Aerial Lift Train the Trainer Certification: Train Others Safely

A well-qualified trainer is the secret weapon of every organization. They’re the backbone of skill development, ensuring that knowledge is passed on effectively and accurately. The role of trainers is vital when worker safety is on the line. Investing in ALC’s aerial lift Train the Trainer program builds a strong foundation for continuous learning and improvement within your team. Having a trainer on-site ultimately leads to increased productivity, better employee engagement, and a safer, more competent workforce.


Our online program, priced at $149, can be completed in at least one hour. It equips trainers with the necessary knowledge and skills to train new operators, helping to prevent accidents.


By having in-house trainers through our aerial lift Train the Trainer program, your business gains the ability to train operators independently. This approach saves time and money by reducing the reliance on external training providers.

ALC’s Aerial Lift Train the Trainer Course

Our aerial lift Train the Trainer course is a wise investment if you want to bring future aerial lift training opportunities in-house. Follow these easy steps to get started:


  1. Sign up your company and any workers you wish to serve as future trainers.

  2. Select the aerial lift to train the trainer course.

  3. Have your employee complete their online training.

  4. New trainers will be ready to share knowledge with your organization upon finishing!

At just $149, this course is among the best investments you can make in your employees. The material can be completed in about an hour, allowing your new trainer to train others immediately. Having trainers means you don’t have to spend money hiring outside experts to train your operators. All training can be conducted in-house at your convenience.

As an employer, you will…

Save money on training – no need to hire an outside consultant or training program

Save time and money on travel – no need to visit an offsite training facility

Stay productive – no downtime, get trained and certified 100% online anytime, anywhere to certify all your current and future operators with ease

Reduce accidents and delays by up to 70%

Meet and exceed current and future OSHA Aerial Lift requirements

Avoid fines of up to $70,000

Minimize risk of injury-related lawsuits

Lower insurance costs – potentially qualify for reduced compliance rates offered by many insurance companies

Aerial Lift Safety Topics Include

a magnifying glass and gear on a black background.

Equipment Inspections

two hands holding the steering wheel of a car.


two hands holding a cube over a black background.


a black and white icon of a question mark.


a black and white icon of two arrows pointing in opposite directions.

and Capacity

a black and white radioactive symbol.


a clipboard with a check mark on it.

Inspection of Completion

a hand clicking down on a document.


And much more

Who is Our Aerial Lift Train the Trainer for?

Our aerial lift trainer certification program is designed for those who will instruct new employees on safely using aerial lifts. This certification includes teaching mechanical aspects of aerial lifts, safe operating practices, equipment inspection, and hazard assessment. The ultimate aim of this training is to prevent workplace accidents. You’re a perfect candidate for our aerial lift train the trainer program if you:

  • Have a passion for sharing knowledge and helping others.

  • Possess patience in guiding inexperienced workers.

  • Are committed to ensuring safety and preventing accidents in the workplace.

You can complete our OSHA-compliant training program anytime, anywhere. Training includes ready-to-use safety policy outlines that help keep your employees safer and reduce the risk of injury lawsuits. Upon completing the aerial lift Train the Trainer course, you’ll receive a printable certificate that proves you’re qualified to train others in aerial lift operation and safety. 

Best of all, you can train as many aerial lift trainers as needed, preparing for employee turnover. Our courses also feature free updates so you can stay informed with immediate notifications on new OSHA compliance information.

a man working on a piece of equipment.

You’re passionate about helping others and sharing your knowledge

You have great patience when working with inexperienced workers

You’re dedicated to protecting everyone’s safety and preventing accidents in your workplace


Online Access

The entire OSHA-compliant training program accessible online from anywhere 24/7


Safety Policy Outlines to keep your employees safer and minimize or eliminate injury lawsuits

Printable Certification

Proof you’re certified to train others on aerial lift operation and safety

Unlimited Certifications

Certify as many aerial lift trainers as you need (prepares you for employee turn-over)


You get immediate notifications as OSHA releases new compliance information, so you’re always

a couple of people that are standing on a crane.

Why Opt for an In-House Aerial Lift Trainer Course

Training your employees offsite for aerial lift operation can be costly, not just in money but also in time and productivity. Here are several reasons why an in-house aerial lift trainer course makes more sense:

  • Keep more profits within your business.

  • Avoid productivity loss due to external training.

  • Ensure timely retraining and recertification of employees.

  • Enhance your workplace efficiency with skilled, safety-conscious workers.

  • Reduce yearly accidents.

  • Stay off OSHA’s radar.

Training your aerial lift operators externally can be inconvenient, expensive, and disruptive. However, with in-house trainers, you can meet OSHA’s requirements without leaving your workplace. Having in-house trainers maintains productivity and allows training tailored to your specific needs.

Our aerial lift Train the Trainer program provides everything you need to establish your own in-house aerial lift training at an affordable price. Proper training prevents accidents and maintains a safe, compliant environment. As an employer, you understand the need for all operators to be certified. However, finding the proper training and scheduling it can be challenging.

Why not become your safety expert with our aerial lift train-the-trainer program? You know your equipment and work processes better than anyone, making you the ideal candidate to lead this essential training.

Keep more profit in your business

Never lose productivity because of training

Never forget to re-train employees and renew their certifications

Increase your workplace’s efficiency with more skilled and prepared workers who feel safe

Reduce the amount of accidents you experience every year

Stay out of OSHA’s radar

In-House Certification

the Only Sensible Option

Training your aerial lift operators can be inconvenient, costly, and a hassle to say the least. But if you had your own in-house trainers to lead the training for you, never having to leave your workplace, you could provide the training OSHA requires, while maintaining productivity and customizing the work to your business.

Aerial lift Train the Trainer gives you the framework and papers you need to set up your own aerial lift training in-house-for one low, affordable price.

a ferris wheel with a sky in the background.

The Train the Trainer aerial lift course from was crafted by seasoned aerial lift operators. This course not only helps you save on employee training costs but also ensures you surpass OSHA’s safety training standards. This training may even qualify your business for special compliance rates from insurance companies. Investing in safety training is a wise decision, and our Train the Trainer aerial lift program is an excellent way to train your workers and educate new employees in aerial lift operations.

Within our train the trainer aerial lift program, you’ll receive:

  • Five pre-test summaries highlighting key training points, each followed by a practice quiz.

  • Sample outlines for setting up safety policies in your workplace.

  • Detailed lessons on safe driving, load handling, adherence to safety standards, stability, capacity, and inspection of aerial lifts, ensuring new operators are thoroughly prepared to operate safely and qualify for their certificates.

Our Train the Trainer aerial lift course is the most comprehensive online program available, saving you thousands annually on training new employees. If your company experiences high turnover, operates across multiple locations, or needs to meet OSHA safety requirements while saving costs, our aerial lift Train the Trainer course is for you.

Begin the Aerial Lift Trainer Course Now

Experience our aerial lift Train the Trainer certification program with a one-year, risk-free guarantee. If unsatisfied, inform us within a year for a full, hassle-free, 100% refund.

Choose between our standalone Train the Trainer program or greater savings with our Bundle Package, which combines Online Aerial Lift Trainer Certification and Operator Training Kit. For any inquiries regarding our aerial lift train the trainer or aerial lift certification, contact us at (888) 278-8896.

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Try the Aerial Lift Train the Trainer Certification Program risk-free for an entire year.

If you’re not completely thrilled, simply let us know within 1 year for a prompt, no-questions 100% refund.

You can purchase our Train the Trainer program or save money with our Bundle Package, which includes Online Aerial Lift Trainer Certification & our Operator Training Kit. If you have any questions about aerial lift train the trainer or aerial lift certification, give us a call at:

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