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Aerial Lift Training

OSHA Aerial Lift Safety Training and Requirements

Serious workplace injuries and fatalities involving aerial lifts happen every year. The most common of these are tip overs and falls. The majority of the accidents are due to operator error. With an average of about 30 aerial lift-related deaths every year, it makes sense to question what makes aerial lifts so dangerous. Aside from their height, a lack of proper aerial lift training is the primary cause of these workplace accidents. Turn to high-quality, comprehensive aerial lift safety training such as provided by AerialLiftCertification to prevent aerial lift injuries and fatalities and protect your life and those of your employees.

Why Choose for Online Aerial Lift Training?

OSHA requires every employee to be trained and certified in aerial safety, but that doesn’t mean choosing just any aerial lift training program. There are in-person, off-site programs that are expensive and require hours if not days of your or your employees’ time. There are also basic written programs that really don’t provide adequate training.  ALC has designed a training program unlike any other that provides everything you need to know about aerial lift operation and safety, leaving you prepared to step into an aerial lift.

At ALC, we make training simple, which is one reason our aerial lift training is so popular. For starters, it’s very affordable. Our training costs much less than hiring outside trainers. ALC’s training is also extremely flexible. Since all materials are available online 24/7, you and your employees can take our online aerial lift training course any time and any place that’s convenient. As long as you have a smartphone, tablet or other digital device and an Internet connection, you’re good to go!

ALC’s affordable, informative and effective online aerial lift training integrates both aerial lift and scissor lift instruction that is 100% OSHA-compliant. Our simple five step process provides everything you need to get superior aerial lift safety training and certification for your employees.

With so many rules and regulations regarding forklift operators, it’s vital that you and your employees are fully trained and certified to operate forklifts in a safe manner. Not doing so can potentially result in injury, loss of lives and OSHA fines. While many employers find that having their employees obtain a forklift license is time-consuming and a hassle, through, employees can quickly and easily earn their forklift license online in as little as one hour. It’s quick, easy, and affordable!

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What’s the 5-Step Process?

We mentioned that it takes only 5 steps to sign up and get your top rated aerial lift safety training and certification.

These 5 steps are:

  1. Create an account on ALC’s website. If you’re an employer, register your company and create separate logins for each operator.
  2. Work through the online modules at your own pace
  3. Pass the practice quizzes and final exam
  4. Pass the hands-on evaluation performed by an experienced operator from your workplace
  5. Print and download your temporary operator card – that’s all there is to it!

That’s it! 5 easy steps to completing your aerial lift training and holding your certification in your hand.

The Benefits of Our Aerial Lift Safety Training

After completing the aerial lift certification test, temporary operator cards and certificates for your HR files can be immediately downloaded. Permanent laminated operator cards will be mailed and received within seven to ten days. Another reason ALC is the preferred choice of businesses across the that our always up-to-date training materials are available whenever you want to review them. Working at your own pace, anyone can complete OSHA-approved aerial lift training. Our aerial lift training makes sense for you and your company.

What’s Included in Our Aerial Lift Training?

Order our Bundle Package for just $299, and you’ll receive everything you need to know to operate aerial lifts safely. Your employees will learn how to work the controls, inspect the equipment, perform basic maintenance, and complete various tasks. They’ll also learn how to recognize and avoid hazards that can lead to injuries and fatalities. Also included is our Train the Trainer course, which will allow one or more of your experienced operators to train other employees.

Inside of our online aerial lift training course, you will learn how to:

• Operate cherry pickers, aerial lifts, boom lifts, and scissor lifts
• Navigate and maneuver different types of terrains and work environments
• Perform daily equipment inspection
• Recognize and avoid hazards
• Prevent accidents
• Be an expert in aerial lift safety training
• Use personal protective equipment like body harnesses and lanyards

Other advantages of our aerial lift certification program include:

• Not worrying about OSHA declining aerial lift safety training paperwork
• Receiving the same quality service as our large corporate clients
• ALC works with businesses of all types and sizes
• Group rates available for 25 or more employees
• You’ll avoid the cost and time of hiring an outside Safety Consultant
• ALC’s courses are designed by our in-house OSHA safety experts, who have years of field experience
• We know what’s needed to get your business OSHA compliant quickly, affordably and efficiently!

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Get Convenient & Affordable Aerial Lift Training with ALC Today!

Our many satisfied clients have passed numerous OSHA safety audits without any problems whatsoever. Well-known companies like U-Haul, Harley-Davidson, Jenny Craig and Coca-Cola have used our aerial lift operator training to become OSHA compliant. We can help you as well.

If you have questions or would like more information about our OSHA aerial lift training, click here to contact us online. You can also call us at 888- 278-8896. Get started today, and you’ll soon have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your workplace will soon be safer and your company will be OSHA compliant.

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