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Genie Lift Certification

genie lift certificationBecoming familiar with the various types of machinery and equipment used in construction can be confusing to newcomers to the industry. Aerial lifts are a category that includes several types of equipment used in construction. As defined by OSHA, aerial lifts are boom supported aerial platforms mounted on vehicles, such as cherry pickers or bucket trucks used to work on utility lines and other aboveground jobs. Genie is one of the most popular brands of aerial lifts, and have been around since the 1960s.

Around since the 1960s, Genie is one of the most popular aerial lift brands on the market. Among the various types of aerial lifts and material handling equipment they sell, the Genie Lift is their signature product. Becoming certified to safely operate a Genie Lift and other brands of aerial lifts through ALC’s online aerial lift operator training is fast, convenient and cost effective. The all-inclusive training includes aerial lift and scissor lift operating procedures and safety standards that apply industry wide.

When you complete Genie Lift training through ALC, you’re in the driver’s seat on the road to success! Employers are always looking for qualified Genie Lift operators trained to the highest standards. OSHA requires that all aerial and scissor lift operators, including Genie Lift operators, be trained to the latest industry standards. If Genie Lifts are used in your workplace, ALC’s aerial lift operator training and certification will help boost safety and productivity. ALC’s Genie Lift certification covers everything operators need to know about how to avoid hazards and safely handle this great piece of equipment.

What is a Genie Lift?

A Genie Lift is a type of material lift that’s used primarily for indoor work, especially in warehouses. Unlike traditional aerial work platforms (AWPs), a Genie Lift can be set up, operated and maintained by just one person. Because of their compact size, a Genie Lift can be easily loaded into a pickup truck and transported to the job site. Warehouse workers use Genie Lifts for shipping and receiving activities, placing and removing heavy materials on shelves, HVAC installation and repairs and similar tasks. They consist of a steel frame on which forks that hold materials are raised or lowered. Genie Lifts have a ladder on the side that the operator uses to access the load or perform installations and repairs. Before operating one these machines, workers need to complete OSHA-approved Genie aerial lift training and certification.

Genie Lift Products

A subsidiary of Terex Corporation, Genie also manufactures several other types of lifts, including scissor lifts, boom lifts, vertical mast lifts and telehandlers, all of which require the operator to complete aerial lift training before using them. Some of the various types of Genie Lifts include:

• Material Lifts
• Aerial Work Platforms
• Self-Propelled Scissor Lifts
• Articulating Boom Lifts
• Telescopic Boom Lifts
• Telehandlers
• And More

To learn more about the various Genie Aerial and Material Lifts, visit the Genie Lift website. To find out more about OSHA-approved Genie Lift training and certification, keep reading!

What Makes Genie Lifts Unique?

It has to do with manpower. Genie Lifts are portable and can be set up and operated by just one person. Another key difference is their size. Genie Lifts can work in areas ordinary aerial lifts and boom lifts can’t access. Because they’re portable, Genie Lifts are easily loaded, transported and unloaded. They’re small enough to fit through a standard size door, and can allow operators to work in small, confined areas with low ceilings.

Genie Lifts are used where traditional AWPs are too big or too inconvenient to maneuver. They’re often used for installation and repairs of overhead sprinklers, ductwork, drywall, ceiling panels and electrical fixtures. Although scissor lifts can be used indoors, they may be an overkill in some situations. For example, if all you need to do is to lift a heavy piece of material or make a small overhead repair, a Genie Lift is the right piece of equipment.

Genie Lifts come in various sizes. They’re often used in warehouses to move, lift and stack inventory, including computers, office equipment, small appliances, and other heavy or cumbersome items. Since Genie Lifts are compact enough to fit through narrow warehouse aisles, they’re perfect for accessing stored items. Regardless of the size of the Genie Lift, ALC’s certification teaches workers how to operate them safely while performing the tasks for which they’re designed.

Reasons to Get a Genie Lift Aerial Lift Training

Receiving a Genie Lift certification from ALC makes sense for both employers and employees, because OSHA requires that everyone who uses the equipment be properly trained and certified. Genie lifts have their own unique risks and hazards. Genie aerial lift training from ALC will teach you how to avoid and deal with them safely. Never risk your life or your workers’ lives by having them operate a Genie Lift without proper training. Our Training Kit, Train the Trainer course and Bundle and Save package are specifically designed to teach the OSHA safety standards needed to safely operate all Genie Lifts.

How a Genie Lift Certification Can Advance Your Career

It’s simple. The best-trained employees get the best jobs, and that applies to all aerial lift workers, forklift and scissor lift operators, and anyone who operates a Genie Lift.

Beyond safety concerns, workers who want to expand their career opportunities and be more valuable to their current and future employers should seriously consider getting a Genie Lift aerial lift training through ALC. Each type of lift equipment requires a separate certification. When a worker is certified in more than one type, he or she becomes a more valuable asset to their employer. Hiring a multi-skilled worker means added protection for the employer against workplace accidents, For the worker, multiple certifications means more opportunities for advancement.

What’s Included with Genie Lift Training

OSHA  requires all workers who operate Genie Lifts and other aerial lifts to be properly trained and certified. It’s the employer’s responsibility to provide this training, along with an experienced individual certified as an in-house safety director to lead the training. To meet OSHA requirements, Genie Lift aerial lift training needs to cover various topics, including the following:

• How to recognize, avoid and deal with workplace hazards such as falling objects, collisions and electrical shock
• How to safely operate the lift
• Familiarize the operator with all manufacturer’s instructions for operating the equipment
• How to use personal protection equipment, including safety harnesses and tethers
• Proper lift positioning practices
• Fall protection

The training must also include formal written instruction, practical hands on training using the Genie Lift and a skills evaluation by the in-house safety director.

OSHA doesn’t consider operators to be qualified until all of the above have been completed and tests have been passed. Once they are, you’ll receive your Genie Lift aerial lift training and can start working as an operator. Without the proper certification, you and your company are at greater risk of legal and financial problems in the event of a workplace accident. Don’t take chances – get your Genie Lift certification today!

Renewal Training

OSHA requires all aerial lift operators to complete refresher training and be recertified every three years. Workers may need to be recertified sooner if he or she has been involved in an accident or near-miss incident. When you receive your Genie Lift training through, the three-year renewals are free for life!

Reasons to Choose ALC for Your Genie Lift Operator Training

When your career and your safety depend upon the quality of the training you receive, you need to set your standards high. That’s why it makes good sense to choose for your Genie Lift operator training.  Here are some of the exclusive benefits you’ll receive:

• 100% OSHA-compliant training that can be completed in about an hour
• Access to all online materials 24/7 – you can complete your training any time and anywhere there’s an Internet connection
• Step-by-step guides explaining the technical and operational procedures for safely operating a Genie Lift
• Checklists to conduct thorough equipment inspections and assess the surrounding environment
• Awareness of the top hazards associated with operating Genie Lifts and how to avoid them
• An understanding of the various pieces of safety equipment and how to use them
• Free three year renewals to keep you up to date on safely operating Genie Lifts

We pride ourselves on being the most comprehensive, convenient and affordable aerial lift certification training available anywhere. Costing just $299, training can be completed at the student’s own pace using a smartphone, tablet, laptop or similar digital device.

If you’re ready to complete your Genie Lift aerial lift training, check out Our Training Kit will certify all company Genie Lift and other aerial lift operators for just $299. ALC also offers a comprehensive Train a Trainer course that will allow you train and certify all your aerial lift operators in house. Our Bundle and Save package combines the two courses for one low price of $399. Contact us online today to get started on your way to a new and exciting career as a Genie Lift Operator – you’ll be glad you did!

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