San Diego aerial lift certificationOur convenient, affordable online course can net you your San Diego aerial lift certification in under an hour!

San Diego’s pro-business city government, deep water port and strong local businesses make it ideal for companies with heavy equipment operators. From construction to maintenance to painting and more, plenty of skilled aerial lift operators need training in San Diego – and it’s the responsibility of employers just like you!

If you’re an employer in the San Diego area whose workers operate aerial lifts, scissor lifts or other types of aerial work platforms (AWPs), OSHA requires you to provide them with San Diego aerial lift certification, even if these employees operate the equipment only occasionally. You also need to be aware that it’s against the law to knowingly hire or allow a worker without proper aerial lift certification in San Diego to operate your lift equipment.

Why sign up for aerial lift training in San Diego, CA? We’ve got a few reasons for you:

  • Stellar customer service
  • Updated training reflects the latest OSHA & ANSI safety requirements
  • Free recertification training
  • Get your business OSHA compliant
  • Necessary paperwork & HR recordkeeping included
  • Incredible value 
  • And much, much more!

If your organization wants help with San Diego aerial lift certification, ALC has the training and compliance resources you need!

Aerial Lift Certification in San Diego: Pricing, Course Descriptions, & More

Train a Trainer – $149

Want a fully certified aerial lift trainer on site at all times? Sign up for this course! Nothing compares to the convenience and flexibility of having your own safety expert in-house. 

Training Kit – $299

Ideal for anyone in your organization still in need of aerial lift training in San Diego, CA, this versatile, flexible certification option is of tremendous value. 

Bundle Package – $399

The ultimate value, this comprehensive bundle combines the very best of our Train a Trainer and Training Kit resources. Sign up today to ensure you’re in compliance with the latest OSHA regulations. 

Allow ALC to put your company on the path to compliance. Fast and affordable, it’s never been easier to get the very best aerial lift and scissor lift certification in San Diego.

Why Get a San Diego Aerial Lift Certification

Proper training protects your employees. Each year, an average of 26 deaths involving aerial lifts occur throughout the country. Getting San Diego aerial lift certification helps prevent them from being involved in tragic accidents.


Aerial lift and scissor lift operators are often required to stack and retrieve inventory and equipment, as well as transport other employees to and from overhead work areas. Our San Diego aerial lift certification ensures your employees are properly trained and certified to OSHA safety guidelines, which helps prevent accidents and also gives you 100% OSHA compliance, which is critical in the event of an accident or injury. Employee training records are the first thing OSHA will demand. And with ALC’s aerial lift certification in San Diego, you’ll have all of those records available!

How to Get Aerial Lift Certification in San Diego

It’s never been easier to complete aerial lift training in San Diego, CA. In an hour’s time, you and your team can be trained, certified, and qualified to operate aerial lifts of all varieties. Our online course is accessible 24 hours a day from any device with an internet connection. ALC offers the most training options for new and experienced lift operators alike. Designed to provide everything you need to get in compliance with OSHA regulations, our course offerings are affordable and convenient. Since each of our training opportunities are available in both English and Spanish, you can certify the entire team.

Enroll Today for ALC’s San Diego Aerial Lift Certification

San Diego aerial lift certification training couldn’t get any easier, and there’s never been a better time for your employees to become OSHA compliant than now. ALC’s fast, easy and affordable training provides everything you need to achieve OSHA compliance. Contact us online or by calling ALC at 888-278-8896 to enroll your employees, and you’ll soon have a safer, more productive San Diego workplace.