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Philadelphia Aerial Lift Training and Certification

Philadelphia Aerial Lift TrainingAs the sixth most populous metropolitan area in the United States, Philadelphia’s 6.1 million residents provide a wide ranging and competitive job market. Gaining an edge in this market is of paramount importance, especially within the construction industry. Qualifying for aerial lift certification in Philadelphia could make a huge difference in your career. If thinking about entering this job market, you should certainly get aerial lift training with ALC.

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The good news for Philadelphia is that it’s 7.8% unemployment rate in 2014 was down from 10% in 2013. So while the job market is still competitive, opportunities have been growing. And despite the slowdown, the city still counts among the top seven largest US economies, meaning there is growth occurring, depending on which economic sector you look at.

This probably explains why the Philadelphia skyline is perpetually expanding. The city boasts more than 380 high rises, of which 28 exceed 400 feet in height. Four more are currently in various stages of construction, with another three in the proposal phase – each of them also over 400 feet. In a city so fond of tall buildings, aerial lift operators can always expect to find opportunity for work. Not only do these structures continue to bolster the region’s construction industry, but the maintenance of tall buildings requires tall equipment. However, given the sheer numbers looking to re-enter the labor force, professional qualifications such as an aerial lift certification can go a long way towards gaining an edge on competing applicants.

Another local industry that benefits from certified equipment operators is the manufacture of helicopters and other rotorcrafts. Boeing Rotorcraft Systems maintains a factory in the Philly suburb of Ridley Park. While this perhaps gives a new meaning to the term aerial lift, the magnitude of this sort of manufacturing work requires aerial lift equipment, whether scissor lift, boom lift or even crane. Even in cases where operating such machinery is not the sole requirement in the job description, maintaining aerial lift certification will benefit any applicant interested in building choppers.

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OSHA safety requirements are in place for good reason – to reduce and eliminate workplace injury and death. Operating aerial lifts is particularly dangerous work, with up to 30 deaths per year attributed to aerial lift accidents, along with countless injuries. More than ever, employers are insisting on aerial lift certification for its operators, both as a matter of personnel welfare, and terms of fiscal liability. Lift operators in Philadelphia seeking aerial lift certification can find it easily by visiting, where affordable interactive coursework may train and certify willing applicants in as little as one hour. Visit the site today to find out more.

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