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Austin Aerial Lift Certification


As the capital of the state of Texas, Austin has become a destination point for upwardly mobile professionals, a mecca for foodies, and it’s also the live music capital of the world. It’s home to the University of Texas, numerous world-class art galleries and museums and boasts a vibrant nightlife. With an average year-round temperature of 68° and 300-plus days of sunshine annually, there are plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities. In short, Austin is a great place to live and work.


Austin has a lot to offer both to business owners and employees. With a population of slightly less than one million people, Austin is a hub for new businesses as well as also offering growth opportunities for established companies.

Austin continues to attract new residents looking for immediate employment. For Austin area employers, this influx of people translates to an opportunity to expand their businesses by hiring the most qualified workers to join their teams. Whether it’s in one of Austin’s major industry sectors such as construction, manufacturing, clean power and energy, space technology and the media, workers with OSHA-approved Austin aerial lift certification will find plenty of opportunities for good, high-paying jobs.

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Why Austin Aerial Lift Certification is Important?


In the increasingly competitive Austin job market, business owners can’t afford to neglect safe workplace practices. Potential employees with the right Austin aerial lift certification become permanent workers equipped with all the knowledge and tools they need to safely and efficiently operate aerial lifts and other aerial work platforms (AWPs). Employers need to hire only the “best of the best” when it comes to aerial lift operators, who are truly key players in helping to boost workplace productivity, which in turn increases the business’s bottom line. Properly trained and certified aerial lift operators in Austin work faster and more efficiently than their untrained counterparts, which means the company can take on more new and larger projects to help grow their business.


It’s not just employers that benefit from Austin aerial lift training and certification. The training is important for the safety and well-being of your employees, and it’s also an OSHA requirement. To avoid hefty fines, penalties and possible litigation, employers need to enroll all their aerial lift operators in an OSHA-approved training and certification program, such as that offered by (ALC).

OSHA’s Aerial Lift Training Requirements for EmployersAustin Aerial Lift Certification


According to OSHA regulations, it is your responsibility as an employer to provide a safe work environment for your employees. This means taking away any workplace hazards that can endanger your workers’ health and safety, which includes allowing untrained employees to operate aerial lifts or AWPs. Here is a partial list of what OSHA requires for operating aerial lifts in the workplace:


— Aerial lifts are to be operated only by workers who have been properly trained and certified

— Aerial lift operators are to be recertified every three years, whenever there’s a workplace accident involving an aerial lift or whenever there’s a new type of lift being used

— Training must include everything operators need to know about operating aerial lifts, including operational techniques, performing inspections and how to recognize and avoid hazards

— Trainees must demonstrate that they have the skills and knowledge needed to operate aerial lifts before they are allowed to use the equipment on the job


All of these topics and more are included in ALC’s Aerial Lift Safety Training Course. For more information on operating aerial lifts in the workplace, see OSHA’s aerial lift fact sheet.

Why ALC is the Smart, Affordable Alternative to Other Aerial Lift Training and Certification Options in Austin


Aerial Lift has helped businesses, individuals, safety managers and others receive the Austin aerial lift certification they need to protect their businesses’ assets and ensure the workplace safety of their employees. Austin aerial lift training and certification courses offer exceptional value, instant accreditation, unmatched flexibility and lifetime support to those operators who take their training through ALC. Our instructors are OSHA experts who understand which course content is important. This means streamlined, no-nonsense Austin aerial lift certification for you and your company’s employees.


Here are the three Austin aerial lift operator training and certification course options offered by ALC:


— Training Kit If all you need are the training modules to certify your employees, this is your best choice. This self-paced, online training course lets you certify all of your employees for the low, one-time price of just $299.

— Train a Trainer This program allows businesses to designate one or more of their employees as in-house trainers qualified to train, evaluate and certify both existing employees and new workers as they are hired for only $149.

— Bundle and Save This package includes both the Training Kit and the Train the Trainer course for the discounted price of $399, which is a savings of $50 over purchasing the instruction separately. It’s our most cost-effective option for having your experienced operators certified as instructors to train and certify newly hired workers.


All of our self-paced training programs fully satisfy aerial lift operator training requirements for OSHA regulations 29 CFR1910, the National Fire Institute (NFI) and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Our courses are available in both English and Spanish versions and include free lifetime course updates and refresher training as needed.

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Raise your in-house safety training program to a higher level with ALC’s aerial lift operator training and certification in Austin. Your Austin area company will have the benefit of improved individual and company-wide safety practices. Contact ALC online or call us at 888-278-8896 to enroll your aerial lift operators today. You’ll soon be on your way to enjoying a happier, safer and more productive workplace!


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