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Memphis Aerial Lift Training and Certification

Memphis has long established itself as one of the nation’s most active shipping hubs. This means anyone in Memphis with aerial lift certification will find an abundance of employment opportunities. There will always be a need for qualified individuals to help transfer barges, trailers and shipping containers. It’s little wonder that the greater Memphis metropolitan area has been growing at a rate of about 9% annually, with its population estimated at nearly 2 million people and growing. With increases in both international shipping and online commerce expected in years to come, the flourishing population and industry should lead to a period of growth within the construction industry as well. Every way you look at it, Memphis stands to see a rising need for certified aerial lift operators.

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Built along the banks of the Mississippi River, Memphis also stands as a meeting point for five major freight railroads, two interstate highways and an international airport with the second busiest cargo traffic in the world. In other words, a huge volume of material goods pass through Tennessee’s largest city. That means pallets, containers and large items travel to Memphis from all over the world to be transferred from one mode of transport to another.

Moving these goods between boats, trains, planes and trucks routinely requires aerial lifts. The constant operation of this heavy equipment creates a lot of opportunity for mishaps, emphasizing the importance of safety regulations established by OSHA to reduce the rate of aerial lift related injury and death. More so than in many cities, Memphis maintains a perpetual need for lift operators possessing aerial lift training and certification. As international free trade practices become the norm, an increase in transcontinental shipments will result in even higher volumes of cargo traffic, and more such opportunity.

Beyond that, expedited shipping giant FedEx is by far the city’s largest employer, using Memphis as a central hub to many of its daily shipping routes. The proliferation of e-commerce has greatly increased the volume of FedEx shipping as well, a trend that doesn’t seem likely to decline, and the time sensitive business relies on certified equipment handlers to keep those thousands of boxes moving every day.

As the city’s reach grows, so does its infrastructure needs, and third interstate highway is currently under construction, with a fourth in the planning stages. Highway construction invariably breeds new suburban development, promising a construction boom that, combine with the shipping industry, stands to keep Memphis a reliable job market for years to come.

Acquiring aerial lift training and certification in Memphis doesn’t need to be overly expensive or time consuming, and doing so could result in a number of job opportunities in the growing city. The best option to earn affordable Memphis aerial lift certification may be found online at Don’t wait any longer and get started today!

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