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Types of Aerial Lifts

types of aerial liftsAerial lift is a broad term for the various different types of diesel and electric work platforms. Each variation comes with its own share of capabilities and strengths to help you boost the productivity and efficiency in your business. An essential element that goes hand in hand with all of the different types of aerial lifts, is aerial lift certification.

If your company uses any of the following types of aerial lifts, or you’re an individual operator who wishes to operate work platforms, employers are responsible for providing the training you need to create a danger-free workplace and work safely with the different kinds of lifts.

The Different Types of Aerial Lifts

Different types of lifts are made for different applications and work environments. Choosing the right one for your project is key to working safe and productive. However, whether you’re an employer, fleet owner, or operator, you need to look into quality aerial lift training.

Snorkel Lift

Snorkel is a company that creates and sells many types of aerial work platforms that are used for both small and large projects, from indoor duct work to tree care. These different kinds of lifts require separate sets of skills, confirming the need for a comprehensive aerial lift training program.


Designed to move in only one direction, Manlifts are mainly used to transport workers between the different floors of a building. While they may seem straightforward, manlifts have been the cause of a handful of deadly accidents over the years. To understand how to use manlifts properly, you need manlift training.

Genie Lift

Genie Lift is a company that manufactures different types of aerial lifts and scissor lifts. One of their most used models is a one-person scissor lift, which is used indoors to lift and handle heavy and awkward materials. Out of the different types of lifts, the genie lift is designed for tight spaces and narrow aisles, coming with its own set of unique risks. Get your genie lift certification and prevent deadly accidents.

Scissor Lift

Scissor lifts are classified as scaffolding by OSHA, different kinds of lifts compared to aerial lifts. Scissor lifts describe a group of powered work platforms that are operated by one or two operators on the elevated platform. Designed to be sturdy and stable in the right conditions, scissor lifts can be dangerous when operated by an untrained worker who is unaware of the hazards involved.

Boom Lift

Articulating boom lifts and telescopic boom lifts have the highest reach power of all the different types of aerial lifts. They are used for accessing power lines, multi-floored buildings, tree care, and even for helping stranded ride goers on a stalled roller coaster. However, when operated by unexperienced workers, they can have deadly consequences.

Cherry Picker

Cherry pickers were originally used in orchards for reaching cherries and other types of fruit. Today, they’re also used for many types of construction and maintenance work. If you use cherry pickers in your business, be sure to get your cherry picker certification to prioritize safety.

Why Do You Need Training for the Different Kinds of Lifts?

No matter which of these different types of lifts you are operating or using in your business, the key to being successful is to look into aerial lift certification training. This training will equip operators with the skills and knowledge they need to operate the types of aerial lifts, perform safety equipment inspections, recognize and avoid hazards, and prevent accidents.

Aerial lift accidents happen everyday on worksites across the country, and the number one cause behind these accidents is operator error. Untrained operators simply don’t know the dangers of working with aerial lifts and the specific hazards involved. Aerial lift certification helps to keep workers safe, prevent damages, and keep employers out of harm’s way of getting hit with costly OSHA fines.

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