Building on our strong legacy from other industrial online safety programs, Aerial Lift Certification uses the same time-tested, proven approach: to provide our customers with valuable OSHA-compliant training at exceptional prices – all backed by the best customer service in the industry. That’s who we are.

Our team consists of OSHA experts, safety personnel and others with years of aerial lift experience. We use this know-how and industry expertise to create our online aerial lift safety training courses. Our top-level courses are:

  • Bundle Package
  • Train a Trainer
  • Training Kit

Each of our courses can be completed as a group training, self-paced or guided training. This flexibility is just one more reason Aerial Lift Certification remains such a popular training source for small, medium and large companies across the United States. That’s an important thing to know about us and how we go about our aerial lift training; this “convenience factor” is a huge part of our core company culture. It begins with our home office in Phoenix, AZ, and is embedded with every online course we conduct.

It’s called the ALC way: create a great training product, and build relationships with each and every customer. That’s what our clients love about us – we’re not just a one-and-done training company. We’re with your every step of the way: initial training, re-certification and beyond.

More about Aerial Lift Certification       

Our goal is simple: to help your workforce become OSHA compliant in the most flexible, affordable manner possible. This philosophy has made our other industrial training programs an integral part of companies just like yours.

Here’s another thing about us and our unique approach to aerial lift safety: we utilize our knowledge of OSHA and make it work for you. In fact, our aerial lift training programs meet the latest standards from OSHA regulations 29 CFR1910, the National Fire Institute, and the American National Standards Institute.

That’s why we’re the choice supplier of aerial lift instruction & training for companies like Harley-Davidson, Siemens, Snap-On, Verizon Wireless and many other well-known firms.

Aerial Lift Certification offers superior aerial lift training at unbeatable prices. With our customized approach, we can create an aerial lift OSHA training program exclusively for your company. No other aerial lift training company will do this. And given our in-house expertise, we’re always on top of OSHA guidelines. No more worrying about changing rules and regulations – with ALC at your side, you can leave all the hassle to us.

With 3 classes to choose from (we have the versatile Bundle Package, the Train a Trainer course and also the aerial lift Training Kit), you’ll have a customized training module for each aerial lift worker in your company. Plus, you don’t have to break the bank to become OSHA certified. Our training courses start at just $299. Compare that with the thousands of dollars other training companies charge!

To learn more about how Aerial Lift Certification can benefit your workforce, go to our contact page. Plus, we’d love to speak with you. Our aerial lift OSHA experts can be reached at (888) 278-8896.

We hope this information about us and our services has been helpful. Thank you for considering ALC as your #1 aerial lift safety training provider.