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Aerial Lift Hands On Training

Get Hands on Training for Aerial Lifts

Hands-on training is the key to any successful safety program. And this includes your aerial lift operations. Each driver and operator must be able to quickly absorb, retain and apply safety concepts – and sometimes, the best way to ensure strong safety practices is to use hands-on training. We are known for our popular online courses, and that now extends to hands on training for aerial lifts.

By putting our advanced knowledge in your organization, you (or someone in your company) can become the source for aerial lift hands on training. This is a much better alternative than bringing in an independent reviewer or trainer every time your company uses a different boom or aerial lift. And our courses are also budget-friendly!

Importance of Aerial Lift Safety Training

OSHA requires that anyone who operates a boom lift or scissor lift needs proper safety training. Failure to comply has many potential negative consequences. Here’s why you should sign up for ALC’s aerial lift hands on training:

• Safer workplace. Without aerial lift safety training, employees are “in the dark” about crucial safety concepts like overhead hazard avoidance, fall protection, and many more. ALC’s aerial operations training courses offer a comprehensive review of everything required to safely operate boom lifts, scissor lifts and other industrial equipment.
• OSHA audits and inspections. Aerial lift safety training helps avoid costly fines and penalties from a surprise OSHA visit. But not all visits will come out of the blue; if your company is involved in a boom lift or scissor lift accident, OSHA will request training records. All of our aerial operations training courses come with printable, instantly accessible paperwork which goes directly into any HR file!
• Affordable, effective training. With ALC, your workplace can become OSHA compliant without breaking the bank. All coursework can be completed at your convenience. Fast, affordable, and OSHA compliant – with our aerial lift safety training, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of complete OSHA training, and you’ll also save money!

We’ve done all the homework for you. Since we know OSHA inside and out, we have “bridged the gap” to enable on-site, hands on training and testing for your entire aerial lift enterprise. OSHA regulation 29 CFR 1926.32(f) clearly states the key players in an aerial lift hands on certification program. These three roles are:

• A “competent” person
• A “qualified” person
• A “designated” person

Since OSHA guidelines explain that evaluations must be Site-Specific and Equipment-Specific, you can skip the costly and tedious process of aerial lift hands on traininghaving a 3rd party or rental company certify aerial lift operators. Our training course can put competent, qualified and designated personnel in place (from your existing workforce) to implement initial and renewal training. With our program, you simply print out the needed forms for easy, documented refresher courses. All the power is in your hands, and that means a better brand of aerial lift hands on training.

There’s simply no substitute for applied hands on training. Combined with our formal online classroom training sessions, the aerial lift hands on program brings a well-rounded instruction course directly to your company. Best of all, we give you all necessary hands on training and evaluation forms at no extra cost.

Get Aerial Lift Safety Training Today!

Learn more about our OSHA aerial lift hands on training. We have remained a premier aerial lift hands on testing company for years. There are multiple ways to reach us. Go to our contact page to ask a question about our aerial lift hands on certification or receive a course quote. We’d also love to talk directly with you. Reach us at 1.888.278.8896 and our customer service representative can point your aerial lift hands on training program in the right direction.

Get your aerial lift training now at ALC – you can’t afford to skip it! Schedule your aerial lift hands on testing today! We appreciate your interest in our hands on training for aerial lifts.

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