aerial lift training near meWorking high off the ground can be dangerous – especially if you haven’t been properly trained to do so. The proper use of an aerial lift can make the process much safer. If you find yourself searching for “aerial lift training near me,” you’ve come to the right place. offers comprehensive, convenient online training for aerial lift operators. Our fast, affordable courses will teach you how to safely and effectively use aerial lifts. It’s the best way to get OSHA-compliant from anywhere with an internet connection.

Where to Get Aerial Lift Certification

Searching for scissor lift certification near me will certainly net you results, but for the most convenient and affordable option, ALC is the answer. So long as you have a computer, smartphone, or tablet, you can get started training right away. This makes it easy for companies to provide OSHA-compliant, online aerial lift training and certification for their employees. Using state-of-the-art interactive learning materials, we provide the fastest and most cost-effective way to get aerial lift operators OSHA-compliant. All training is online and can be completed at your convenience. Once you’ve completed the course, your certification and aerial lift operator card can be immediately downloaded and printed.

You can purchase the aerial and scissor lift training course by itself, or bundle and save with our group training program, which covers all your operators. It also includes our Train the Trainer course, which will save even more money when you qualify your own employees in house to train new workers. All our courses include free recertification for life, which OSHA requires every three years.

The Benefits of Aerial Lift Certification Near Me

If your business is hoping to avoid accidents and injuries, finding aerial lift certification near me is essential. Workers are far more likely to find themselves in over their heads if left untrained. Our three training programs offer something for everyone. Whether you’re brand new to aerial lift operation or just need to brush up on your skills, ALC’s training is the ideal way to learn. Here are a few perks of training with us:

  • Skip the travel. By training online, you can learn from the convenience of your desk, a coffee shop, your living room, or anywhere that fits your busy lifestyle.
  • It’s convenient. Learning can happen on your schedule, all at once, or broken up over multiple sessions. 
  • It’s affordable. Just say no to the expensive and unnecessary cost of in-person classroom training. 
  • Your certification applies nationwide. You can take your aerial lift certificate with you and find a job in just about any town or city across America.

On top of the excitement and daily adrenaline rush that comes with being an aerial lift operator, properly trained and certified operators are always in demand. What’s more, they earn good money. According to the job seeker and finder website, the average wage for aerial lift operators in the U.S. is $49,000 per year. With aerial lift training near me, you can be trained, certified and ready to start a new career as an aerial lift operator and enjoy the income that comes with it in as little as just an hour or two.

Invest in Our Aerial Lift Training Kit

Off-site aerial lift training can be expensive and time-consuming. Rather than send your employees to a third-party classroom, you can bring training in house for a fraction of the cost. Our Aerial Lift Training Kit covers topics including:

  • Aerial lift fundamentals
  • Load handling
  • Safe driving
  • Stability and capacity
  • Safety standards

Easy to use printable forms make it convenient to teach employees new skills and assess their abilities after the course is complete. Five pre-test summaries help them retain what they’ve learned, and practice quizzes after each section help to further clarify best practices. Best of all, free updates to the curriculum means your content is always aligned with the latest OSHA standards.

Once training is complete, you can immediately print off certification cards to prove that workers have been properly certified. Keep these on hand should OSHA perform an inspection. OSHA requires all aerial lift operators re-certify every three years. We offer free renewals for anyone certified via ALC.

Why Aerial Lift Training Matters

Whether you want to master the use of a vertical personnel platform, boom lift, or scissor lift, training can help prevent accidents and injuries. Working on an aerial lift is extremely dangerous because personnel are at risk from falling. In untrained and inexperienced hands, the rigs themselves are prone to tipping over. When working near power lines, there is also a risk of electrocution.

In order to reduce the number of aerial lift-related workplace fatalities, OSHA made it compulsory for employers to make sure their aerial lift operators had the necessary aerial lift training to run them safely. Certification from an online program with aerial lift training near me is the best and easiest possible way for workers to protect their lives on the job and prevent serious workplace accidents.

Companies that fail to train and certify their lift operators may face heavy OSHA fines. Investing in your employees is the best way to avoid such penalties. Trained workers tend to be more efficient, too, so there are multiple reasons to invest in quality training. Of course, avoiding workplace accidents and injuries is the best reason to adequately train lift operators.

Aside from OSHA, other regulatory bodies also impact aerial lift and scissor lift training and safety. For example, the ANSI A92 standard was updated with enhanced training requirements, fall protection guidelines, and much more. With ALC, your coursework always reflects the most recent safety suggestions.

Sign Up for Aerial Lift Certification and Scissor Lift Certification Near Me 

If you’re still searching for scissor lift certification near me, you’ve come to the right place. You can begin training today with We offer the very best options for those hoping to achieve OSHA compliance for their business. Our affordable courses are user-friendly and designed to be both efficient and convenient. If you want your lift operators to have the skills and knowledge necessary to avoid workplace accidents, sign up today!

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