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How Often Should You Update Your Certification


Renewal certification is one of those industrial equipment safety issues that nobody seems to have a handle on. Ask 5 different safety experts, supervisors, foremen and other professionals involved with workplace safety about aerial lift or aerial work platform (AWP) operator renewal training, and you’re bound to get five different responses.

The 36-Month Plan

Technically, you should conduct renewal training for new certification every 3 years (hat tip to our partners at for the info).Because OSHA regulations are always changing, important safety standard updates need to be accounted for. By OSHA’s reasoning, 3 years is a reasonable time to renew. They figured than anything less than 3 years might get too tedious, while requiring training over 3 years might be too long, and that could result in “missing” vital information.

When in Doubt, Renew

But just because you’re required to renew your certification every 3 years, that doesn’t mean you should. It always pays to be proactive, and there are a ton of reasons to establish your own safety standards. Here are just a few:

Equipment Upgrades. If you’ve recently added new aerial lifts or scissor lifts to your fleet of industrial equipment, don’t take any changes. Check your owner’s manual(s) for any required safety add-on training, and

Surprise Visits. Only in rare instances will OSHA tell you when they’re stopping by for a safety visit. If you think your company could be visited soon, don’t delay – renew today!

Safety Initiatives Never Hurt. If OSHA requires renewal training every 36 months, why not go above & beyond the feds? For one, your workers will have the best possible safety information for a variety of day-to-day activities. And for another, you’re more likely to pass an inspection because you’ve been so proactive in regards to a better, safer workplace!


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