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What Aerial Lift Equipment Do You Need at Your Worksite?

You have aerial lift equipment, and you want to get the most value out of it. To accomplish your goal, you need to know which parts you can use to keep your equipment running at peak levels.

aerial lift equipmentTypes of Aerial Lift Equipment Parts

Aerial lift equipment parts fall into a variety of categories, including:

  • ✓ Batteries and chargers
  • ✓ Controllers and joysticks
  • ✓ Electrical components
  • ✓ Decals and labels
  • ✓ Engines and transmissions
  • ✓ Gauges
  • ✓ Lift pins, hinges, and latches
  • ✓ Hydraulic lift components
  • ✓ Lift starters and alternators
  • ✓ Tires and wheels

The parts required to optimize your aerial lift’s performance vary based on the type of lift, the lift manufacturer, and other factors. But, if you assess your lift regularly, you can repair and replace any parts before they hamper your business.

How to Determine If Aerial Lift Parts Are Defective

Aerial lift operators must conduct a pre-start inspection before they use a lift. During the inspection, they can evaluate all aspects of the lift to ensure the machine is performing as expected. If an aerial lift operator identifies any issues during a pre-start inspection, the lift should be serviced.

There may be times when an aerial lift malfunctions during use. In these instances, the lift should be taken out of use. The operator should report any aerial lift issues to their superior, so the problems can be addressed.

Ultimately, it is a good idea to err on the side of caution, particularly when it comes to defective aerial lift parts. If aerial lift operators know how to identify the signs of defective parts, they can get their machines replaced or repaired right away.

Where Can You Find New Aerial Lift Equipment?

Aerial lift replacement parts are readily available. They can be found online from aerial lift manufacturers and third-party suppliers. You may also discover replacement parts from aerial lift equipment providers in your city or town.

If you are planning to purchase new aerial lift parts or equipment, review your options closely. It often helps to consult your lift’s operating manual to learn about its components. If you consult with an aerial lift equipment provider, you can get a comprehensive assessment of your equipment, get the parts you need, and ensure they are installed by highly trained technicians.

aerial lift certification

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