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How Long Does OSHA Certification Last?


Let’s face it — aerial work platform (AWP) certification renewal can be confusing. At ALC, we’re here to teach you about AWP training requirements, so you can avoid the dangers associated with letting your aerial lift certification lapse. We’ll answer the question, How long does OSHA certification last?”

Why Your Workers Must be Certified

Anytime you hire a new worker to your team, they must be trained and certified before you can allow them to operate the lift. OSHA requires certification for every operator, or you could end up with a fine or other penalty. Certification also ensures your staff know how to do their job safely. Well-equipped and trained workers help to create a safe work environment for themselves and everyone else around.

However, aerial lift certification isn’t a one-time thing. It requires recertification just like most other licenses. Recertification should be just as much of an area of concern as getting staff certified in the first place.

Why Is Aerial Lift Certification Renewal Important?

Aerial lift certification ensures a worker is allowed to operate a boom lift, scissor lift, or any other type of aerial lift based on OSHA specifications. Once a worker earns an aerial lift license, their certification lasts for only a set amount of time. Thus, if an aerial lift worker does not renew their certification, he or she cannot legally operate an aerial lift. If the worker forgoes renewal training and continues to operate an aerial lift, the risks are significant for both the worker and their employer.

Even though an employee received the initial training and certification to be in compliance with OSHA, they will be out of compliance if they don’t get their certification renewed. Your company will also be liable for allowing any workers to operate a lift without being recertified.

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How Long Does OSHA Certification Last for Aerial Lifts?

Aerial lift certification is good for three years. It often helps to pay close attention to how long your aerial lift certification will last; that way, an employer can ensure an aerial lift worker can sign up for a renewal class before their certification’s expiration date arrives.

When Does Your Aerial Lift Certification Expire?

Renewal training for aerial lift certification is required every three years; this is based on OSHA mandates. So, if your aerial lift certification expiration date is approaching, you should renew your certification right away — or risk non-compliance with OSHA requirements.

how long does osha certification lastWhat Does Renewal AWP Training and Certification Cover?

AWP certification renewal covers:

– Electrical, fall, and falling object hazards

– Best practices for dealing with aerial lift hazards

– How to recognize and avoid unsafe work conditions

– How to operate different types of aerial lifts

– When and how to inspect aerial lift equipment

– Aerial lift manufacturer’s requirements

By enrolling in an AWP certification renewal course, workers can stay up to date about aerial lift safety processes and requirements. They can learn AWP tips and strategies they can use to maintain a safe work environment as well.

How Long Does Your Scissor Lift Certification Last?

A scissor lift license renewal is identical to an aerial lift renewal, and it remains active for three years.

How Long Does a Scissor Lift License Last?

Like other AWP certifications, a scissor lift license lasts three years.

When Does a Scissor Lift Certification Expire?

Scissor lift certification dates vary. For those who are concerned that their aerial lift certification expiration date is approaching, find out when you initially received your certification.

If it has been nearly three years since the date you originally completed a scissor lift certification course, you should sign up for a renewal course as soon as you can. Otherwise, you risk non-compliance with OSHA requirements for AWP operators.

Reasons to Renew Your AWP Certification

When it comes to aerial lift certification expiration, be proactive. In fact, there are many  reasons to err on the side of caution with AWP certification, such as:

1. Equipment Upgrades

If you’ve recently added new aerial lifts or scissor lifts to your fleet of industrial equipment, don’t take any chances. Check your owner’s manual(s) for any required safety add-on training, and feel free to contact ALC for any training modules you might need. Remember, our convenient AWP training modules can be completed in less than an hour, and you and your management staff can even print official AWP certification forms after your training.

2. Aerial Lift Accidents

AWP certification renewal is required if an accident occurs in your workplace that involves an aerial lift. When an operator is involved in an aerial lift accident, this often means that they weren’t operating the equipment correctly. It may also mean that the operator was unaware of workplace hazards or ignored them entirely. In any of these instances, retraining can teach workers how to safely operate aerial lifts and recognize and avoid hazards.

3. New Workplace Hazards Are Identified

When new workplace hazards involving aerial lifts are found, refresher training is necessary. Training can help AWP operators understand these hazards, so they can avoid them in the future. Plus, it can help AWP operators prevent aerial lift accidents.

scissor lift licence renewal4. Surprise OSHA Visits

Only in rare instances will OSHA officials tell you when they are planning a safety visit. If you think your company could be visited soon, don’t delay — renew today! If your aerial lift workers don’t have their latest AWP certifications, big fines are probable — and costly legal action is likely! Also, keep in mind that OSHA can request your AWP training records at any time — and there is no need to leave anything to chance.

5. Changes in OSHA Regulations

OSHA is constantly monitoring the industries designing, manufacturing, and using aerial lifts. As new designs are developed or current lifts are modified or expanded, OSHA must provide new regulations. When accidents happen, OSHA reviews the facts surrounding the case. They may pass new or stricter regulations to ensure a similar accident is less likely to occur in the future. As a business owner, it is your job to stay on top of these changes with continued training and certification.

Are Spanish AWP Renewal Courses Available?

ALC offers all of our AWP certification classes in Spanish, so your entire aerial lift platform workforce can access the training it needs to succeed.

How Long Does Aerial Lift Certification Last? Key Factors to Consider

Aerial lift certification does not last forever, but a proactive approach to renewal can be beneficial for aerial lift workers and their employers.

Ultimately, an employer is responsible for ensuring its aerial lift workers possess the skills and training necessary to perform everyday tasks. It is also responsible for tracking workers’ aerial lift certification renewal dates, and failure to do so could put an employer and its entire workforce in danger.

If an aerial lift worker causes an accident but lacks proper certification, an employer may be held liable. This can lead to severe consequences for the worker who caused the accident and their employer.

Comparatively, an employer that ensures each aerial lift worker receives regular training can avoid the risk of a lapsed certification. This employer instead can help its aerial lift workers gain the expertise they need to perform myriad tasks safely.

Along with helping an employer, aerial lift certification training benefits all aerial lift workers, regardless of industry expertise.

Even a talented aerial lift worker needs to stay up to date on aerial lift safety training. Thanks to this training, any aerial lift worker can gain insights into on-the-job safety. This can help an aerial lift worker correctly conduct work tasks, as well as become more productive and efficient. Over time, this aerial lift worker can become a key contributor at various jobsites, too.

how long does a scissor lift licence lastTrack Your Aerial Lift Certification Expiration Date – and Implement Safety Initiatives

OSHA requires AWP renewal training every 36 months for all businesses — but your company wants to be the best it can be. As such, you may want to implement safety initiatives across your workforce that ensure your employees are fully supported in their efforts to maintain a safe, productive, and efficient workplace.

There are many reasons why your business should try to exceed OSHA requirements for AWP safety. First, your workers will have the safety information they need to perform a variety of day-to-day aerial lift tasks. Your business is also more likely to pass an OSHA inspection.

Another thing to consider: many workforces experience frequent turnover, so it’s always a great idea to offer ALC’s safety-first AWP certification for both new and veteran employees. With standards set at every 36 months, you can implement full AWP certification training every 18 or 24 months. Plus, since ALC’s aerial lift platform training is affordable, your new training regimen won’t break your budget.

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Enroll in an AWP Certification Program from ALC Today

Protect your workers and your company by ensuring only certified operators are handling aerial lifts. The ALC courses are 100 percent OSHA compliant to ensure your company meets requirements. The training course is self-paced and can be completed online for certification. With the Operator Training Kit, you can ensure all workers are trained and certified. Combine both courses with the bundle package for a significant discount.

ALC offers OSHA-compliant AWP certification courses, any time you need them. To learn more about our courses, please contact us online or call us today at (888) 278-8896.

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