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How to Get Aerial Lift Certification

how to get aerial lift certificationSome people just aren’t cut out for the 9-to-5-behind-a-desk-rat-race. If you are one of those people, there’s a lot to be said for considering aerial lift certification as a career choice. Job satisfaction is only part of the appeal. Wherever there are power lines and buildings, and work to be done at heights, there will be jobs for people with aerial lift certification cards. This means that you can just about name where in the country you want to live and you should be able to find employment.

If you really want to make yourself appealing to prospective employers, AerialLiftCertification can train you to be an aerial lift trainer; that is, you can qualify for a job as a Certified Aerial Safety Expert and train people up to get their own aerial lift certification. With our operator training kits and “train the trainer” programs, business owners who employ forklift operators can satisfy stringent OSHA aerial lift training requirements without having to go to the trouble of booking a room offsite, hiring a trainer for the day, or purchasing books and other materials. Our training can generally be completed in about an hour.

OSHA Aerial Lift Training Requirements

Only people who are trained and certified are allowed to operate an aerial lift. If an OSHA inspector finds an aerial lift operator working without documentary evidence of aerial lift certification in the form of a certificate of completion or an aerial lift certification card, they have the power to levy heavy fines. Where an inspector discovers a willful violation of the OSHA standard, they have the authority to raise the fine to ten times the regular amount. Note here that not only do employees have to have the necessary aerial lift certification, it has to be documented. If it isn’t written down, it didn’t happen.

In November of 2012, OSHA issued a Citation and Notification of Penalty to a chemical company in Ohio. Among the citations was a violation, designated as serious, that “the employer failed to ensure that employees were trained on the usage of aerial lifts prior to operation.” It turns out that employees in the maintenance department had used an aerial lift to perform assigned tasks. The citation didn’t go into detail about how much the company was fined for this violation.

In 2011, a steel company in Georgia was fined a total of $184,400 for a number of violations, including willful failure of employees to wear a body belt with lanyard attached to boom or basket while working from an aerial lift more than 35 feet above the ground. The proposed penalty was in excess of $61,000. The company was further cited for wilfully exceeding boom and basket limits specified by the manufacturer. Again, OSHA proposed a penalty in excess of $61,000.

The company was also cited for failure to certify that each operator had been trained and certified to operate an aerial lift. In so doing, the employee was exposed to overturns, struck-by, or crush-by hazards. The employee in question was the foreman at the recycling facility.

Get Aerial Lift Training and Certification From Aerial Lift Certification

AerialLiftCertification offers three easy ways to train: guided, self-paced or group training. You choose whichever method best suits your learning style. Because it is so critical to learn and retain this information, our training materials are designed to make sure that the message really sinks in. Lives and limbs are at stake. We are not prepared to accept a standard of learning just enough to pass the test and then forget it, and neither should you.

By the time you have completed our aerial lift certification training, you will know how dangerous it is to operate an aerial lift, as well as the importance of caution, awareness and being safety savvy. Our computerized programs are so simple that if you can use a smart phone, you can get aerial lift certification. Contact us today to find out how.


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