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MEC Aerial Work Platforms

MEC Aerial Work Platforms
MEC Aerial Work Platforms is a company that manufactures various types of aerial lifts primarily for the construction industry. Best known for the Titan Boom and Speed Level Sigma Lift, MEC Aerial Work Platforms offers a line of top quality MEC scissor lifts and boom lifts that can make your workplace a whole lot more efficient and successful.

Learn more about the line of MEC lift equipment and why it’s important to look into MEC aerial lift certification for your operators. For employers, getting your aerial lift aerial work platform (AWP) workers compliant isn’t just a nice to have – it’s required by law! It’s illegal to have any employee without training. (ALC), the premier online training source for MEC aerial work platforms training, has everything you need to become compliant in no time at all! With affordable prices, anywhere & anytime accessibility, and lifetime support, it’s no wonder why we’re the trainer of choice for MEC scissor lift and other AWPs!

What Types of Aerial Work Platforms Does MEC Carry?

MEC specializes in the production of aerial work platforms. Their line of machines includes the MEC scissor lift, a telehandler, and various boom lifts. Each of these types of aerial work platforms provide capabilities that make them ideal for different work environments.

The MEC line features the following types of aerial lifts and platforms:

Small slab, midsize, and large scissor lifts
Diesel and electric articulating boom lifts and telescopic boom lifts
Telehandler, utility lifting machines

What Are MEC Lifts Used for?

Small scissor lifts are mainly used indoors, for various types of maintenance work including duct work, HVAC installation, and other applications inside shopping malls, museums, sporting arenas, and more. Rough terrain scissor lifts are designed to handle rugged conditions on outdoor worksites that require minimum to medium reach power. If your company is involved with outdoor work (road crews, construction, maintenance, etc.) and you need MEC aerial work platforms training, contact ALC today! Our MEC scissor lift training covers each of these kinds of outdoor aerial lifts and AWPs.

Boom lifts offer the highest maximum height capabilities. Articulating boom lifts come with a jointed hinge to allow workers to access hard to reach areas on buildings and natural environments. Telescopic boom lifts are most often employed for electrical work. MEC aerial lift certification teaches workers how to work with the MEC line of high quality boom lifts.

Telehandlers are most often fitted with pallet forks and used for lifting materials on construction sites.

Regardless of the type of MEC aerial lift or scissor lift you use, training is mandatory! Thankfully, high prices and time-consuming training courses are NOT mandatory! Get started today with your company’s MEC scissor lift training – you won’t be disappointed!

Why Do I Need MEC Scissor Lift and MEC Aerial Lift Certification?

The different types of MEC lifts call for different skillsets and knowledge. When it comes to preparing workers for operating aerial lifts and scissor lifts, you need a comprehensive training program that covers all these types. offers the most convenient and affordable OSHA-compliant training MEC aerial lift certification program that teaches employees how to operate the different makes and models of MEC lifts, including the MEC scissor lift, and other top brands. Our online course can be accessed from any device with the internet and completed in only one hour.

Your workplace will be safer, more productive, and compliant with OSHA standards that require certification training for boom lifts and scissor lifts.

Jobs for Those with MEC Scissor Lift Certification and Aerial Lift Training

Once you’ve received your MEC aerial lift certification for MEC lifts, as well as your MEC scissor lift training, you will qualify for many high quality jobs in virtually every major city in the United States.

Some of the jobs you can apply for include:

MEC aerial lift operator
MEC scissor lift operator
MEC lifts mechanic
Commercial building and maintenance worker
Duct and HVAC worker
Retail employee
Sign and lighting installer
Utilities worker
Aircraft washer/maintenance employee
Tree care worker
Special events and sporting events employee
And much more!

In order to qualify for these positions, you need quality MEC scissor lift training and aerial lift training. You’ll be able to protect your safety at work and appeal to potential employers.

For employers, our MEC aerial work platforms training allows you to have any employee – or group of employees – become OSHA compliant with no-nonsense, proven safety training. Companies all across the United States use ALC for their OSHA compliance needs with MEC equipment. Sign up today and experience the ALC difference!

What Will I Learn in MEC Scissor Lift Training and MEC Aerial Lift Certification?

Once you enroll in the MEC lifts training from ALC you will have the knowledge and skills you need to operate MEC scissor lifts and aerial lifts. From getting behind the controls to standing on the platform performing tasks, our OSHA-compliant course will teach you:

How to operate boom lifts and scissor lifts
How to perform equipment inspections
How to use MEC lifts according to the manufacturer’s instructions
How to navigate various work environments
How to use personal protective equipment like body harnesses and lanyards to prevent falls
How to recognize and avoid mechanical and nearby hazards
How to prevent accidents

What’s more, we’ll explain how two recent updates to ANSI A92 Standards impact your MEC equipment training. These guidelines are:

  • 22 Safe Use of Mobile Elevating Work Platforms
  • 24 Training Requirements for the Use, Operation, Inspection, Testing and Maintenance of Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs)

Get Online Training for Your MEC Lifts Today at ALC

Sign up today, register your company, and stay on OSHA’s good side when you invest in MEC scissor lift training and MEC aerial lift certification for your employees from It’s only takes one hour on average from any device with an internet connection!

Call our MEC aerial work platforms training experts today at (888) 278 – 8896 to get started with your compliance program.

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