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Snorkel Lift Certification

snorkel lift certificationSnorkel International Inc. is an aerial work platform manufacturer with facilities in Asia, Europe, the UK, and the US. Snorkel lift products are used on thousands of work sites across a wide array of industries. From construction sites to electrical work to commercial sign installation, snorkel aerial lifts and scissor lifts are making modern-day life happen from operators with aerial lift certification.

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Equipment workers face many challenges everyday on the job, and must be trained in the safe operation of snorkel lifts and the other brands used by their employer. Read this article to learn more about the widely used Snorkel brand to become a better operator, and why you need aerial lift training to operate a snorkel lift.

What is a Snorkel Lift?

Spanning across more than 50 countries and with over 500 employees, it’s safe to say that Snorkel is a highly successful manufacturing empire that has established itself as a reliable aerial lift provider. The well-known Snorkel name is synonymous with top of the line lift equipment backed by wrought iron dependability.

If your current or future employer uses Snorkel lifts within their business, then you need to look into snorkel lift certification to be prepared to handle the various types of Snorkel lifts. Snorkel lift products include electric scissor lifts, rough terrain scissor lifts, speed level lifts, electric boom lifts, articulated boom lifts, telescopic boom lifts, trailer boom lifts, personnel lifts, and push around scissor lifts.

What Jobs Are Snorkel Lifts Used for?

Each type of Snorkel lift was designed for different projects in construction and maintenance, large and small scale properties, and indoor and outdoor work.

If your position requires you to access large buildings with difficult exterior architectural features to navigate, then the articulated boom lift is what you need for the job along with snorkel lift certification. The electric boom lift can access hard to reach areas and is excellent for indoor construction and maintenance work with the zero emissions, battery-power.

If your work takes you indoors, such as inside a mall or large conference center, the electric scissor lift may be perfect for the job. Snorkel rough terrain scissor lifts can handle bumpy outdoor terrain and are made for accessing the exterior of flat, easy to access buildings.

Telescopic boom lifts are designed for projects that require maximum vertical and horizontal reach capabilities. They are often used for accessing electrical lines and can be unsafe without proper snorkel lift training.

Trailer boom lifts and personnel lifts are two of the most convenient and cost-effective Snorkel lift models, and are low-maintenance and easy to operate for a wide array of jobs.

What Makes Snorkel Lift Different?

In addition to providing some of the highest quality aerial work platforms on the market, Snorkel is dedicated to providing exceptional support and ongoing service to customers. Even the most well-made aerial or scissor lift requires maintenance and part repairs and replacements over time, and that’s why Snorkel takes great pride in their comprehensive customer support, reconditioning program, technical support, spare parts locating, and snorkel lift training that is exclusive to their company. Ensuring operators are prepared to handle their equipment safely and properly, and that employers have everything they need to maintain and keep their Snorkel lifts in rotation is the Snorkel difference.

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As an aerial lift and scissor lift operator, you need to know how to operate the various types of lifts in the workplace, especially the top makes and models from Snorkel. If you’re an aspiring aerial or scissor lift operator, or you want to expand your career opportunities, then you should look into aerial lift training from The online program can be completed over a lunch break from any device with internet, and teaches workers how to operate aerial lifts, including those like snorkel lifts, inspect the equipment, and avoid hazards that can lead to fatal and costly consequences.

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