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The Different Uses for Truck-Mounted Aerial Lifts

The Different Uses for Truck-Mounted Aerial Lifts

Truck-mounted aerial lifts are typically used for residential and commercial electrical jobs, that include repairing electrical lines and building high-voltage transmission lines that stretch for miles. But truck-mounted aerial lifts are versatile machines and can be used safely and efficiently for various other tasks, including tree trimming. And modifications are continuing to be made by top manufacturers to make smaller trucks reach higher, provide fool-proof safety features for operators, and reduce weight for better fuel efficiency and increased payload.

Tree Care

Tree-care workers can use truck-mounted aerial lifts to travel to the project site easily, and can trim away branches and limbs from power lines using an insulated lift that provides protection from electrical hazards. Truck-mounted aerial lifts have also been an invaluable asset to the fruit industry and are commonly used for cherry picking. Tree-care workers and utility workers alike can use the same insulated truck-mounted aerial lifts to work around power lines and work directly on them while being protected from hazards.

Commercial Sign Work

One industry that is quickly finding truck-mounted aerials lift vital to their work is the commercial sign industry. These types of aerial lifts are used for installing, repairing, maintaining, and removing large signs on commercial buildings. Improved safeguards are making truck-mounted aerial lifts safe and efficient for this type of work that requires excellent reaching capabilities of the lift, as well as reaching and servicing from workers.

Light Installation

The electrical utility industry uses truck-mounted aerial lifts for all types of lighting installation and maintenance in addition to power lines. Smaller truck-mounted aerial lifts are being designed with increased reach power and reduced weight to better access small work areas like lighting and maneuvering around tighter spaces, while improving fuel efficiency at the same time.

Window and Building Work

Truck-mounted aerial lifts are improving their efficiency for compact jobs and are becoming more and more popular among building contractors. Similar to the requirements for lighting work, buildings require compact lifts with impressive reach capabilities to access materials needing repair, as well as windows that need repair, to be cleaned, and new installation.

Theatrical and Movie Work

Truck-mounted aerial lifts are gaining popularity in all kinds of industries because of their efficiency for quick jobs, and for their ability to get in, out, and complete a project in less time and more cost-effectively than self-propelled aerial lifts. Truck-mounted aerial lifts are being used more and more in the television and movie industry because they are tall, have high reach capabilities, set up quickly, and can carry movie crew, lights, and cameras safely and efficiently.

Truck-mounted aerial lifts are quickly becoming the new go-to, Swiss army knife of the construction, building, and utility industry. They can save contractors and employers time, production and fuel expenses, and can increase profits by improving efficiency and safety in a wide variety of worksites. If you need to certify any of your workers to use truck-mounted aerial lifts, contact

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