a man on a boom lift working on a structure.Boom lifts have become ubiquitous on job sites around the world. These powerful machines are incredibly useful for landscaping and construction tasks. They lift workers, helping them access high places more easily. Those with boom lift certification will never struggle to find work – operators are always in demand.

AerialLiftCertification.com’s comprehensive boom lift certification program is designed to arm you with the knowledge and practical skills needed to operate boom lifts safely and effectively. Whether you aim to advance in your current role or seek new opportunities in industries like construction, landscaping, or any field requiring aerial work, our certification will open doors for you.

ALC Boom Lift Certification Training

To ensure your company meets OSHA standards for boom lift training, follow these easy steps:

  1. Sign up your company and its workers.
  2. Select the courses you need.
  3. Have your boom lift operators finish their online training.
  4. After they pass, they should complete a practical evaluation (we provide all necessary forms and documents).
  5. Once that’s done, print their boom lift certificates, and they’re ready to work, fully compliant with OSHA!

ALC is here to assist your company in fulfilling all requirements for boom lift certification. We offer various training options for each employee’s needs, including guided, self-paced, or group training. This gives you complete flexibility in approaching your OSHA boom lift training with us!

Options for ALC Boom Lift Certification

Suppose you’re wondering how to meet compliance program standards and OSHA requirements. In that case, we’ve got solutions, especially getting boom lift certification in your area. Our training courses are designed to equip your workers with the necessary boom lift certification efficiently.

Explore our cost-effective, relevant courses:

Training Kit

Our Training Kit is a hit among employers. It gives your workers all they need to know for safe and efficient boom lift operation. For a single payment of $299, you can train all your operators with this course. Plus, you get free lifetime updates to the course materials. No extra costs per employee!

Train the Trainer

Our Train the Trainer program offers a cost-effective, self-paced way to bring boom lift training in-house. Select an employee to become your in-house aerial training specialist. Once they complete our program, they can certify your other operators. This complete package is available for just $149.

Bundle Package

Need help to choose between Training Kit and Train the Trainer? Get our Bundle Package! For $399, you get both courses, saving you $50 compared to buying them separately.

Enroll your employees now; your workplace will be safer and fully OSHA-compliant by tomorrow!

OSHA Boom Lift Certification Requirements

To meet OSHA’s requirements for boom lift certification and operator training, the following elements must be included:

  • Formal written instruction
  • Practical experience with boom lift equipment
  • Face-to-face operator assessment by a certified trainer

The training’s verbal and written sections should cover:

  • Identifying and preventing safety hazards before they happen
  • Recognizing and mitigating unsafe work conditions
  • Safe use of all Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWPs) and Aerial Work Platforms (AWPs)
  • Understanding the importance of load and height limits
  • The connection between maintenance and safety
  • Correctly interpreting manufacturer operating manuals and other product information
  • And much more

OSHA also mandates that all boom lift operators undergo retraining every three years. Additional training might be necessary following an accident involving an aerial lift if lift-related hazards are noticed at work or if an operator needs to use a different type of aerial lift. With AerialLiftCertification.com, you get free lifetime renewal training. Once your employees complete the required boom lift training and certification by OSHA, your company will be safeguarded against administrative penalties, hefty fines, and expensive legal battles.

The Importance of Boom Lift Certification Requirements

OSHA reports that aerial lifts play a role in three percent of fatalities on construction sites. Not following OSHA’s regulations endangers your workplace and exposes you to heavy fines, legal consequences, and severe penalties. Don’t be part of that three percent – get your meet boom lift certification requirements with ALC today.

An untrained individual operating a boom lift poses a significant risk. ALC’s training program comprehensively covers the safe use of boom lifts, including handling unexpected situations. Don’t compromise your employees’ safety by allowing them to use boom lifts without proper training. Enroll them in ALC’s OSHA-compliant training now. Here are the advantages:

  • The training fulfills all OSHA standards.
  • It leads to a safer, more efficient workplace.
  • The course is flexible and accessible online 24/7, allowing training at any time and place.
  • Free lifetime refresher and recertification training are included.
  • There’s no need for physical attendance at training centers, saving time and resources.
  • Immediately after completing the training, certifications can be downloaded and printed.
  • Boom lift certification costs are affordable, fitting any budget and covering all your current and future employees’ certification needs.

Secure your team’s boom lift certification with ALC to ensure safety, compliance, and cost-effectiveness.

Get Your Boom Lift Certification Online with ALC

ALC offers a comprehensive solution for maintaining OSHA compliance. We also keep our boom lift certification up-to-date by regularly updating it according to the latest ANSI standards, which are essential for workplace safety.

Having boom lift certification training is essential if your workers operate boom lifts. This training is not only important but also easily accessible online. Your employees can complete their certification in about an hour.

As an employer, you must ensure all your boom lift operators are properly trained and certified. ALC’s training program teaches the nuances of operating aerial lifts like boom and scissor lifts. It focuses on safe operation by teaching workers to recognize and avoid potential hazards. Explore our OSHA boom lift certification training now and take the first step toward establishing an OSHA-compliant safety environment!

Boom Lift Training FAQs

At ALC, we’ve become bona fide experts on all things pertaining to boom lift training. If you’re still unsure about getting your employees their boom lift licenses, allow us to walk you through a few of our most frequently asked questions and answers:

How Long is My Boom Lift License Good For?

Once you’ve earned your OSHA boom lift certification, you’ll be qualified to operate boom lifts for three years. Should you be involved in an accident, though, you may be required to complete renewal training sooner. Regardless, ALC offers free renewal training for life – our boom lift training is one of the very best investments you can make.

Is Boom Lift Training Available Online?

A simple search for boom lift certification near me will reveal many options for online training. ALC’s online courses are convenient, affordable, and easy to complete in about an hour’s time. After completing the training, you’ll be ready to download and print your certification card immediately. There’s no faster way to get in compliance with OSHA regulations! Avoid costly fines and penalties and get OSHA boom lift certification today!

Can Anyone Use a Boom Lift?

Virtually anyone can be trained to use a boom lift, but training is key. Without a thorough understanding of how these machines work, operators may find themselves in dangerous situations. That’s why OSHA boom lift certification requirements are so strict. Accidents are more likely to happen among inexperienced and untrained operators, so it’s best to get trained and certified before attempting to use a boom lift in the workplace.

Enroll Your Employees with Boom Lift Certification Training Today!

Boom lift certification and training doesn’t have to be a chore to get compliant. With ALC, we’re with you every step of the way to make sure all your boom lift operators are trained and compliant.. Still have questions about ALC and our offerings? Contact us online or call (888) 278-8896 now to speak with one of our training experts. We’re happy to answer any questions you might have, address concerns, and help you and your team enroll in our 100 percent OSHA-approved boom lift operator training.