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Aerial Lift Hands On Training

Hands-on training is at the heart of any successful workplace safety program, and that includes aerial lift operation instruction and certification. At, one of the most frequent questions we receive is, “Where can I find aerial lift training near me?” Our online format and ability to enhance your aerial lift hands on training is the easy, common sense answer!

OSHA requires that all aerial lift operators must be properly trained and certified to work with the various types of aerial work platforms  (AWPs). This includes:

– Scissor lifts

– Boom lifts

– Man baskets 

– Cherry pickers

– And much more

Each driver and operator also needs to be thoroughly familiar with all OSHA safety rules and regulations that apply to operating aerial lifts in the workplace. The best way to ensure operators can safely operate AWP equipment is through Aerial Lift Certification’s aerial lift hands on training.

Aerial Lift Certification has been providing businesses and individuals with OSHA approved online lift operator training and certification for years. Our programs include Train the Trainer classes, which prepare a company employee or employees to provide their fellow workers with aerial lift hands on training. This is a much more practical and economical alternative to sending workers outside for training or bringing in an independent trainer each time a new operator is hired or new types of lifts are brought into the workplace.

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Importance of Aerial Lift Training – Aerial Lift Training Near Me

OSHA requires everyone who operates aerial lifts to receive proper safety training. Failure to comply can have severe negative consequences, such as heavy fines, time in prison or both. Here are some of the many reasons  to sign up for ALC’s aerial lift operator and Train the Trainer training courses:

– Workplace Safety. Without proper aerial lift safety training, employees may not be aware of how to avoid overhead hazards, protect against falls, keep equipment from tilting and numerous other dangers associated with operating AWPs. ALC training includes everything your employees need to know to safely operate aerial lifts and similar pieces of equipment.

– OSHA Audits and Inspections. Having employees properly trained to safely operate overhead lifts can help you avoid penalties and fines that could result from an unannounced visit by OSHA inspectors. If there’s a boom lift or scissor lift accident at your business, OSHA inspectors will request proof that all lift operators have been properly trained and certified. Our aerial lift classes include downloadable certification cards that are immediately available for equipment operators to carry, along with training certificates to be placed in his or her HR file to satisfy OSHA requirements.

– Affordability and Convenience. ALC operator training courses are affordable, and can be completed in as little as one hour. They’re also convenient. There’s no need to leave the building, since the courses, which can be completed in as little as an hour, can be taken at the workplace. If it’s more convenient, the training materials are available online 24/7, and the operator can complete them anywhere an Internet connection is available. Our aerial lift classes are just $75 each for operator training class and $299 for Train the Trainer courses,, so you’ll also save a bundle of money.

– 100% OSHA Compliant. We know and understand OSHA and their requirements, which allows us to provide aerial lift training and certification testing. Our Train the Trainer certification program was designed to fully comply with OSHA regulation 29 CFR 1926.32(f). The regulation states that aerial lift training certifiers must be competent, qualified and designated, and that evaluations by the certifier must be specific as to both the site and the With ALC, there’s no need for the costly, disruptive and time-consuming process of using outside third parties for hands on training and certification.

– Hands-On Training Option. “Where can I find reliable aerial lift training near me?” How about right inside your own building? With our Train the Trainer course, you’ll have an in-house, OSHA compliant training resource to handle your own certification requirements. This includes aerial lift classes and hands-on training sessions!

– Free Lifetime Renewals. OSHA requires that aerial lift operators be recertified every three years. With ALC, there’s never a charge for renewals – they’re already included in the cost of the training.

These are just a few of the benefits you’ll receive when you join the thousands of businesses and individuals throughout the country who have already chosen Aerial Lift Certification for their aerial lift operator training, evaluation and certification.

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It’s Easy to Get Started on Hands on Aerial Lift Safety Training and Evaluation

We’ve been the nation’s premier provider of OSHA-compliant aerial lift training, testing and certification for years. To learn more about our fast, convenient and affordable aerial lift operator training and certification programs,  feel free to call us at 1.888.278.8896 to speak with a customer service representative who will answer any questions and address any concerns may have. You can also reach us through our online contact page for more information about our all-inclusive training, testing, evaluation and certification classes. Either way, you decide to get in touch, we’ll help you get your business started down the road to a safe, OSHA-compliant workplace today!

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