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Your Complete Guide to Cherry Picker Certification

(Updated April 5th 2021)

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Let’s be honest — as a kid, how much time did you spend daydreaming about operating a cherry picker? How great would it have been to be up in the air working in the fresh air and sunshine while wearing a brightly colored hard hat and gazing down at the world below?

The difference today is that you’re the employer, and the safety and wellbeing of your business’ cherry picker operators is your responsibility. It’s true that there are dangers associated with operating cherry pickers. But, proper cherry picker training can help prevent accidents that result in injuries, fatalities, OSHA fines and penalties, and other business problems.

What Is a Cherry Picker?

A cherry picker is one of many aerial lifts used to jobsites across the United States. It consists of a hydraulic crane with a railed platform at the end. Cherry picker operators can raise the platform to trim trees, wash windows, and perform other tasks at heights.

Cherry pickers are powered by electricity or diesel. A cherry picker can be controlled by a single operator, who can raise or lower the machine as needed.

In order to use a cherry picker correctly, an operator requires proper training. That way, the operator knows the ins and outs of cherry picker safety.

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Everything You Need to Know As a Cherry Picker Operator

Anyone age 18 or older is eligible to become a cherry picker operator. As long as an individual meets the age requirement and earns a cherry picker license, he or she can operate this machine at a worksite.

To earn a cherry picker license, a training program must be completed. The program offers insights into how to safely operate a cherry picker. It also provides details about cherry picker hazards and how to avoid them.

What You Should Know About Cherry Picker Training

Cherry picker training is necessary for employers that need their cherry picker operators to comply with OSHA regulations.

OSHA has mandates in place for workers who use cherry pickers and other types of aerial lifts. If your business employs workers who are required to use these lifts, they must undergo the proper training. Meanwhile, if your business does not comply with OSHA requirements, it may receive OSHA violations. In this instance, your business also puts its aerial lift operators in danger.

What Will Happen If Unlicensed Operators Are Using Cherry Pickers at a Worksite?

An employer that knowingly lets unlicensed operators use cherry pickers creates serious problems. In addition to violating OSHA mandates, the employer is putting itself, its employees, and others at risk.

In the aforementioned scenario, unlicensed operators may be prone to mistakes. This is due to the fact that the cherry picker operators lack sufficient training. The result: a single mistake can cause a cherry picker accident.

If a cherry picker accident occurs, it could cause serious injury or death. It can also lead to OSHA penalties, along with associated brand reputation damage and revenue losses.

Where to Find a Cherry Picker Certification Course (ALC) offers intuitive aerial lift safety certification courses. Plus, we ensure that all of your cherry picker training needs are covered.

Aerial Lift Training Kit

Our cherry picker instructional programs include a Training kit for certifying your operators, a Train a Trainer package that certifies one or more of your workers to train other drivers, and a Bundle package that includes both programs at a discounted price for even greater savings.

Additionally, we provide online cherry picker training and certification courses that can be taken either individually or as part of a group training session. Our interactive training sections meet or exceed the standards established under American National Standards Institute (ANSI), OSHA Regulation 29 CFR1910, and the National Fire Institute as well.

Let’s not forget about the easy access to our cherry picker certification course materials, either. All of our training materials are available online 24/7, and they can be accessed via a smartphone, tablet, desktop computer, or laptop.

With our cherry picker certification class, your operators can be trained and certified in as little as an hour any time, too. These operators can also begin a cherry picker training class at any time and complete it from any location where an internet connection is available.

What Topics Are Discussed in a Cherry Picker Training Course?

Here are some of the topics covered during our cherry picker training course:

Aerial lift and load stability

 Load capacity

 Cherry picker operating fundamentals

 Operating safety standards

 Driving safely around pedestrians and obstacles

ALC’s aerial lift certification training is kept up to date. This ensures anyone who enrolls in our program receives information about the latest OSHA cherry picker safety requirements.

Why Should You Choose ALC for Cherry Picker Certification?

In addition to being OSHA-compliant, some of the reasons to partner with ALC for cherry picker certification training include:

– Cost Savings: You can avoid the cost associated with using an offsite training facility to teach your workers how to safely operate a cherry picker.

– Fast Training: Our cherry picker safety training class is fast and seamless, so your employees won’t need to revamp their schedules or take time off from work.

– Valid Certification: Your cherry picker operators’ certifications will be recognized and valid anywhere in your state or across the country.

ALC takes the guesswork out of aerial lift safety training, and we are happy to help you teach your workers to properly use cherry pickers and other types of lifts. That way, your aerial lift operators are well-equipped to perform everyday tasks to the best of their ability, every day.

Cherry Picker FAQs

Cherry Picker Training

Cherry Picker

How did cherry pickers get their name? What are they used for, and what are the OSHA training requirements? As an employer, you probably have questions about cherry pickers, and ALC has the answers! Keep reading to find out more about this unique type of aerial lift, and when you’re ready to get cherry picker operator training for your employees, we’re here to help get you started!

1. Why are certain types of aerial lifts called cherry pickers?

Originally, cherry pickers were designed for picking cherries and other fruit that grew too high on trees to pick from the ground. Cherry pickers are still used in orchards, but they are also utilized by workers who need to service overhead electrical equipment and power lines, hang holiday lights, install and maintain HVAC systems and ductwork, hang banners and signs, and perform other tasks at heights.

2. Where are cherry pickers used?

Cherry pickers are often used by workers who service overhead utilities such as electricity, cable television, and telephone lines. When firefighters aren’t using extendable ladders, they may use cherry pickers to rescue people from burning buildings and during other above-ground hazardous situations. Cherry pickers are also used extensively in the construction and building, mining, and painting industries.

3. Can anyone use a cherry picker?

Cherry picker operators require training — without exception — to safely operate this type of aerial lift. Not just anyone who can climb aboard and safely operate a cherry picker, which is why OSHA sets training guidelines and operating requirements to control who can operate aerial lifts. Cherry picker license requirements include being properly trained on how to operate the controls and properly operate a cherry picker, as well as various safety matters related to driving cherry pickers in the workplace. Since not everyone knows how to drive a cherry picker safely, OSHA requires cherry picker training before any employee can operate the equipment.

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Choose ALC for Cherry Picker Safety Training

If you require workers to use a cherry picker, you need to get them up to speed on all aspects of workplace safety. Thankfully, our cherry picker safety training course makes it easy for you to do just that.

We offer an in-depth cherry picker safety training class designed for aerial lift operators of all skill and experience levels. Our class is readily available online, and workers can complete it at their convenience.

To learn more about our cherry picker safety training course or enroll your workers in it, please contact us online or call us today at (888) 278-8896.

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