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Irvine Aerial Lift Certification

(Updated July 2020)

Whether you’re a construction firm looking for aerial work platform workers or a manufacturing firm with a need for scissor lift operators, has the OSHA compliant courses you need – all at a great price!

Our Irvine aerial lift certification courses feature: irvine aerial lift certification

– Affordable prices – better than any expensive off-site session!

– Free renewal training

– Insider’s OSHA knowledge built into every course

– Friendly, knowledgeable support

– And much more

Irvine is known for its sunny climate and great neighborhoods, and it’s also the home of a growing economy. Located within the Greater Los Angeles metropolitan area, this master-planned community is one of the largest cities in the state of California.

In addition to a great climate and lots of culture, Irvine also boasts a thriving business sector. Part of this economic activity requires qualified, well-trained aerial lift and scissor lift operators. If your company hires aerial work platform (AWP) employees and mobile elevating work platform (MEWP) workers, and you need aerial lift certification in Irvine, look no further than

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– Get a hands-on, in-house safety training expert today and never worry again about OSHA compliance. This is one of our most popular courses for aerial lift certification in Irvine!


– This well-rounded class covers Irvine aerial lift certification to ensure your operators are fully OSHA compliant! This OSHA-compliant training program which costs just $299 is perfect for training all your employees how to safely operate aerial lifts and AWPs at one low price, regardless of how many operators there may be.


– If you can’t decide between our two Irvine aerial lift certification courses, get both for an exclusive reduced price!

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Why Get Irvine Aerial Lift Certification?

Keeping your entire workforce compliant can be a tough task. Keeping up with the latest OSHA regulations isn’t easy. Plus, how can you keep track of all your Irvine aerial lift certification training? makes it easy (and very affordable) to take care of your aerial lift certification in Irvine. We supply all the training materials, hands-on evaluation forms, and other resources to make your workplace safer. More compliant. And simply a better place for employees, supervisors, and everyone involved in your day to day activities!

Get started today and sign up for one of our 3 training packages! We offer our Training Kit, Train a Trainer, and Bundle Package to fit your particular needs. Nobody beats ALC for Irvine aerial lift certification!

Irvine Aerial Lift Certification: Required by OSHA

Don’t delay your training program. With no qualified scissor lift or aerial lift operators, your company simply won’t be able to operate. Plus, our training adds extra peace of mind that comes with knowing your employees have scissor lift training and aerial lift certification in Irvine!

In addition to being affordable, our Irvine aerial lift certification is extremely convenient. All instructional materials are available online 24/7, as well as through DVDs. Students work at their own pace since there’s no time limit on completing the training. Classwork can be completed in as little as an hour using a smartphone, tablet or other digital devices any time and any place there’s an Internet connection. As soon as students finish the training, their Irvine aerial lift operator cards and certificates can be immediately downloaded and printed. That’s all there is to it!

Get Your Irvine Aerial Lift Certification Today!

If you’re an employer in the Irvine area and your company is in a hurry for aerial lift training, ALC is here to help.

Whether interested in certifying your workers through group instruction or self-paced training, ALC has you covered. In as little as an hour, your workers will have received all the training needed to become certified Irvine aerial lift equipment operators. Bridging the “knowledge gap” is easier than ever when you choose ALC for your Irvine aerial lift certification and training. Don’t take a chance on being cited by OSHA for workplace safety violations. Your business and more importantly the lives and safety of your employees and co-workers are too important for you to take the risk.

Check Out ALC’s Bilingual Aerial Lift Certification in Irvine!

ALC recently introduced Aerial Lift Certification training courses in both English and Spanish versions. If you have Spanish-speaking employees or work on jobsites where it’s necessary to speak Spanish, our bilingual aerial lift training programs will add an extra layer of safety that doesn’t come with English-only training programs.

How Do I Arrange Aerial Lift Certification and Training in Irvine For My Employees?

Arranging aerial lift training and certification in Irvine is easy, and you can get started as soon as today! Begin by visiting our course selection page and choose the Irvine aerial lift certification program that’s right for you:

There are no “per operator” fees with ALC’s Aerial Lift Operator Training Kit. We’ll train and certify all your employees for one low price. Training can be completed as a group, or employees can take the course individually working at their own pace. Lifetime free course material updates are included, as is the refresher training OSHA requires every three years or whenever an AWP is involved in a workplace accident.

ALC’s Train a Trainer course allows employers to designate an individual or individuals within the organization to train all current and future employees how to operate aerial lifts. Can’t decide between the two programs? Consider saving money by purchasing the Bundle Package, which combines the ALC Training Kit with our Train a Trainer course. Both programs are 100% OSHA-compliant and provide the most thorough aerial lift certification training available in Irvine or anywhere else.

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Be Prepared with Aerial Lift Certification in Irvine

You never know when OSHA will make an unannounced visit to your workplace. Avoid the risks of safety violations that can result in negative publicity, work delays, hefty fines or worse yet, accidents that cause injuries or even deaths of employees by having your aerial lift operators train through ALC’s fast, convenient and affordable training programs. To ensure you and your Irvine aerial lift operators are in compliance with current OSHA regulations, contact us online or call us at 888-278–8896 to get started today. Or, you can click here to launch your new safety program ASAP!

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