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Aerial lift certification is not just an OSHA mandate, it’s a moral imperative that provides necessary financial security for any business relying upon aerial lift equipment including crane, boom and scissor lifts. Thanks to, there’s an affordable and engaging alternative to paying the thousands of dollars that traditional training companies charge to provide an aerial lift and scissor lift training test and award certification. training packages are dynamic, interactive and allow employees to train at their own pace. That last part is especially important, because every safety protocol built into the certification program could avoid a potential catastrophe.

What’s in the aerial lift certification test, why should you complete it, and what are the benefits of using ALC?

With ALC, your aerial lift training test is:

• Comprehensive. We cover all the crucial safety protocols required by OSHA.
• Compliant. Once you’ve passed your aerial lift certification test, you’re immediately compliant with current U.S. employment regulations. And the same goes for your scissor lift test, too!
• User-friendly. ALC’s experienced staff has created one of the most easy-to-learn scissor lift training tests and aerial lift exams available anywhere. With common-sense, comprehendible language, we’re taken the guesswork out of OSHA compliance with your aerial lift and scissor lift training tests!
• Affordable. Why settle for pricy 3rd party training, when ALC has everything you need to pass your aerial lift training test and scissor lift test with flying colors? We have a 100% pass rate, thanks to a learn-as-you-go pace.
• Career-boosting. The best candidates get the best jobs. To ensure you have the best possible chance at a well-paying scissor lift or aerial lift career, ALC’s aerial lift certification test and scissor lift test show employers that you’re serious about your craft. Stand out from the rest – don’t settle for anything less than the best aerial lift training…ALC!

Plus, our aerial lift training test content always includes the latest safety updates. It’s hard to keep track of OSHA or ANSI regulation changes. With ALC, we automatically update our aerial lift certification test. For example, the new ANSI A92 standards impact all aspects of aerial lift and scissor lift use. We’ll show your company how to account for these safety and maintenance guidelines!

The Importance of the Aerial Lift and Scissor Lift Training Test

Among the many reasons for requiring operators to pass an aerial lift certification test, human cost tops the list. According to the most recent statistics, as many as 30 American construction workers are killed annually in aerial lift mishaps. Most of these deaths are due to worker falls, electrocutions or lift collapses, with several more resulting from individuals becoming pinned between the lift platform and fixed structures following unexpected movement by the lift arm or its base. Most of these deaths may be avoided with proper training, a thorough aerial lift and scissor lift training test, and safety protocols put into place.

And as awful as these statistics are, they don’t even take into account the number of aerial lift related injuries reported to OSHA each year, which include broken bones, severed fingers, critical head injuries and electrical burns. More than a quarter million builders, electricians, painters and engineers put their lives and limbs at risk each year while operating aerial lifts.

Reasons to Provide Aerial Lift and Scissor Lift Training for Your Workplace

The companies employing workers like those in the accidents mentioned above should be doubly motivated to ensure that their aerial lift operators are properly certified – not merely to satisfy OSHA safety requirements, but to avoid the added financial burdens of lost wages and liability. A study conducted by Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety showed that in 2008 alone, aerial lift injuries collectively cost employers $53.42 billion, with Department of Labor statistics claiming the added cost to individual employers came to an average of $43,000 per injury.

As important as proper training is in addition to the qualifying aerial lift and scissor lift training test, it shouldn’t be difficult to get. is the only online OSHA certification available and provides the most efficient way for workers to acquire the training necessary to prevent avoidable accidents. Compiled by OSHA experts, our training courses are available in both English and Spanish, with Guided, Self-Paced or Group Training options. Two components give employers flexibility to certify multiple workers without increasing the costs historically associated with typical certification programs.

The Aerial Lift and Scissor Lift Training Test: What You Need to Know

There’s no reason to worry about traveling to an offsite facility, paying for an instructor, or paying high costs for the aerial lift and scissor lift training test. With ALC, it’s fast, affordable, and easy.

Here’s what you need to know about taking the aerial lift and scissor lift training test with

• Online format. ALC’s aerial lift training test and scissor lift training test also feature a repeatable format. Take the tests as many times as you need!
• Learn as you go. With ALC, you set the training pace. This is the best way to retain knowledge, learn new skills, and ultimately gain OSHA compliance!
• Our training programs teaches you everything you need to know to operate aerial and scissor lifts and pass the test, including: the correct procedures for operating a scissor lift and aerial lift, handling materials on the platform, and recognizing and avoiding accidents. No other scissor lift and aerial lift training test comes close to ALC.
• Once you’ve completed the online modules, you will complete the in-person evaluation using the checklists we provide to offer the most successful training program for operators.

As the number one most effective way for preventing accidents involving aerial and scissor lifts, training and certification is imperative for protecting the lives of workers, preventing thousands of dollars in equipment damage, and avoiding fines from OSHA. Plus, it’s the law. If your company is involved with a scissor lift or aerial lift incident, OSHA will demand to see training records. That’s where ALC’s aerial lift and scissor lift training tests come into play.

To put it simply, if you care about your employees and your business, you will invest in the most comprehensive OSHA-compliant scissor lift certification program available, and it just so happens that ALC offers that at one incredibly low price and never charges per-operator fees.

The Cost-Effective, Life-Saving Courses with ALC offers two programs to get your new, untrained employees certified to operate aerial lifts and scissor lifts, and a Trainer course that teaches experienced workers to lead the training for your new employees in-house. Our courses are the most affordable, effective way to get all of your employees OSHA compliant. It all starts with our aerial lift training test and certification!

Train the Trainer

Our Train the Trainer online course provides a designated employee with the tools necessary to adequately train aerial lift operators in compliance with OSHA regulations, as well as standards set forth by the National Fire Institute and the American National Standards Institute.

Training Kit

Our training kit includes interactive DVD instruction that may qualify a lift operator for certification in as little as one hour, whether under the guidance of a trainer, self-paced or within a group setting.

Bundle Package

Can’t decide between our two aerial lift training tests? Combine them into one affordable, accessible training package! We’ll give you both the Train a Trainer and Training Kit at a special reduced rate!

Our training kits create ongoing value for companies of any size, with further savings available when bundling both packages together. To learn more about our aerial lift training kits, and the aerial lift and scissor lift training test, contact us today, or call our OSHA regulations experts at 888-278-8896.

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