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Serious OSHA Aerial Lift Violations = Six-Figure Proposed Fine

OSHA violationsEvery once in a while, you’ll hear about OSHA fines totaling around $10,000, $25,000 or even $50,000. But when the fine exceeds $100,000, the importance of workplace safety really hits home.

And in the case of AMB Construction, Inc., of Brooklyn, NY, it might really hit their pocketbook.

The company recently did roof repairs for Bedford Hills Elementary School, located in Westchester County, NY. The region is known for haunted spots, twilight tales and the legendary apparition known as The Headless Horseman, made famous by Washington Irving’s story, “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.”

If that isn’t scary enough, AMB will certainly endure a few sleepless nights, thanks to a $113,300 fine proposed by OSHA.

AMB was cited for 14 violations, the third time in the past five years they’ve been acknowledged for unsafe working conditions.

According to Diana Cortez, head of OSHA in nearby Tarrytown, “Dangers can be prevented by employers with basic, common-sense and legally required safeguards, such as providing fall protection and effective training to help workers recognize and avoid fall hazards. That was not the case here.”

Failure to provide fall protection safeguards were the major culprit for this round of AMB’s violations. Apparently, workers used an aerial lift higher than 16 feet high with no protective measures in place.

Like many other OSHA citations, AMB has three weeks (15 business days) to do one of three things and avoid the fines: meet with Ms. Cortez, comply with the safety requirements or challenge the fines in front of the independent Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission.

Financial penalties are just one reason aerial lift training is so critical. Not many companies can afford a six-figure fine. Another reason is safety – better-trained aerial work platform (AWP) workers are better equipped to avoid costly accidents in the first place. Aerial Lift Certification, a trusted source for online aerial lift training, keeps you and your workplace up to speed on OSHA requirements.

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