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When to Use a Cherry Picker

cherry picker

A cherry picker is a type of aerial work platform that consists of a bucket at the end of a hydraulic lifting system. They are used to lift the operator to otherwise inaccessible areas, such as the top of buildings, high trees, or to wash windows on the side of a skyscraper. Cherry pickers require specific skills and knowledge to operate them properly and safely, and all operators need professional cherry picker training. Workers interested in becoming qualified should look into the certification program with for online, convenient, and affordable education.

If you’re interested in learning more about cherry pickers and how they work, here are a few examples of situations that require the aid of a cherry picker:

Orchard Picking and Tree Trimming.

Cherry pickers got their name from their original use, which was picking fruit from tall trees in orchards. Modern equipment improved the safety in the field when the use of ladders was too risky. Cherry pickers are still used for this purpose today, as well as to trim tree branches and limbs in otherwise unclimbable trees.

Building Maintenance.

Tall buildings need to be continuously cleaned and painted. Ladders are not always sufficient, and they present many safety risks. Cherry pickers give operators security and mobility and are used to wash windows, paint siding, and complete other maintenance tasks.

Telephone and Electrical Pole Servicing.

There are thousands of miles of telephone and electricity poles around the world, and cherry pickers are used to maintain and repair them. For all those employed in these fields, cherry pickers are a regular part of their daily routine because they help to ensure they can reach the area needing servicing in the safest manner possible.

Rescue Missions.

Cherry pickers have been used to rescue people from high elevations, including malfunctioned roller coasters. Firefighters also use cherry pickers to rescue people trapped in tall buildings. When a ladder is not sufficient or safe, cherry pickers are used to bring those on upper floors to safety.

Lighting and Filming for Movies and Sporting Events.

While designed for practical reasons, cherry pickers are also used to increase the dramatization of many films and theater performances. They are also known as “Condors” and are often used to suspend large lights above film sets when not on a soundstage. They are also used during sporting events to mount camera equipment high into the air to give watchers a birds-eye view of the game.

Cherry pickers are used around the world for many different functions. But whether they’re used for a concert or to repair an electrical cable line, operators are required to be trained and certified. Cherry picker training is the essential education that improves the safety of workplaces all over the country. And it is the best way to reduce the number of injuries and deaths that occur every year due to amateur workers. Not to mention, OSHA requires it.

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