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Aerial Lift Train the Trainer

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Ensure a productive and safe work environment, meet OSHA workplace safety requirements, and help prepare a designated company representative as the qualified trainer with our comprehensive aerial lift train the trainer program. Save time and money by training trainers and other employees on site without the need for costly and time-consuming off site training. Developed for construction workers, maintenance personnel and other employees who require a solid knowledge of aerial lift safety, our convenient online self-paced aerial lift train the trainer course is the fastest way to establish workplace safety.

Our aerial lift train the trainer course is designed to qualify operators in the safe usage of aerial work platforms and then provide additional helpful training techniques and safety information. After having completed the training the trainer aerial lift program, the trainee’s employer must then determine if they are then qualified to train other trainers or operators. Proper lift safety training for all employees helps reduce accidents and delays by as much as 70%, which can ultimately have a dramatically beneficial impact on your bottom line.

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Who is an Aerial Lift Trainer?

A trainer for aerial lifts is the person who instructs new employees on the proper and safe operation of aerial lifts and guides the hands-on practical that is required for certification. They teach amateur operators all about the mechanical workings of an aerial lift, what it can be used for safely and what it cannot, how to perform inspections of the equipment, and how to assess the environment for hazards. Preventing accidents that can lead to injuries and fatalities is the number one goal of both aerial lift training and is at the core of the train the trainer certification. The aerial lift train the trainer program is meant for experienced aerial lift workers who can effectively deliver practical guidance to new operators.

A few key qualities in train the trainer certification online participants include:

  • A passion for helping others and sharing their knowledge
  • Patience when working with new employees with minimal skills
  • A dedication to protecting everyone’s safety and preventing accidents in the workplace

What Does Aerial Lift Train the Trainer Teach?

The train the trainer certification teaches experienced aerial lift operators to deliver the information that new workers need to know to drive aerial lifts safely and properly. You learn effective teaching skills to convey this information, will be given classroom outlines, and will be taught how to conduct the practical assessment to either pass or fail a student. New operators need to be trained and certified to operate aerial lifts to prevent accidents, and instructors need to be certified in aerial lift train the trainer to provide the best aerial lift safety training possible.

The Benefits of Training an Employee as an Aerial Lift Trainer

Aerial lift certification training can be costly and time-consuming if an employer needs to hire an outside party or facility to lead this training for all of their new employees. Traveling to the training facility can be costly in terms of time-off and loss of productivity, and can end up costing the employer additional expenses like gas and worker wages. By training your own experienced employers to train other employees, you can cut down on these costs immensely, skip the travel to a facility altogether and eliminate the need to take a hit in productivity in your business. You will also have more control over what is being taught to ensure your workers are fully prepared to drive aerial lifts in your workplace.

In short, by investing in the incredibly affordable train the trainer certification online, employers can:

  • Save money by not hiring an outside training program
  • Save money and time on travel to the offsite facility
  • Maintain your daily operations and productivity
  • Ensure your workers are being trained in the right information and up to your high standards

How to Become an Aerial Lift Trainer

You know your equipment and work processes better than anyone else – why not become your own safety authority with our aerial lift train the trainer program? The benefits are realized immediately – and you’ll enjoy the freedom and flexibility that only our train a trainer classes can offer. Click here to get started and become an aerial lift trainer.

Why Choose the Train the Trainer Course?

Aerial Lift Certification’s aerial lift train the trainer program is designed to help your business meet and exceed the current OSHA requirements and potentially become eligible for special compliance rates that many insurance companies offer. The program includes an interactive DVD full of exercises and vital information designed to be accessible and thorough for designated trainers and safety supervisors. Our train the trainer certification online covers safe driving, load handling, safety standards, stability and capacity, and inspection of completion and operator permits.

Train your designated trainer for aerial lifts with our unique and comprehensive program:

  • 5 pre-test summaries of key training points for designated trainers and a practice quiz to test other employees at the end of every section.
  • Evaluation forms let trainers guide the certification and evaluations of other employees.
  • Trainer’s Power Point presentation for convenient lesson planning.
  • Sample outlines for establishing safety policy in your workplace.

Extremely accessible, thorough and available in both English and Spanish, our aerial lift train the trainer course is revolutionarily easy for anyone to learn and teach proper safety and operational methods.  Our program is the most complete comprehensive aerial lift train the trainer program in the industry. Train the trainer certification in aerial lift operation and safety procedures is ideal for companies that have substantial turn over, multiple locations, or need to meet OSHA safety requirements.

Aerial Lift Certification also offers a Bundle Package and Training Kit (with instant certification papers) as well. We’re the authority on OSHA, and our years of industry experience can help you become certified in no time.

If you have any questions you want answered before starting your aerial lift train the trainer course, just call (888) 278-8896 to talk with our OSHA safety professionals.

Our goal is your complete customer satisfaction, both now and as long as you require our assistance.

Unlike other companies with aerial lift train the trainer courses, ALC is with you for the long haul. Experience the Aerial Lift Certification difference – call us today!


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