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Aerial Lift Training

OSHA Aerial Lift Safety Training and Requirements

The majority of aerial lift accidents occur due to operator error. Injuries and fatalities happen every year on work sites involving aerial lifts and the best way to prevent them and protect your life is to receive high-quality, comprehensive aerial lift training.

While it is now required by OSHA that every employee is trained and certified in aerial safety, that doesn’t mean you should choose just any aerial lift training program. There are in-person programs that cost a lot and require hours if not days of your time. There are also basic written programs that don’t provide adequate training. We have designed a program to be unlike any other you will find, and that combines everything you need to enjoy the aerial lift safety training you’re receiving and feel prepared to step inside an aerial lift.

We specialize in providing affordable, informative and effective aerial lift training. Our course integrates both aerial lift and scissor lift instruction that is 100% OSHA certified. A simple 5-step process is all you need to get superior aerial lift safety training for yourself, co-workers or your entire crew.

Why Choose

Why is our aerial lift training so popular? There are many reasons. For one, it’s very affordable – much less costly than hiring on-site “experts.” It’s also extremely flexible. You can take our online aerial lift training course on your schedule, 24/7/365. As long as you’re connected to the internet, you’re good to go!

For only $299 for the training kit, you will receive everything you need to know to operate aerial lifts safely and properly. You will learn how to work the controls, inspect the equipment, perform basic maintenance, and complete various tasks. You will also learn how to recognize and avoid hazards that lead to injuries and fatalities on numerous worksites across the country.

The Benefits of Our Aerial Lift Safety Training

Our 5-step OSHA aerial lift training program also offers instant operator card certificates upon completion of the certification test – simply print the proper documentation for employee HR files. (Permanent laminated operator cards arrive in the mail within 7-10 days of passing the aerial lift training course.) And here’s another reason why AerialLiftCertification is the preferred choice of firms across the U.S.: our training is accessible whenever you want. No more time-consuming training sessions or wasted time. Anyone can obtain complete, OSHA-compliant aerial lift training on their own schedules. Our aerial lift training course makes sense for your company.

Other features of our aerial lift certification program:aerial lift training

•    No worries about aerial lift safety training paperwork being declined by OSHA
•    You’ll get the same quality service that other large corporations receive
•    ALC works with small, medium and large businesses
•    Value-added group rates available for 25 or more employees
•    Avoid the huge cost and time-consuming burden of hiring a Safety Consultant
•    Our courses are designed by in-house OSHA safety experts with years of field experience
•    We know what it takes to get you OSHA compliant – quickly, affordably and efficiently!

For questions about our OSHA aerial lift training course, check out our contact page for a secure message portal. Plus, you can talk to our customer service team at (602) 277-0615. Our customers have passed numerous OSHA safety audits with flying colors. Well-known companies like U-Haul, Harley-Davidson, Jenny Craig and Coca-Cola have used our aerial lift training requirements     to become compliant. We can help your firm, too!

Get started on your aerial lift safety training now. If your company needs quality and affordable OSHA aerial lift training, make the first step today. The best time to set up training is yesterday, especially if you’re currently non-OSHA compliant.

We look forward to meeting and exceeding all of your aerial lift training requirements. Thanks for visiting our website!

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