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What to Expect During Aerial Lift Annual Inspections

Regular aerial lift inspections are crucial to ensure the lifts are working correctly. If your workers know how to properly inspect aerial lifts, they can comply with OSHA requirements.

What Are OSHA’s Requirements for Aerial Lift Inspections?

OSHA requires workers to conduct a pre-use aerial lift inspection to ensure various lift components are safe and functional, including:

– Articulating boom platform

– Aerial ladder

– Extendable boom platform

– Vertical tower

Additionally, workers must keep an eye out for any issues that can hamper an aerial lift’s performance, such as:

– Fluid leaks

– Wheel damage

– Loose, missing, or damaged parts

Aerial lift certification training provides workers with tips and recommendations, so they can perform lift inspections. The training is required for all personnel who use an aerial lift to perform work tasks, and it can help workers avoid lift accidents and injuries.

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Are Daily Aerial Lift Inspections Necessary?

Along with conducting a pre-inspection before an aerial lift is used, workers must conduct aerial lift inspections if the machine:

– Was purchased used

– Has been used for at least three months or 150 hours (whichever one comes first)

– Has been out of service for three months or longer

Any aerial lift inspections must be performed by a qualified mechanic or technician. This ensures that any aerial lift problems identified during the inspection can be corrected immediately.

Are Aerial Lift Annual Inspections Necessary?

In addition to inspections of aerial lifts before these machines are used, annual lift evaluations are vital.

Annual aerial lift inspections are required no later than 13 months following the prior annual inspection. Oftentimes, the date of the most-recent annual aerial lift inspection is posted on the lift itself.

What Happens During an Aerial Lift Annual Inspection?

An aerial lift manufacturer typically outlines tests that should be performed during an annual inspection. These tests are used to evaluate different areas of the lift, including:

– Controls used to move the lift and manage its speed

– Safety and emergency devices

– Chain and cable mechanisms

– Placards and warning signs\

– Any moving parts

Annual aerial lift inspections must be completed by a qualified mechanic or technician. If any issues are discovered during an annual aerial lift inspection, the lift must be taken out of service until it is properly repaired.

Aerial Lift Inspection Tips

An aerial lift safety checklist plays an important role in aerial lift inspections. This checklist should account for:

1. Pre-Use of an Aerial Lift

This checklist focuses on vehicle and lift components. It should verify that workers inspect an aerial lift’s fluid levels, battery, steering, and other vehicle components, along with its mechanical fasteners and pins, outriggers, and other lift components.

2. Jobsite

Workers must examine their jobsite before they start using an aerial lift. They should watch for floor obstructions, live power lines and cables, and other potential worksite hazards.

3. Fall Protection

Aerial lift operators must use fall protection equipment, regardless of the aerial lift they use or their jobsite.

4. Overhead Protection

Workers must guard against live power lines and other overhead dangers.

Finally, workers must complete an aerial lift certification training program, so they can maximize safety across their work environments. If workers become OSHA-certified aerial lift operators, they should have no trouble performing aerial lift inspections.

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