilities, power, mining and similar industries is dangerous work because of the hazards associated with working high overhead. In order to prepare for this type of work, lift operators need to be able to recognize and avoid potential threats to their safety and the safety of their coworkers. That’s where training for Elliott Equipment lift certification from comes into the picture. Approved by OSHA, this is the only kind of training that will help keep workers safe while on the job and help reduce the number of aerial lift workplace injuries and fatalities.

How Can Lift Operator Training Boost Your Career?


It’s simple. Once you have your Elliott Equipment Lift Certification, your appeal to prospective employers will be much greater. Employers appreciate the value of aerial lift operator training and understand that it gives operators the knowledge they need to safely operate Elliott Equipment lifts. They also recognize that Elliott Equipment lift certification makes you a much more efficient and productive worker than your untrained counterparts. Since your specialized lift operator training will qualify you to apply for better and higher paying jobs, your job application will be moved to the top of the stack.

What Does Elliott Equipment Lift Training From ALC Cover?


Here are some of the many practical things you or your employees will learn how to do when you take’s Elliott Equipment Lift certification training program:

— Safely operate Elliott Equipment lifts
— Inspect the equipment before each operation
— Check the surrounding area for potential hazards
— Prevent workplace accidents and protect yourself and your coworkers against accidental injury or death
— Become an OSHA-compliant Elliott Equipment aerial lift operator


Our interactive online training includes formal written instructions, video instruction and taking tests. Following the training, there will be an in-person evaluation to ensure that you have received and understand everything you need to know to safely operate an Elliott Equipment aerial lift. ALC’s format and course content is totally approved by OSHA.

Why Choose for Your Elliott Equipment Lift Certification?


ALC makes it fast, easy and affordable for you or your employees to complete Elliott Equipment aerial lift training. Using a PC, laptop, smartphone or other digital devices to complete the course material, it takes as little as an hour to learn everything you need to know about how to safely operate the various types of Elliott Equipment lifts and other aerial lifts.


ALC aerial lift training is also convenient. All course materials are online and available 24/7, which means you or your employees can complete the training modules any time and any place you like – at home, in a coffee shop or at work during a lunch break. Once you’ve completed the training course, you can immediately download and print your aerial lift certification.  You’ll then be 100% OSHA compliant and qualified to operate aerial lifts, including Elliot Equipment lifts.

Get Started With Elliott Equipment Lift Certification Today offers three choices of training and certification program. You can purchase the Elliott Equipment Lift certification training as a standalone course, or you can choose to bundle and save with our group training program that will cover all your lift operators for one low price, regardless of how many you employ. The bundle training package also includes ALC’s Train the Trainer course, which will save even more money, since you can have one of your in house employees certified to train new operators as they are hired. Regardless of the program you choose, all ALC aerial lift operator courses include free recertification every three years or following a workplace accident involving an aerial lift, both of which are required by OSHA.


To find out more about ALC’s Elliott Equipment Lift online training and certification programs, call us at 888-278-8896. Better yet, why wait? Click here to sign up today and you’ll soon be on your way to a rewarding new career as a certified Elliott Equipment aerial lift operator!

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