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Where to Get Aerial Lift Certification

scissor liftThe simple task of changing a light bulb becomes a daredevil act when carried out three stories or more above ground level. This is a typical day at work for an aerial lift operator. You, too, can live on the edge after only a few hours of aerial lift training. After completing your training with, the ideal place to get aerial lift certification, you will have the necessary certification to operate an aerial lift.

On top of their daily adrenalin rush, certified aerial lift operators earn good money. According to, the national average annual wage for people in this job is $49,000.

Types of Aerial Lift You Need Certification For

Known fondly as cherry pickers, there are three basic types of aerial lift:

 1. Vertical personnel platform, or Genie lift – As the name suggests, these lifts carry people and not materials. Of the three types of aerial lift, these are the smallest and most portable. The larger models have a maximum height of 12.5 metres.

Businesses use vertical personnel lifts indoors in light commercial applications, such as order picking and light repairs. They are also handy for managing inventory and performing routine maintenance.

2. Boom lifts have two or more flexible joints that allow them to move in several plains and not just vertically. Boom lifts are used in firefighting or maintaining high power lines, whenever precision is critical.

3. Scissor lift – This type of lift only moves up and down. A platform attached to criss-crossing support system rises as the supports contract. The largest scissor lift in the world has a top working height of 32 meters. Scissor lifts can carry personnel, materials and equipment.

Why Is Aerial Lift Certification Important?

Working on an aerial lift is extremely dangerous because personnel are at risk from falling. In untrained and inexperienced hands, the rigs themselves are prone to tipping over. When working near power lines, there is a risk of electrocution.

In order to reduce the number of aerial lift-related workplace fatalities, OSHA made it compulsory for employers to make sure their aerial lift operators had the necessary aerial lift training.

To reinforce this message, OSHA fines companies very heavily for every untrained operator. It is easy to see why getting your aerial lift certification increases your chance of getting a job as an aerial lift operator.

Where to Get Aerial Lift Certification

Now that you know why you need aerial lift certification, I’m sure you want to know where to get it. With you can get trained from anywhere, as long as you have a computer. This makes it easy for companies to provide OSHA-compliant aerial lift training and certification for their employees. Using state-of-the-art interactive learning materials, we provide the fastest and most cost-effective method way to get aerial lift operators OSHA-compliant, all online and at your convenience.

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