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Elliott Equipment Lift Certification

 Elliott Equipment Lift CertificationThe powered aerial work platform industry is flooded with many different brands and types of lift products. You may be confused as to the many different kinds, and whether or not they are actually different types of lift equipment altogether. Aerial lifts, or aerial work platforms, come in many different types designed for different tasks and capabilities. The Elliott Equipment company is one example of an aerial lift brand that has allowed many operators to improve their work practices and boost their businesses. Elliott offers three main types of specialty aerial lifts, the Hireach, Boom Truck Cranes, and the Digger Derrick.

If you use Elliott Equipment Lifts in your workplace, you need specific Elliott Equipment Lift certification training to ensure you are using the equipment properly and safely, and are able to use it to the best of your abilities while protecting your life.

What is an Elliott Equipment Lift?

Back in the mid 1900s, Richard Elliott, a pioneer in the electrical and utilities industries, developed the first truck-mounted telescoping aerial work platform and crane. Their machines fall under the category of aerial work platforms, which includes aerial lifts, boom lifts, and scissor lifts.

Since the company’s inception, the Elliott Equipment company has been using only the finest components and materials available for building the first hydraulic, telescoping aerial work platform and crane mounted on a conventional truck chassis.

Elliott has three primary machines they manufacture and promote. These are the Hireach aerial work platforms, Boom truck cranes, and the Digger Derrick, a specially engineered machine for transmission and heavy duty construction.

What Makes Elliott Equipment Lifts Different from Other Aerial Lifts?

The Elliott Equipment company specializes in aerial work platforms that are truck-mounted and provide top notch support and strength for lifting loads and positioning people. They offer over 50 different models of truck mounted cranes and aerial work platforms with many different custom features and options only available with Elliott products.

Where Are Elliott Equipment Lifts Used?

Elliott Equipment lifts are designed for work in the construction, DOT and public works, electrical contracting, oil and gas, mining, rail, sign and lighting, and utilities industries.

You can find them performing repair and installation work on power lines, installing signage and lighting, working on railways, performing construction and maintenance jobs, and working on oil, gas and mining fields. Due to the dangers of these types of jobs, only trained workers who have received their Elliott Equipment lift certification are allowed for this work.

Why Get an Elliott Equipment Lift Certification?

Working at height and performing labor intensive tasks in the construction, utilities, and power and mining industries is dangerous work with many hazards involved. For workers to be prepared for and able to recognize and avoid hazards, they must complete Elliott Equipment training and certification. This type of training is the only one that will keep workers safe on the job and help to reduce the number of worker injuries and fatalities on worksites.

How Can This Training Boost Your Career?

Quite simply, you will appeal to employers with an Elliott Equipment Lift certification. Employers recognize the value of this training and that it equips you with the knowledge of how to be a safe and efficient employee. Your job application will be pushed to the top of the stack, and you will qualify for higher paying jobs that require specialized training.

What is Involved with Elliott Equipment Lift Training?

Inside the Elliott Equipment Lift certification program, you will learn:

– How to operate the equipment properly and safely
– How to perform equipment inspections
– How to assess the surrounding environment for hazards
– How to prevent accidents and protect your life
– How to be OSHA-compliant

You will learn through formal written instruction, video instruction, test taking, and an in-person evaluation to ensure you receive all the information you need, in a format that is both effectively retained and OSHA-compliant.

Why Choose for Elliott Equipment Lift Certification?

We make it easy, fast, and affordable to complete your Elliott Equipment aerial lift training. In only about one hour from any device with an internet connection, you will learn everything you need to know to operate the different types of Elliott equipment. You will be able to print your operator certification card immediately after completing the program, and will be 100% OSHA compliant.

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