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Popular Aerial Lift Brands


Choosing the right type and brand of aerial lift is one of the first steps you can take as a fleet owner to maximize productivity and ROI in your workplace. Learn more about the most popular aerial lift brands below and consider each of their unique features, advantages, and level of customer support to find the best option to meet your business goals.


With locations in the Americas, Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Australia, Snorkel is a top global manufacturer of aerial work platforms. Their mission is to provide a wide range of aerial lifts for different types of accessibility needs, from 12 feet to 125 feet. Snorkel manufacturers scissor lifts and aerial lifts, and their line includes electric slab scissor lifts, rough terrain scissor lifts, push-around mini scissor lifts, speed level lifts, electric boom lifts, articulated boom lifts, telescopic boom lifts, trailer boom lifts, personnel lifts, material lifts, EZ loader custom built delivery trucks, and compact rough terrain telehandlers.


Genie Lift

Founded in 1966 with only a compressed air-operated lift to its name, Genie Lift has expanded into one of the most popular aerial lift brands in the country, with a line containing electric, bi-energy and diesel articulating boom lifts, telescopic boom lifts with reach capabilities ranging from 31 to 80 feet, man lifts, scissor lifts, mast lifts, light towers, and telehandlers. Now owned and operated by Terex, Genie has maintained its reputation for providing top quality aerial lifts and ongoing support.



Founder John L. Grove set out to improve the construction industry in the 60’s with JLG and has since developed it into one of the most popular aerial lift brands on the market with their innovative designs. In addition to the unique oscillating axle for increased motion, the extended electric boom lift, and the Workstation in the Sky line for improved productivity at heights, JLG produces electric and hybrid boom lifts, vertical lifts, low-level access lifts, stock pickers, scissor lifts, towable boom lifts, and telehandlers.



Skyjack has made it its mission since its beginning in 1985 to provide simply reliable aerial lifts to customers. In addition to top notch customer service and support, Skyjack has developed unique features like the swing out component tray on their scissor lifts. Skyjack expanded its innovative designs to include boom lifts with exclusive direction sensors and steer controls, as well as vertical mast lifts, electric scissor lifts, rough terrain scissor lifts, articulating boom lifts, telescopic boom lifts, and telehandlers.



Niftylift is another widespread aerial work platform company with locations across Europe, the Middle East, South Africa, Australia, and the US. Niftylift’s advanced 3D modeling software combined with comprehensive testing optimizes every part of the design process, to create top quality, highly efficient cherry pickers, booms lifts, and scissor lifts. With all of their products, including self-propelled aerial lifts, self-drive boom lifts, track drive lifts, and static base lifts, Niftylift promises excellent after sales support, easy operation, and minimal maintenance.



For over 35 years, Teupen has been one of the most popular aerial lift brands for the construction, facility maintenance, tree care, special/sporting events, and window cleaning industries. Teupen specializes in compact track-mounted lifts that are easily transportable for solving common safety and height access challenges. Learn more about their products in their Canopy Series line made for tree work and the LEO Series for mastering work at great heights.



With a product line ranging from slab scissor lifts to rough terrain boom lifts, MEC is a versatile aerial work platform manufacturer with a 40-year history of being among the most popular aerial lift brands. Designed for high-performance ratings, improved productivity, and utmost safety, MEC’s scissor lifts, mid-size and large rough terrain scissor lifts, and diesel and electric-powered boom lifts provide solutions for a wide range of indoor and outdoor venues.


Haulotte Group

With the purchase of the Bil-Jax Inc. company in 2008, Haulotte Group offers a diverse range of top grade aerial work platforms for a time and money-saving one-stop shop experience. Haulotte Group’s fleet includes AWPs, scaffolding and event products, trailer-mounted boom lifts, light weight self-propelled boom lifts, and a selection of electric scissor lifts and telescopic boom lifts.


Doing your research on the most popular aerial lift brands for your business is the first step towards improving your workplace’s capabilities and productivity. When searching for a company, look for one that offers the special features, innovations, services, customer support, and operator training you need. In addition to brand-specific training, you also need OSHA-compliant aerial lift certification for your operators.


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