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Genie Lift Certification

genie lift certificationFor someone starting out in the construction industry, it may be confusing to hear about all the different types of equipment and machines used. Especially when there are multiple categories within each type of equipment. Aerial lifts are one category that involves a wide array of machines designed to perform different tasks. A Genie lift is one component of the aerial lift category. One thing all new workers need to do, first and foremost, is complete aerial lift safety training. Training is essential to safety and protecting one’s life on the job because different types of equipment require different knowledge. Genie lift certification covers how to operate a Genie lift and avoid various hazards.

What is a Genie Lift?

A Genie lift is a one-man machine designed for material handling. This means that Genie lifts are used indoors and primarily in warehouses. They are compact and loaded in a pickup truck for easy transport to the job site. Workers use Genie lifts for shipping/receiving, lifting heavy materials on shelves, HVAC installation and repair, and more. They consist of a durable frame and steel function by raising a couple of holding forks through ladder like function and are equipped with a sturdy ladder on the side for the worker to access the load or perform installation and repair tasks. Before an operator can use a Genie lift, they need to complete Genie lift certification training.

How are Genie Lifts Different from other Aerial Lifts?

Unlike just about every other type of aerial lift, Genie lifts are portable and are easily loaded, unloaded, and set up by one person. Genie lifts are not equipped with an extendable boom like boom lifts and do not come with a large platform like scissor lifts do. They are small enough to fit through a door frame and can accommodate work in small spaces with low ceilings, and areas with limited maneuverability. Genie lifts are used for simple installation and repair work, which includes lifting, positioning and installing metal, fiberboard air ducts, overhead sprinklers and plumbing, drywall, ceiling panels, and electrical fixtures. Genie lift certification teaches the differences between Genie lifts and other aerial lifts, so workers understand proper protocols and the various hazards associated with each type.

When Would You Use a Genie Lift?

When you only need to reach a small area for minor repairs or to hoist a heavy piece of material, a Genie lift is the most effective. While scissor lifts can be used indoors, they may be overkill in many of these situations that only require simple tasks. There are a few different sizes of Genie lifts available, and they are often used in warehouses to move, lift, and stack parcels, computers, office equipment, small appliances, and other heavy or hard to handle items. Genie lifts are compact enough to fit through narrow warehouse aisles making them the perfect tool for accessing various products. Genie lift certification teaches workers how to operate a Genie lift, and the types of tasks they are designed for.

Why Get Genie Lift Certification

Genie lifts have their own unique set of risks and hazards, and Genie lift training will make you aware of these risks and prepare you to react safely. It’s important to know what common hazards and mistakes are in order to avoid them. Never risk your life by operating a Genie lift without proper knowledge and training!

How Can Getting a Genie Lift Certification Advance Your Career?

Beyond the need to be certified to operate genie lifts for safety reasons, workers who also wish to expand their career opportunities and be more valuable to current and future employers should consider receiving their genie lift certification. Each type of machinery requires workers to complete a separate certification course, and when a worker is certified in more than one type, they become a strong asset to their employer. For the employer, hiring a multi-faceted worker means extra insurance against amateur-related accidents, and for the worker it means advancement opportunities and pay raises.

Why Choose for Genie Lift Training?

When your career and your safety depends on the quality of the genie lift training you receive, you need to set your standards high and complete only the best certification available. A high-value genie lift training course will teach students how to use a genie lift, and will do so in a convenient and efficient manner.

When you choose for your genie lift certification, you receive the following exclusive benefits:

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  • An understanding of the top hazards associated with genie aerial lifts and how to avoid them
  • A review of the most important safety equipment and how to use it
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