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Do Workers Need Fall Protection?

Electrician Working High On Boom

Yes. End of story.

But instead of making this the shortest blog post in history, let’s examine WHY aerial lift workers, aerial work platform (AWP) employees, scissor lift operators and others need fall protection.

We’ll examine three primary reasons why fall protection is essential for aerial lift operators.

It literally saves lives.

A quick glance at OSHA’s website reveals dozens of aerial lift accidents every year. After official investigations, many of those accidents could’ve been avoided. The common characteristic for these aerial lift disasters? Lack of fall protection training. Get fall protection, save lives…pretty simple, wouldn’t you say?

It protects employees and employers.

We’ve already examined how it can aid workers. But what about the boss? Without adequate fall protection classes, any company opens itself up to potentially crippling fines, legal fees and penalties, not to mention the negative publicity.

It simply makes sense.

OSHA requires aerial lift workers to have fall protection safety training. But beyond the official legislation, having fall protection plans & training in place offers a peace of mind and confidence you just can’t put a price on.


Fall protection training is available at Aerial Lift Certification. In fact, our OSHA-oriented instruction offers practical how-to tips, emergency preparedness, smart safety checks and much more. And you can complement your fall protection training with other aerial lift training sessions, too. It never hurts to acquire extra training. If you’re looking for a job as an aerial lift operator, fall protection training not only makes you a worthy candidate, but it also tells your possible employer than you’re serious about safety.

Take a smart step toward better AWP safety practices today. Call ALC and speak to one of our fall protection specialists at (888) 278-8896, or visit our contact page for more information. With 3 customized training courses – our popular Training Kit, the optimum return on investment Train a Trainer package and our combination Bundle Package – you’ll receive the best training material for your particular role.

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