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Popular Aerial Lift Brands

If your business involves employees working at height, you know the value of using quality aerial lifts. With so many models to choose from, it’s important to get the right lift for the kind of work you do. Choosing the right type will help you get jobs done safer and faster. It will reduce the costs of owning and operating the lifts. It will also help boost productivity and ROI in your business. This blog will discuss the most popular aerial lift brands, including their features, advantages, customer support.


A global producer of aerial work platforms, Snorkel has locations in the Americas, Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Australia. They provide a wide range of aerial lifts with height limits ranging from 12 feet to 125 feet. Their product line features a wide array of both scissor and aerial lifts. Scissor lifts models include electric slab, rough terrain, and push-around minis. Aerial lifts range from speed level and electronic boom to telescopic articulated, and trailer boom lifts. Other products include personnel lifts, material lifts

EZ loader custom built delivery trucks, and compact rough terrain telehandlers.

Snorkel’s electric slab scissor lift is a versatile machine. The platform extends to just short of 12 feet, and has a vertical reach of almost 18. The TM12 electric scissor lift is used for many types of building and maintenance projects. Common job tasks include accessing ductwork, HVAC systems, electrical systems, and many types of cosmetic work on structures.

For higher jobs, the Snorkel 660SJ provides ample height and reach. It can reach up to 72 feet, and extend 60 feet horizontally. This allows it to reach the top of a 7-story building (about 70 feet). It can also hold up to 600 pounds on the platform to provide power for various projects.

snorkel aerial lft

Image via Snorkel

Genie Lift

Founded in 1966, Genie Lift started out selling compressed air-operated lifts. Since then, it has grown into one of the most popular aerial lift brands in the country. These days it offers a full line of telescopic and articulating boom lifts. Some models are electric. Others are diesel or bi-energy. Reach capabilities range from 31 to 80 feet. Genie Lift also offers man lifts, scissor lifts, mast lifts, light towers, and telehandlers. Now owned and operated by Terex, Genie Lift continues to provide top quality aerial lifts and customer support.


Genie Lift’s flagship product, the Genie Lift™, includes the GL-4 model, which can be used as a hand truck, forklift or dolly. With a max height of almost six feet and a weight capacity of 500 pounds, it can handle many different tasks. These include shipping and receiving, lifting heavy objects to and from shelving units, and repairing HVAC systems.


The Xtra Capacity line features a dual-envelope design with an unrestricted platform capacity of 660 pounds. The S-60 XC was designed to perform a wide range of heavy lifting tasks on construction and industrial work sites. It can reach up to 59 feet and extend more than 50 feet horizontally.

genie lift xtra capacity lift

Image via Genie


Founder John L. Grove set out to improve the construction industry in the 60’s. Since then JLG has developed into one of the most popular aerial lift brands on the market. Known for its innovative designs, JLG produces many types of aerial lifts. These include electric and hybrid boom lifts, vertical lifts, low-level access lifts, stock pickers, scissor lifts, towable boom lifts, and telehandlers. JLG also offers a unique oscillating axle for increased motion, the extended electric boom lift, and the Workstation in the Sky.


The 450AJ articulating boom lift is designed for working around tricky buildings or smaller spaces with limited access. It can reach up to 45 feet vertically and 25 feet horizontally. Created for improved multifunction, the 450AJ is used across many industries.

The electric and hybrid boom lifts from JLG are eco-friendly and energy efficient. They are also designed to improve productivity. The Compact Crawler boom X430AJ model comes with a 500-pound weight limit, and can reach up to 50 feet high and 21 feet across. The low weight and rubber tracks increase its versatility for different job sites.

jlg compact crawler boom is used for many aerial lift jobs

Image via JLG


Niftylift is another widespread aerial work platform company with locations around the globe. They combine 3D modeling software with in-depth product testing to create top quality cherry pickers, booms lifts, and scissor lifts. Their full product line includes self-propelled aerial lifts, self-drive boom lifts, track drive lifts, and static base lifts. Niftylift lifts are known for excellent after-sales support, easy operation, and easy maintenance.


The SP34N self-propelled boom lift provides maximum reach from a light, compact base. The telescopic boom arm can raise the platform to a height of 33.5 feet. It has a working outreach of 20 feet, and can hold over 7,000 pounds. The narrow chassis makes the SP34N ideal for working in tight areas.


The SD34T self-drive work platform provides precise accuracy and positioning. The platform can reach up to 35 feet, with a 20-foot outreach. With hydraulic outriggers and 45% gradeability, the lift can be safely driven on uneven surfaces. The SD34T also comes with a telescopic boom arm.

niftylift aerial work platform

Image via NiftyLift


For over 40 years, Teupen aerial lifts have been a leading choice for construction, building maintenance and tree care companies. Teupen also offers lift solutions for the special events and window cleaning industries. Designed to solve common safety and height access challenges, the firm’s compact, track-mounted lifts are easy to transport. Their Canopy Series line is made for tree work. Their LEO Series enables safe work at great heights.


Tuepen’s TC69A lift is the most versatile of their Canopy models. Easily towed by truck to worksites, the tracked chassis prevents damage to lawns and paved surfaces. The lift can reach up to 75 feet. Its compact design, low weight, and articulated boom offers an improved tree care experience for workers.


The TL35A from the LEO series is Teupen’s smallest lift. Designed for indoor work, it comes with a maximum working height of 42 feet and a maximum outreach of 19 feet. The compact lift can fit through a single door. It is also durable enough to access many outdoor worksites.

teupen indoor aerial lift

Image via Teupen


MEC has a 40-year history of being among the most popular aerial lift brands. Its scissor lifts and diesel and electric-powered boom lifts are well suited to a wide range of indoor and outdoor venues. MEC’s full product line ranges from slab scissor lifts to rough terrain boom lifts. All are designed for performance, safety and productivity.

The large Titan Boom 60-S combines the reach of a telescopic boom arm with the wide platform of a scissor lift. It can hoist workers and their tools up to 60 feet high. It can hold up to 1,000 pounds of workers and equipment. Its 40% gradeability allows it to work safely at uneven outdoor sites.

Built for outdoor work sites, the 2659ERT is MEC’s mid-size rough terrain scissor lift. It features a 35% gradeability and a weight capacity of up to 1,000 pounds. The large platform can hold up to three workers and their tools. This makes it a robust and highly efficient rough terrain scissor lift.

rough terrian scissor lift

Image via MEC

Haulotte Group

The Haulotte Group offers a wide range of top-grade aerial work platforms. Its fleet includes AWPs, scaffolding and event product lifts and electric scissor lifts. The firm also offers trailer-mounted, self-propelled and telescopic boom lifts.


The Star 13 vertical mast lift is designed for reaching difficult areas. It is a popular choice for maintenance work and inside warehouses. The platform can go as high as 12.5 feet. Weight capacity tops out at 507 pounds. The lift stands less than six feet tall when stowed. All of which makes the Star 13 easy to operate and transport.


The versatile 45 XA self-propelled boom lift combines low weight with a high work ceiling. The platform can reach up to 45 feet. The horizontal outreach extends 27 feet. The lift also has an up-and-over height of almost 21 feet. The 45 XA can be easily transported to work sites and set up in less than 30 seconds.

Platform Manufacturers

Aerial work platforms come in a wide variety of types and sizes. The four main types are boom lifts, scissor lifts, vertical masts and portable worker lifts. However, there any many specialty lifts as well. These include articulated boom lifts, telehandlers and more.

Researching the most popular aerial lift brands is the first step to finding the right aerial lift for your needs. When searching for a company, look for one that has a strong track record of reliable products. It should also offer innovative features, thorough operator training, and great customer support.

To safely operate aerial lifts, your workers also need OSHA-compliant aerial lift certification. Learn more about how to get aerial lift certification at We’re the #1 online provider of fast, easy, one-hour training.


This post has been updated as of March 2018 to include new aerial lift models.

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