scissor lift certification

All jobs that require employees to work at heights come with fall risks and hazards. The good news is that scissor lifts can help your team access heights, perform jobs, and remain safe!

However, before your employees operate or ride on a scissor lift, they still need to obtain a proper scissor lift certification. This certification process will empower your employees with the knowledge to avoid fall hazards, navigate the risks of working from a height, and operate a scissor lift safely and efficiently. It will also protect your interests as an employer by keeping your job site OSHA-compliant.

At, we offer a training kit course for only $299. This kit can help you certify as many employees as you need to. If you want all your certifications completed onsite, buy our train-the-trainer course for $149. Our best deal, our bundle and save option, gives you both courses for $399.

While this scissor lift certification cost can seem steep initially, the benefits far outweigh the price. If our educational material prevents even one accident, your investment will be well worth it. Learn more about scissor lifts, the certification process, and our kit below!

Why Get Scissor Lift Certified? 

Before operating this equipment, all workers need to be properly trained and evaluated. On average, 26 construction workers are killed every year from using aerial lifts and scaffolding. Because scissor lifts seem to be safer than other kinds of aerial lifts, workers may be more likely to be more casual with safety protocols and may neglect the practices that can protect their life. OSHA scissor lift certification can prevent accidents and foster a culture of safety in any organization.

Investing in scissor lift certification is a wise decision for individuals looking to stay ahead in the construction and business sectors. Being scissor lift certified demonstrates that you are knowledgeable, capable, and experienced when it comes to safely operating scissor lifts. With scissor lift certification, employers may be more willing to invest in you because it shows your commitment to the job and industry. Certifications also give professionals an edge over their competition by improving their value in the workplace. Ultimately, becoming scissor lift certified helps employers trust that you are an expert who is educated on how to best function and operate scissor lifts safely.

How to Get Scissor Lift Certification

If you’re still wondering how to get scissor lift certification, we’ve got your covered. ALC’s program was designed to be as convenient and affordable as possible. In only about one hour from any device with an internet connection, operators can complete their scissor lift certification training and be 100% OSHA-compliant. Trainees will be able to print their operator card immediately following completion of the course.

All it takes are a few simple steps to complete the training and receive your scissor lift certification:

  • Create an account on our website (employers should do this and the next step)
  • Register your workplace
  • Create your operator login
  • Work through the online modules
  • Pass all quizzes and test
  • Pass the final in-person evaluation
  • Print your operator card

That’s it! Employers can also choose among the best scissor lift certification for OSHA you’ll find anywhere. Train the Trainer course or Bundle Package that includes the Trainer course and Training Kit to educate your own experienced operators to lead the training for new employees.

At, our aerial lift Train the Trainer program provides an efficient and cost-effective solution for your business to stay compliant with OSHA requirements while keeping employees safe on the job. With a team of experienced aerial lift operators helping create this training course, you can rest easy knowing that its quality is unmatched in enhancing worker education and safety protocols when using these instruments. Investing in safety brings peace of mind as well as special compliance rates from insurance companies – why wait?

Scissor Lift Certification FAQs

If you’re still confused about how to get your scissor lift certification, these frequently asked questions and answers may clear things up:

Does OSHA Require Certification for Scissor Lift Operators?

Yes. If an operator is not certified to use the scissor lift, their employer may be fined thousands of dollars in penalties. Uncertified workers are also more accident prone and you may even see an uptick in the number of workplace injuries. Scissor lift certification is a great way to stay in compliance with OSHA while minimizing the risks of workplace accidents.

How Long is Scissor Lift Certification Good For?

Scissor lift certification is good for three years. If you opt to get certified via ALC, you’ll be treated to free renewals for life.

Can Anyone Use a Scissor Lift?

While using a scissor lift isn’t especially difficult, it does require training and certification. The average person cannot simply begin using scissor lifts without some experience and training.

What Safety Checks Do I Need to Do as an Employer?

Scissor lift training will empower your team to be safe on the job, but that’s not the only thing you need to do to ensure your workplace is as safe as possible. According to OSHA, employers must also regularly maintain scissor lifts to ensure safety and adhere to the manufacturer’s maintenance and inspection instructions. 

Get Your Scissor Lift Certification Today!

Our kit is a great option because it allows you to complete all your certification training online and onsite. You can print off instant proof of training and ensure your workers know how to operate a scissor lift, handle materials on the platform, identify risks, and avoid hazards that can cause accidents. You can use our kit to certify an unlimited number of employees.

If you have more questions, then feel free to contact us now at 888-278-8896. If you’re ready to start, select your course and check to get going.