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Lights, Camera, Aerial Lift Action! Aerial Work Platforms in the Film and Entertainment Industry

What are the most important parts of film production? Every movie director and producer requires a few key ingredients to go from scripts and auditions to success at the box office.

In no particular order, here are some critical components for filmmakers:

– Stars

– Supporting actors

– Available venue

– Financial backing

– Marketing / media buzz

– Producers / directors / writers / etc.

– Theaters

– Aerial lifts

– And much more

Notice anything out of place on the above list? Aerial lifts aren’t required for the movies.

Or are they?

You’d be surprised at how much aerial lifts, boom lifts, cherry pickers, and other aerial work platform (AWPs) are used in the film industry. Every type of job has its own little slice of the glitz and glamour every now and then, and aerial lift operators are no different. Aerial photography, lighting, aerial filming and more – aerial lifts are truly one of the unsung stars of the show!

Every aerial lift and AWP employee in Hollywood, Bollywood, and other film production enterprises requires skilled, competent workers to operate aerial lifts. But before they can make their mark on the next blockbuster, they need OSHA compliant training. is the go-to online training source for companies who need complete, comprehensive instruction for all their employees. By law, all employers must provide aerial lift certification for their employees. This applies to novice workers on construction sites to the most experienced Hollywood cherry picker operator.

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Lighting, Film Shooting and So Much More

Aerial lifts give filmmakers a unique production tool to bring images on the screen to life. Specifically, boom lifts, aerial lifts and other AWPs are used by directors to provide:

– Bird’s-eye views. Think of your favorite action movie…then try to think of it without the unique vantage point that only an aerial lift offers. For creating additional depth and perfect perspective during chase scenes, adventure shots and more, nothing beats aerial lifts!

– Additional lighting. And then there was light – without illumination, movies would literally be in the dark. AWPs bring (literally) picture-perfect light to any scene, but safety considerations should never be ignored. More than a few filmmakers have experienced accidents while shooting movies with aerial lifts, including this unfortunate incident.

– Rigging, cribbing & more. From hanging background effects to staging sky-mounted props, aerial lifts are the ultimate do-it-all movie set asset. Warner Brothers has a specific set of aerial lift rigging and cribbing instructions, and they’re not the only production company to do so!

These are only a few ways in which aerial lifts enhance movie production. Aerial lifts, cherry pickers and boom lifts are the latest equipment to provide thrilling perspective, a tradition that dates to 1916, when famed director D.W. Griffith constructed an elevator tower for his movie Intolerance.

How will aerial lift methods in movie production continue to evolve? It’s anybody’s guess, but AWPs will always be a prop of choice for movie directors everywhere!

Ensure Your Workplace Safety with

Even if you don’t work in Hollywood, it’s important to ensure your employees have their own “happily ever after” when working with aerial lifts. Workplace safety is the #1 concern of every site supervisor, foreman, safety consultant, and other managers.

OSHA requires every employer to provide aerial lift and scissor lift training for all employees who use this type of equipment. But internal resources and safety budgets only stretch so far. With, we make OSHA compliance more affordable and accessible than ever.

Thanks to our online training courses, you can get your employees trained and certified in much less time – and for less money – than traditional training methods. We also provide recertification, great customer support, and the expert OSHA knowledge you need to stay on top of your safety program.

It’s against the law to have any employee or contractor operate an aerial lift or scissor lift without proper training. Take care of your company’s training requirements with Sign up today, and see how our training creates a safer, more productive job environment.

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