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Honolulu Aerial Lift CertificationIf you hire aerial work platform (AWP) and mobile elevating work platform (MEWP) workers, offers complete aerial lift certification in Honolulu. With three training packages, affordable prices, and lifetime support, we’re the best option for comprehensive compliance. Sign up today and see how we can help with your Honolulu aerial lift certification!

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Honolulu is located on the island of Oahu and is known for having perhaps the best weather in the world. Sun, sand and the pristine blue waters of the Pacific lapping gently at the shore, along with tropical flora, a temperate climate, breathtaking views from Diamondhead and lush green mountains sweeping down to the city make Honolulu a tropical paradise. According to the Global Livability Index, Honolulu was recently named the most livable city in America. The secret is out – Honolulu is a great place to live and start a business!

It’s also one of the busiest port cities in the entire Pacific region. As such, aerial lift operators, scissor lift workers and other AWP & MEWP employees are needed to support the city’s economy and infrastructure. But is your company prepared to handle OSHA training requirements alone?

If you need help with aerial lift certification in Honolulu, our courses can get you compliant.

ALC Aerial Lift Certification in Honolulu: Prices, Information & More

Look no further than ALC for your Honolulu aerial lift certification.


An on-site safety expert and trainer is a huge luxury. And it doesn’t cost a fortune. For just $149, you can have your own safety expert with our Train a Trainer course.


New employees, experienced operators and everyone in between…for superior MEWP aerial lift certification in Honolulu, this is the course you need! Very popular with Honolulu employers, and for good reason! We keep you compliant for less.


No other aerial lift certification in Honolulu course bundle comes close to this value. Includes everything you need for comprehensive MEWP “trainer training,” plus our versatile training kit for premium value & flexibility. Sign up today and don’t take chances with your safety!

ALC is here to help with your aerial lift certification in Honolulu today! Sign up with ALC and give your employees the training they deserve – and also protect your company assets in the process.

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Why It’s Important to Get Honolulu Aerial Lift Certification

Hawaii is a top destination for tourists from all over the world. As such, there’s a huge demand for workers to keep the city’s infrastructure, hotels, entertainment venues, shopping spots and local attractions functioning and well maintained at all times. This calls for a workforce of skilled workers, including properly trained and certified aerial lift operators. With’s online Honolulu aerial lift training, getting your workforce is fast, easy and affordable.

Aerial lift operators are always in demand in Honolulu. And employers are responsible for aerial lift certification in Honolulu. The City of Honolulu and other employers in the area need workers that have been properly trained to operate aerial lifts and other large pieces of equipment without posing risks to themselves, nearby workers and other people on or near a jobsite.

Employers can also be subject to heavy fines for allowing untrained workers to operate aerial lifts. They’re just not willing to risk incurring OSHA penalties and fines and the legal consequences of having workers without Honolulu aerial lift certifications operate their equipment. Our Honolulu aerial lift certification offers the following benefits:

  • Less chance of accidents and injuries.
  • You’re covered in case of an OSHA audit. With our Honolulu aerial lift certification, your employees have proof of training. That’s important to protect your reputation and assets!
  • Affordable compliance. Our aerial lift certification in Honolulu is budget-friendly…and convenient to complete, too!


The Type of Honolulu Aerial Lift Training Your Company Needs

Aerial lift operator training in Honolulu is regulated by OSHA. Honolulu aerial lift certification is something construction companies and other businesses in Honolulu look for when they hire aerial lift operators. That’s why it’s important to choose an OSHA-approved aerial lift certification trainer like

Workplace accidents involving aerial lifts result in about 30 deaths every year, most of which are from falls, tipovers and electrocutions. ALC’s aerial lift certification in Honolulu includes everything workers need to know to safely operate aerial lifts, perform inspections and routine maintenance, recognize jobsite hazards and avoid accidents that cause injuries to people or damages to property and equipment.

Look no further than for your Honolulu aerial lift certification. The course teaches all the components of safe aerial lift operation, is 100% OSHA-compliant, and only takes about one hour to complete using a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Since all materials are available online 24/7 Honolulu aerial lift training can be completed at your convenience any time and anywhere there’s an Internet connection available. OSHA requires employers to provide a safe working environment that doesn’t put workers’ health or safety at risk.

ALC offers employers three convenient options for employee aerial lift training and certification in Honolulu. Our Aerial Lift Training Kit will train all your operators in about one hour for a single payment of just $299. There are no per-operator fees, and the price includes free lifetime refresher training that OSHA requires every three years.

ALC also offers an online Train A Trainer course, which will certify one or more of your operators to train other employees in-house. The one-time cost is $149.

An even better deal is’s Bundle Package, which includes both our Aerial Lift Training Kit and Train A Trainer course for the discounted price of $399. For value-added Honolulu aerial lift certification, the Bundle Package can’t be beat!

It’s easy, fast and affordable to have all your employees receive their Honolulu aerial lift operator certification. To get started today, click here or you can call us at 888- 278-8896.

When you choose ALC, you’ll receive everything you need without the added costs of travel, compensating workers for time off and productivity losses. Our Honolulu aerial lift certification and training can be completed in about an hour anywhere there’s an Internet connection. You’ll receive everything you need to know to operate an aerial lift, inspect the equipment, and assess your surroundings for safety hazards.

Click here to get started and say aloha to enhanced workplace safety! Our aerial lift certification in Honolulu is ready whenever you are! Thanks for visiting ALC!


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