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San Diego’s pro-business city government, deep water port and strong local businesses make it ideal companies with heavy equipment operators. From construction to maintenance to painting and more, plenty of skilled aerial lift operators need training in San Diego – and it’s the responsibility of employers just like you!

If you’re an employer in the San Diego area whose workers operate aerial lifts, scissor lifts or other types of aerial work platforms (AWPs), OSHA requires you to provide them with San Diego aerial lift certification, even if these employees operate the equipment only occasionally. You also need to be aware that it’s against the law to knowingly hire or allow a worker without proper aerial lift certification in San Diego to operate your lift equipment.

Why Sign Up With ALC? Safety, Compliance, and Much More! (ALC) is Southern California’s leading source for 100% OSHA compliant aerial lift and scissor lift operator certification.

Here are some benefits of our aerial lift certification in San Diego:

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What’s more, our aerial lift certification in San Diego is available in English and Spanish, a big benefit for Southern California employers so close to Mexico!

We offer three training programs available from ALC for aerial lift certification San Diego:

Train The Trainer

For only $149, you can have an in-house safety training expert with our Train the Trainer program.

This online course is self-paced for optimal convenience, and is perfect for any employee becoming your company’s certified in-house aerial safety expert. The course provides insight into OSHA and ANSI (American National Standards Institute) updates, including ANSI’s recently updated A92 guidelines for training standards and safe use of mobile elevated work platforms (MEWPs). Trust ALC with your San Diego aerial lift certification!

Training Kit 

The best $299 you’ll ever spend on aerial lift certification in San Diego! This program covers both basic and advanced safety concepts. Everything needed for your in-house safety trainer to certify all of your company’s aerial lift operators is included for one low price. This is one of our most popular certification and training programs!

Bundle and Save

Can’t decide between our Train the Trainer course and Training Kit? Get the best of both worlds with our Bundle Package. This San Diego aerial lift certification includes both programs, which allows employers to have an onsite certified aerial lift trainer and an aerial lift certification training kit at a specially discounted price. It’s the most comprehensive San Diego aerial lift training and certification program available, and you can get started today!

Sign up today for ALC’s fast, convenient and affordable aerial lift operator training and certification in San Diego. Your company and your employees will be OSHA compliant in no time at all!

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Aerial Lift Certification for San Diego

To obtain aerial lift operator certification in San Diego, candidates must complete OSHA-approved operator training to ensure he or she has the knowledge and skills needed to safely operate an aerial lift. Aerial lift and scissor lift operators are often required to stack and retrieve inventory and equipment, as well as transport other employees to and from overhead work areas. Our San Diego aerial lift certification ensures your employees are properly trained and certified to OSHA safety guidelines, which helps prevent accidents and also gives you 100% OSHA compliance, which is critical in the event of an accident or injury. Employee training records are the first thing OSHA will demand. And with ALC’s aerial lift certification in San Diego, you’ll have all of those records available!

Why Aerial Lift Certification is Needed

ALC Aerial Lift Certification in San Diego

Offers much more than just injury prevention. Proper training protects your employees. Each year, an average of 26 deaths involving aerial lifts occur throughout the country. Getting San Diego aerial lift certification helps prevent them from being involved in tragic accidents.

ALC San Diego Aerial Lift Certification Training

Does more than help protect employers from OSHA fines and penalties? It protects the lives and well-being of every worker on the jobsite. Aerial lift certification in San Diego only takes about an hour to complete, but can make a huge difference in the safety of workers at every worksite in San Diego.

In addition to preventing workplace injuries and accidents involving aerial lifts, aerial lift certification from an approved training school is needed to comply with OSHA standards. ALC’s aerial lift and scissor lift training also includes two recent updates to the American National Standards Institute’s (ANSI) A92 Standards. These changes affect the rules for safely operating mobile elevated work platforms (MEWPs) and update training requirements for inspecting, testing and maintaining MEWPs.

OSHA Aerial Lift Regulations

Include training your employees to safely operate telescopic and articulating boom lifts, aerial ladders and any hybrid combination of these types of equipment. OSHA standards also cover the dangers associated with aerial lifts, performing pre-starting inspections, assessing the work zone for potential hazards, fall protection and fall protection equipment, loading and moving lifts, stabilizing aerial lifts and the training and retraining of lift operators. As you probably suspect, each of these skills are crucial to properly and safely operating aerial lift equipment. Without OSHA-approved aerial lift certification, San Diego workers will be unprepared and in danger of causing accidents that injure themselves and their coworkers.

How to Get Aerial Lift Certification in San Diego

It’s fast, easy and affordable to get aerial lift operator certification in San Diego. In about an hour, you or your employees can be trained, certified and qualified to operate most types of aerial lifts. ALC San Diego aerial lift certification is online and can be accessed at anytime and anywhere using any computer or digital device connected to the Internet.

For employers whose workers need to be certified as San Diego aerial lift operators, ALC offers the most training options. Our programs have been designed to provide everything that’s needed at an affordable price. We can also certify one or more of your employees to become in-house safety specialists qualified to train and certify your other operators.

ALC training is available in both English and Spanish versions, and includes free lifetime course updates and refresher training.

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