An orange scissor lift on a white background.Genie lifts have played a significant role in the aerial lift market since their inception in the 1960s. These powerful machines revolutionized how tasks are performed at heights across various industries. It all started when Genie introduced the Genie Hoist, a movable lift with air pressure. It became popular because it was efficient and reliable. Since then, Genie has been adding new products, always coming up with new ideas to meet people’s needs.

These days, Genie’s portfolio includes a range of aerial lifts, each designed for specific applications. The product line includes:

  • scissor lifts
  • boom lifts
  • telehandlers
  • vertical mast lifts

These lifts vary in size, lifting capacity, and reach, offering solutions for different operational requirements. For instance, scissor lifts are commonly used indoors for installation and maintenance. Boom lifts are preferred for their extended reach in outdoor construction projects.

Genie lifts have become indispensable in many sectors, such as construction, warehousing, and logistics. The brand’s commitment to innovation, safety, and reliability has made it a trusted name in worldwide aerial lift equipment. Genie Lifts is a key asset for businesses aiming to enhance productivity and safety in operations involving work at heights.

Operating Requirements for Genie Lifts

Operating a Genie lift is something more than anyone can do; it requires specific qualifications and training—the main criteria for using these machines are training and certification. Firstly, a person must be at least 18 to be eligible to operate a Genie lift. Genie lift certification is an important requirement, highlighting the importance of proper training and knowledge in handling such equipment.

Genie lift certification ensures that people who use these lifts know all about staying safe, using them correctly, and the risks involved. This certification follows the rules set by OSHA. Following OSHA standards through proper Genie lift training and certification is vital for maintaining a safe working environment minimizing the risk of accidents and injuries.

Operating Genie lifts without proper certification can have severe consequences. It not only endangers the operator but also those around them. It exposes the employer to legal liabilities and potential OSHA penalties. Operating without certification could lead to operational mistakes, resulting in costly damages or serious workplace accidents. Ensuring that all Genie lift operators are adequately trained and certified is essential to workplace safety and regulatory compliance.

The Importance of Genie Lift Certification Training

Learning how to operate a Genie lift the right way is super important. Genie lift certification training is not just good; using these machines safely and legally is necessary. Here’s why this training is so essential:

Safety is Key

Genie lifts, such as the Genie aerial lift, are incredibly strong and can lift you to significant heights. If you need more clarification on how to use them, they can be dangerous. Training teaches you all the steps to use a Genie lift safely. Safety training means fewer accidents and a safer place for everyone to work.

OSHA Requirements

The law says you must be trained and certified to operate a Genie lift. This certification proves you know your stuff – from setting up the lift to using it correctly. If you use a Genie lift without this training, it’s not just unsafe; it’s against the rules. Your workplace could get into big trouble, like having to pay fines. That’s why learning how to operate a Genie lift through proper training is super important. It keeps you and your coworkers safe, ensures you’re following the law, and helps everything run smoothly where you work.

Genie Lift Certification: Process and Duration

Getting your Genie lift certification is a straightforward process. Still, it’s crucial if you want to work with Genie lifts. Here’s how it works and how long it takes:

  1. Sign Up for Training: First, you must sign up for a Genie lift training course. This course will teach you everything you need to know about safely operating a Genie lift.
  2. Learn the Ropes: In the training, you’ll learn about Genie lifts, like how to use them safely and what to do in different situations. will teach you the dos and don’ts, so you’re all set to use the lift without any worries.
  3. Complete the Course: The training takes little time. Usually, you can finish it in just a few hours.
  4. Get Certified: Once you finish the training, you’ll get your Genie lift certification. The certification shows you know your stuff and are ready to operate a Genie lift safely.
  5. Keep it Updated: Your certification is good for three years. After that, you’ll need a refresher course to get recertified. The refresher course ensures you’re updated with any new safety rules or lift features.

Benefits of Genie Lift Certification from

ALC’s Genie lift training is user-friendly and covers everything you need to know. It’s designed to be easy to follow so you fully understand how to operate Genie lifts safely. Whether you’re a beginner or need a refresher, our course covers you.

Safety is a big deal; this training ensures you know OSHA’s rules. OSHA sets workplace safety standards, and ALC training ensures you’re compliant. You’re not just learning how to operate a Genie lift; you’re learning how to do it the safest way possible.

Another cool thing? You can access ALC training materials online anytime, anywhere. You can log in and learn at your own pace, whether early morning or late at night. And when your certification is about to expire in three years, you can renew it for free. This renewal keeps you up-to-date without any extra cost or hassle.

If you need Genie lift certification, offers a convenient, comprehensive, and OSHA-compliant training solution. Plus, with round-the-clock access to materials and free renewals, it’s a great choice for staying certified and safe on the job.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Required to Earn Genie Boom Certification?

It generally won’t take long for a worker to earn Genie boom certification. First, a worker can enroll in a certification training program. A typical program can be completed in as little as one hour. It teaches a worker about safe use of Genie lifts and other types of aerial lifts.

How Long Does Genie Lift Certification Last?

Once a worker earns their Genie lift certification, their license will remain valid for up to three years. To maintain a valid license, a Genie lift operator will need to complete a recertification course.

What Happens If Genie Boom Certification Lapses?

Letting workers operate a Genie lift without a license is dangerous. In this instance, workers are prone to accidents, since they lack up-to-date training. Meanwhile, an employer that allows workers to use Genie lifts without a license is susceptible to OSHA penalties. If a Genie lift accident occurs that involves an unlicensed operator, the operator and their employer can face serious legal ramifications as well.

What Is the Best Option to Become an OSHA-Certified Genie Lift Operator?

Becoming certified to safely operate a Genie lift and other brands of aerial lifts through is fast, convenient, and cost-effective. The all-inclusive training includes aerial lift and scissor lift operating procedures and safety standards that apply to all types of Genie lift training.

Sign up with today, and ensure your company is OSHA-compliant. From Genie certification to other types of aerial work platform (AWP) instruction, we’re the only training source you need!

Why Is Genie Scissor Lift Training and Aerial Lift Certification Important?

When you complete Genie lift certification through ALC, you’re in the driver’s seat on the road to success – and safety! Employers are responsible for all aspects of Genie operator training. If Genie Lifts are used in your workplace, our aerial lift operator training and certification will help boost safety and productivity.

Get started today with your Genie aerial lift training – click here to register your company and ensure OSHA compliance. You can’t afford to skip compliance; if your employees don’t have Genie lift certification, you’re looking at hefty fines and penalties. If any employee isn’t sure how to drive a Genie lift, contact us today. We’re the preferred OSHA compliance solution for small, medium, and large companies.

Why Should You Get Genie Certification Today?

A Genie lift can be set up, operated, and maintained by just one person. It is considered a highly specialized piece of equipment. Accordingly, your employees require specialized Genie lift training. Because of its compact size, a Genie lift can be easily loaded into a pickup truck and transported to the jobsite. Warehouse workers use Genie lifts for shipping and receiving activities, placing and removing heavy materials on shelves, HVAC installation and repairs, and similar tasks. For all of these tasks (and many others), they need to be OSHA-compliant.

Your workers need Genie boom training and Genie manlift training due to federal OSHA regulations. It’s illegal to operate any Genie boom lift or AWP without proper training., the leader in online OSHA-compliant training, ensures all of your aerial lift operators have the skills and knowledge to perform on the job – all while preventing accidents and creating a safer workplace!

Why Should You Sign Up for Genie Lift Aerial Lift Certification from ALC?

Receiving Genie lift certification from makes sense for both employers and employees. This is due to the fact that OSHA requires that everyone who uses Genie lifts to be properly trained and certified.

Genie lifts have their own unique risks and hazards. Genie aerial lift training from will teach you how to avoid and deal with them safely.

Also, Genie scissor lifts are popular in different industries and applications. We provide Genie scissor lift training your company needs to become and remain compliant – all at an affordable cost!

What Genie Lift Certification Training Options Are Available from ALC?

Never risk your life or your workers’ lives by having them operate a Genie Lift without proper training. Our Training KitTrain a Trainer course, and Bundle and Save package are specifically designed to teach the OSHA safety standards needed to safely operate all Genie lifts.

What Happens When Genie Lift Certification Expires?

Did you know that OSHA requires employers to renew all Genie lift certification after three years? Well, there’s the good news – all Genie lift training with ALC includes free three-year renewal training. This is a huge benefit to companies. Instead of wondering whether your aerial lift or scissor lift operators are compliant with their Genie lift training, you’ll always know exactly when their training expires, and when to renew their Genie lift certification! ALC makes the entire Genie certification (and recertification) process seamless and hassle-free!

What’s Included with Genie Lift Certification from ALC?

OSHA requires all workers who operate Genie lifts and other aerial lifts to be properly trained and certified. It’s the employer’s responsibility to provide this training, along with an experienced individual certified as an in-house safety director to lead the training. Proper training involves much more than showing how to drive a Genie lift. To meet OSHA requirements, Genie lift aerial lift training needs to cover various topics, including the following:

  • How to recognize, avoid, and deal with workplace hazards such as falling objects, collisions, and electrical shock
  • How to safely operate the lift
  • Ensuring that the operator is familiar with all manufacturer’s instructions for operating the equipment
  • How to use personal protective equipment (PPE), including safety harnesses and tethers
  • Proper lift positioning practices
  • Fall protection

OSHA doesn’t consider operators to be qualified until all of the above have been completed and tests have been passed. Once operators finish an OSHA-approved training program, they receive their Genie lift certification card. At this point, operators are legally authorized to use Genie lifts. Without proper certification, you and your company are at greater risk of legal and financial problems in the event of a workplace accident. Don’t take chances – enroll your workers in our Genie lift training and certification program today!

If you need Genie lift certification, offers a convenient, comprehensive, and OSHA-compliant training solution. Plus, with round-the-clock access to materials and free renewals, it’s a great choice for staying certified and safe on the job.