Dallas aerial lift certificationDid you know every Dallas company that uses mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs), cherry pickers, scissor lifts, boom lifts, and aerial work platforms (AWPs) is responsible for OSHA training and certification? If you’re stuck with your safety & training program and aren’t sure where to turn, no worries…AerialLiftCertification.com is here to help with aerial lift certification in Dallas.

OSHA compliance is crucial for employee safety – and it’s the law! With our popular aerial lift Training Kit, ALC gives you the tools, knowledge, and resources to handle all of your employee training needs – all for the low price of $299, which covers all AWP and MEWP operators! Make the smart choice for Dallas aerial lift certification – sign up today! 

Get Your Aerial Lift Certification in Dallas – It’s Easy with ALC! 

We’ll show you how to get aerial lift certified in Dallas. Just follow these simple steps and before you know it, your company is OSHA compliant. 

  1. Register: The first step for getting Dallas aerial lift certification online is to register your company and employees.
  2. Choose training: Visit our course selection page to see what training you need. Along with the Training Kit, ALC offers a Train the Trainer program for premium value – you’ll have your own onsite training expert to handle initial training and renewal training. Can’t decide between the two? Get the best of both for your aerial lift certification in Dallas with our Bundle Package. It has both our regular courses for an exclusive bundle price.
  3. Get online and go: Your employees take their online courses on their own schedule – you can’t get more convenient than our Dallas aerial lift certification.
  4. Pop quizzes: To help ensure your employees retain what they’ve learned, our training has 5 quizzes to reinforce all the important OSHA safety guidelines.
  5. Hands-on evaluation: Can your employees safely operate your aerial lift? It’s time to find out! ALC has all the checklists and evaluation forms to help ensure they’re ready to work according to OSHA standards.
  6. Print cards: Previously, companies had to wait for aerial lift operator cards to arrive in the mail. Well, the wait is over – now you can just print the cards and start work right away! 

Once they’re completed their training and have their operator cards, your workers are fully equipped to safely & efficiently operate your equipment. ALC’s aerial lift certification in Dallas helps your employees avoid aerial lift and scissor lift accidents. 

Benefits of Aerial Lift Certification in Dallas

As you can see, ALC puts you in the driver’s seat with your Dallas aerial lift certification, thanks to these features:

  • OSHA compliance: you’re always covered in case of OSHA inspections with proof of certification from ALC
  • Prices that fit any budget: small, medium, and large companies in Texas love our training – sign up and see why today
  • Free recertification: aerial lift certification in Dallas expires after 3 years. But you’ll stay compliant with ALC’s free renewal training
  • Quick & efficient: most students complete their aerial lift certification in Dallas in about an hour
  • Convenient: there’s no set schedule for completing the training – your employees can take whenever they’re able

Dallas online aerial lift certification classes

Dallas Aerial Lift Certification FAQs 

Here are some common questions we always receive about our online Dallas aerial lift certification programs.

What if My Company Has Facilities Beyond Texas and the Dallas Area?

All of our training programs are valid for the entire United States.

Should I Perform Aerial Lift Inspections Regularly?

Yes – in fact, you’re encouraged to maintain a regular maintenance plan. Aerial lift inspections are part of any safety program. And if your company has an accident and can’t show proof of training along with regular inspections, you’ll receive fines and penalties from OSHA.

What Kind of Other Safety Resources Does ALC Provide?

Our informative blog has a great selection of topical takes on what’s important to you. For example, our articles on AWP and MEWP safety include resources like aerial lift safety checklists to help you stay on track with your safety initiatives.

Thanks for considering ALC for your Dallas aerial lift certification. We can’t wait to help you become 100% OSHA compliant.

How to Get Dallas Aerial Lift Training and Certification

Of course, the best way to get trained and certified to drive a aerial lift in Dallas., or anywhere else in the country, is through Aerialliftcertification.com. With our 100% OSHA compliant online training, you can print your certificate in as little as one hour. Benefit from Dallas aerial lift certification online and contact us today to get started!

If you have any questions about our aerial lift certification in Dallas., contact our OSHA aerial lift compliance consultants at  (888) 278-8896. To get started today and enhance your company’s OSHA compliant training program, register your company for Dallas aerial lift certification.