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Boom Lift Certification Training

boom lift certification

A boom lift is a piece of heavy equipment with a bucket or aerial work platform (AWP) attached to the end of a moveable arm or boom that can be extended both vertically and horizontally. Boom lifts offer greater range than other aerial lifts and scissor lifts and are used for a wide variety of industries, including landscaping, maintenance, construction, and much more.

Benefits of a Boom Lift

There are many reasons why businesses choose boom lifts over other types of aerial lifts, including:

  • Lift Height: Many boom lifts can extend up to 130 ft.
  • Maneuverability: Boom lifts include long arms, which can be angled in many directions to access tough-to-reach areas.
  • Versatility: Boom lifts represent great options in both indoor and outdoor workspaces.


To enjoy the full benefits of a boom lift, you need to find the right one for your business. Popular boom lift options include:

  • Electric: Runs on an electric or combined electric/battery power source. Electric boom lifts are ideal for confined workspaces and do not emit any fumes.
  • Towable: Offer greater portability than many other aerial lifts. Towable boom lifts are often used for utility work or outdoor decorating.
  • Telescopic: Have an arm that moves in a single direction. Telescopic boom lifts, also referred to as “stick booms,” are commonly used in workspaces where minimal horizontal movement is required.
  • Articulating: Provide maximum flexibility. Articulating boom lifts offer greater access to work areas near obstacles or barriers than comparable lift options.

It helps to consider a wide range of boom lift options. This ensures that you can find a boom lift that meets the needs of your company.

You should also consider safety training, regardless of which boom lift you select. Safety training teaches your workers how to avoid boom lift accidents. It can help your business avoid OSHA fines and penalties, too.

Do You Need to Enroll Your Workers in Boom Lift Certification Training?

Does your company hire AWP workers and other mobile elevating work platform (MEWP) employees? If so, you need to provide boom lift certification training. OSHA requires all employers to train all boom lift operators on proper safety procedures. Without boom lift operator certifications, your workers can’t legally operate any equipment, including AWPs and MEWPs.

The bottom line: certification training is a must-have if you employ workers who use boom lifts. This training is easily accessible, and workers can earn their boom lift certification in as little as one hour.

How Can Workers Earn Boom Lift Certification?

For many employers, getting boom lift certification training for all employees seems like a tough task.

But with (ALC), we have your training needs covered. As an employer, it’s your responsibility to ensure that each of your boom lift operators has been properly trained and issued a boom lift operator certification. With proper operator training like the program provided by ALC, your employees will learn the differences between operating aerial boom lifts and scissor lifts, as well as how to safely operate a boom lift by recognizing and avoiding potential workplace hazards. Check out our boom lift operator certification training today and get started with an OSHA-compliant safety plan!

Online Boom Lift Certification: Here’s What You Need to Know

Online boom lift certification training is the most efficient and convenient way to have your boom lift operators trained and certified, and ALC is the leader in online boom lift training. Our boom lift operator certification classes are fast, easy, convenient, and, best of all, affordable. All training materials are available online 24/7. Using a smartphone, tablet or other digital devices, your employees can complete the course in as little as one hour anywhere there’s an Internet connection and any time that’s convenient – at work during a lunch break, in a coffee shop, or at home. What’s more, your employees won’t need to take valuable time away from the job traveling to and from an offsite training facility.

ALC will save your company both time and money. Our boom lift training classes are a great choice for employers whose operators need OSHA-compliant boom lift certification. Get your safety program up and running and become OSHA compliant today by having ALC train and certify your boom lift operators!

ALC Boom Lift Training Programs

OSHA requires the following components to be included in boom lift license and operator training:

  • ○ Formal written instruction
  • ○ “Hands-on use of boom lift equipment
  • ○ In-person operator evaluation conducted by a certified trainer

The verbal and written portions of the training must cover the following topics:

  • ○ How to recognize safety hazards BEFORE they occur
  • ○ How to identify, address, and prevent unsafe working conditions
  • ○ Safe operation of all MEWPs and AWPs
  • ○ Why maximum load and height requirements are important
  • ○ How maintenance is linked to overall safety
  • ○ How to properly read and understand manufacturer operating guides and other product literature
  • ○ And much more

OSHA additionally requires all boom lift operators to receive refresher training a minimum of every three years. Refresher training may be required if a worker is involved in an accident while using an aerial lift, when lift-related hazards are observed in the workplace, or if a different type of aerial boom lift is to be used. With ALC, renewal training is free for life for operators who received their initial boom lift instruction through So, once your employees complete the boom lift instruction and certifications required by OSHA, you’ll avoid the risks of administrative penalties, expensive fines, and costly litigation., the leader in aerial boom lift training, offers three OSHA-compliant programs for workers to receive their boom lift certification in about an hour, which are:

1. Training Kit

One of our most popular courses, the ALC Training Kit covers everything your employees need to know in order to safely, efficiently and effectively operate boom lifts. There are no “per employee” costs – a one-time payment of just $299 covers all your operators and includes lifetime free course material updates.

2. Train the Trainer

Train the Trainer is a self-paced program designed to save your business time and money by conducting your boom lift operator training in house. By designating one or more of your employees as your company’s in-house aerial training expert and having them complete our training program, he or she will be qualified to certify your other operators. Everything you need is included for only $149.

3. Bundle Package

Can’t decide between the two courses? Then our Bundle Package is for you! The Bundle and Save package includes both our Training Kit and Train The Trainer program for $399, which is a savings of $50 over purchasing the two courses separately.

Enroll your employees today and your workplace can be safer and OSHA-compliant by this time tomorrow!

Why a Boom Lift License is Necessary

According to OSHA, aerial lifts are involved in 3% of all construction site deaths. Failure to comply with OSHA’s rules not only puts your workplace at risk, but also exposes your business to severe penalties, expensive fines, and possible litigation. Avoid being a part of that 3% – sign your employees up for ALC’s boom lift certification training now!

In the hands of an untrained worker, a boom lift can be an extremely dangerous piece of equipment. ALC’s boom lift training covers everything your workers need to know about safely operating boom lifts, including what to do when things don’t go as planned and the unexpected happens. Avoid placing your employees’ lives and well-being at risk by allowing them to operate boom lifts without having been properly trained – enroll them in ALC’s OSHA-compliant boom lift operator training today!

Benefits of Boom Lift Training and Certification

Here are some of the many benefits you and your employees will enjoy after completing ALC’s boom lift certification program:

  • Your workers can receive training that meets OSHA requirements.
  • You’ll have a safer and more productive workplace.
  • ✓ The training is self-paced, and can be completed anywhere there’s an internet connection and any time that’s convenient – all training materials are available online 24/7.
  • ✓ All lifetime refresher and recertification boom lift certification training is absolutely FREE and included with your purchase!
  • ✓ Since the courses are online, there’s no need for workers to take time off from the job to travel to and from an offsite training facility.
  • ✓ Once the training is completed, boom lift operator certifications can be immediately downloaded and printed – there’s no need for them to arrive in the mail.

And don’t forget, our boom lift certification training fits any budget, including yours! All of your current and future employees get their certification without breaking the bank!


Enroll Your Employees with Boom Lift Certification Training Today!

Don’t put off your boom lift operator certification any longer. makes it fast, easy, convenient, and affordable to train your employees and make your workplace OSHA-compliant. Our online boom lift training program takes only about an hour, and workers can complete the training at their own pace over the Internet using a digital device. Once they’ve passed the tests and have been evaluated by a certified instructor, they’ll receive their boom lift certification and be OSHA-compliant in as little as just one hour. You won’t find a better deal anywhere, so sign up today!

Still have questions about our boom lift certification training? Give a call today at (888) speak with one of our training experts who’ll answer your questions, address your concerns and help enroll your operators in our 100% OSHA-approved boom lift operator training program!


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