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San Diego Aerial Lift Certification

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As the 2nd largest city in California, San Diego is home to an excellent natural harbor, producing a hub for commercial ports, aerospace facilities, medical and science industries, agriculture, and warehouses. As a result, employment opportunities for certified aerial lift operators are abundant. With the proper training, career prospects for a San Diego aerial lift operator are positive, producing a stable and rewarding career that’s always in demand.

But that’s not all! If you’re a San Diego-area employer, OSHA guidelines require you to provide training for all scissor lift, aerial lift, and aerial work platform (AWP) workers. It’s against the law to willingly hire or allow a non-compliant aerial lift operator to run your equipment. (ALC) is Southern California’s leading OSHA compliant training source, and we have three training programs:

• Training Kit. This 100% OSHA compliant program is one of our most popular courses, as it covers both basic and advanced safety concepts.

• Train a Trainer. If your company needs an in-house training provider, look no further than this course. With ALC’s Train a Trainer program, you’ll have inside knowledge on OSHA and ANSI updates, including ANSI’s recent update to their A92 guidelines (ANSI A92.22 Safe Use and A92.24 Training Standards for Mobile Elevating Work Platforms).

• Bundle Package. Can’t decide on your aerial lift certification in San Diego training? No problem…get both at one special discounted rate! The Bundle Package aerial lift training in San Diego includes our Training Kit and Train a Trainer packages!

Sign up today and experience the difference! ALC will get your employees OSHA compliant in less time than you think – at a great price, too!

san diego aerial lift certification

San Diego Aerial Lift Training

To obtain an aerial lift certification in San Diego, training must be completed to ensure the operator has acquired the proper skills and training needed to safely operate an aerial lift. Often, aerial lift operators stack and retrieve items, as well as help employees reach heights to perform specific job tasks. As a result, there’s the risk for injuries, such as falls and tips. These factors are reduced when an operator has successfully completed aerial lift training.

Our training packages are ideal for both employees and employers! Regardless of your OSHA compliance needs, ALC can help today!

Why do I need a Certification?

Aerial lift certification in San Diego can do so much more than just prevent injury; it can save your life. Fatal accidents involving aerial lifts happen every year; in fact, about 26 occur yearly across the country. You can protect your life with aerial lift training, and prevent tragic accidents like this one in San Diego:

A 56-year-old man was operating an aerial lift in San Diego at a new casino site when he killed. The worker fell about 38 feet from the platform while working on the casino, and he died instantly. The man’s name was not released, and OSHA is investigating the accident.

San Diego aerial lift certification does much more than just protect employers from OSHA fines; it protects the lives of every worker on and near a worksite. Aerial lift training in San Diego only takes about an hour to complete, and yet it makes a huge difference in the safety of every worksite in San Diego.

Aside from preventing injuries and mishaps related to the operation of an aerial lift, you should get aerial lift certification to comply with OSHA standards. Plus, ANSI standards are also important. ALC keeps you in the loop with crucial ANSI workplace guidelines changes, including the following two recent changes:

22 Safe Use of Mobile Elevating Work Platforms
24 Training Requirements for the Use, Operation, Inspection, Testing and Maintenance of Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs)

OSHA aerial lift regulations include the safe operation of an extendable boom platform, aerial ladder, articulating boom lift, vertical tower, and any combination of these. The standards cover the hazards associated with aerial lifts, performing pre-start and work zone inspections, fall protection and the use of fall protection equipment, properly operating, loading and traveling with a lift, stabilizing the aerial lift, and training and retraining for operators. As you can imagine, each of these points are very important to the safe and proper use of aerial lifts, and without OSHA-compliant aerial lift certification San Diego, workers are left unprepared and at risk of accidents for themselves and everyone else on or near the worksite.

san diego aerial lift certification

Aerial Lift Jobs in San Diego

Due to San Diego’s ideal location and thriving economy, aerial lift jobs are abundant in diverse industries. Among San Diego’s largest employers are Watkins Manufacturing Corporation, Solar Turbines, U.S. Department of Defense, and UTE Aerospace Systems-Aero structures—all of which hire those with a San Diego aerial lift certification. In addition, San Diego International Airport and numerous hotels and ports seek aerial lift operators to ensure the function and safety of the workplace.

How to Get Aerial Lift Certification in San Diego?

How easy is San Diego aerial lift training? You can be qualified and certified to operate all types of aerial lifts in about an hour. Training is online and can be accessed on any computer, whether on your laptop at home, or on a computer at work during a lunch hour.

We offer the most options for students looking into San Diego aerial lift certification. We designed our program to offer exactly what you need, to be cost effective if you need more than one certification, and to train you to become a trainer yourself.

Check out our class options here:

Aerial Lift Certification Training Kit

If you only need aerial lift training for your job position.

Bundle Package

You can take advantage of our discount and time-efficient bundle package if you need aerial lift training, forklift training, and the trainer education.

Train a Trainer

If teaching is your passion and you already have an equipment certification, or are planning to take certification, then our trainer certification might be perfect for you. Upon completion, you will be able to guide new operators through training and perform evaluations to qualify workers for aerial lift certification San Diego.

Aerial lift training and certification in San Diego couldn’t get any easier, and it’s never been a better time to obtain your OSHA compliant training. ALC will provide everything you need to achieve OSHA compliance. Affordable value. Outstanding support. Easy, convenient training access. And much more. Sign up today and get easy & affordable aerial lift certification in San Diego.

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