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Austin Aerial Lift Certification


As the capital of Texas, destination point for upward-mobile professionals, foodie mecca in its own right, and an overall great place to live, Austin has much to offer employees and business owners alike. As the city approaches the 10 most populous urban metro areas in the United States, it is a hub for up and coming businesses while offering growth for current companies.

Rated the #1 place to find a job in the past few years, Austin is attracting more and more residents who will be looking for jobs right away. As an employer in Austin, this translates to the opportunity to continue expanding, and you’ll need the best employees on your team to do it. Whether you’re in any of Austin’s major corporate sectors, including media, construction, manufacturing, clean energy and power, and space technology, if you use aerial lifts, you need to get your workplace trained with their Austin aerial lift certification.

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Why is Austin Aerial Lift Certification Important?

With the right Austin aerial lift certification, potential employees become permanent workers who are equipped with the knowledge and tools they need to operate aerial lifts safely and the most efficiently. In the growingly competitive Austin market, you can’t afford to get sloppy with your workplace practices. You need the best of the best when it comes to your aerial lift operators. They are truly the keys to helping boost the productivity of your business, and in turn, your bottom line. When you can work faster and better, you can take on more projects and propel your company forward.

But Austin aerial lift certification isn’t just important for the safety and efficiency of your employees. It’s also a requirement from OSHA, so if you want to avoid devastating fines and potential legalities, you must invest in quality aerial lift training for your operators.

What Are OSHA’s Aerial Lift Training Requirements for Employers?Austin Aerial Lift Certification

According to OSHA, it is your responsibility as an employer to provide a safe work environment for your employees. This means taking away any hazards that can endanger their safety, like untrained operators.

This is what OSHA requires for aerial lift operators in the workplace:

  • – Only trained persons must be allowed to operate aerial lifts.
  • – On-going renewal training should take place at least every few years
  • – Training must include everything operators need to know to operate aerial lifts, including operational techniques, how to perform inspections, and how to recognize and avoid hazards

ALC is the Smart, Affordable Alternative to Other Aerial Lift Certification Options in Austin

Aerial Lift Certification has helped many companies, individuals, safety managers and more receive the Austin aerial lift certification they need to protect their business. Our Austin, TX aerial lift training courses offer exceptional value, instant accreditation, unmatched flexibility and lifetime support to those who take these courses. We’re staffed with OSHA experts, so we know which content matters. That means streamlined, no-frills Austin aerial lift certification for you and your company.

We offer a tri-tier, customized menu of aerial lift training courses for your company in Austin.

  • – Training Kit – if you just need the aerial lift training modules to certify your employees, this is the option you want.
  • – Train a Trainer – If you would like to have your own in-house qualified Trainers to lead the training and the required evaluation skills test, the Train the Trainer course will get your own experienced operators trained as instructors.
  • – Bundle Package –Combining the Training Kit and Train the Trainer course in one discounted package, the Bundle deal is the most cost effective option, and will get your new workers trained and your experienced operators trained as instructors.


All of our training offerings (based in your office in Austin, TX, or even at remote office locations) satisfy the aerial training requirements for the National Fire Institute, OSHA regulations 29 CFR1910 and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

Put your safety training program on a higher platform. Your company will benefit as individual and company-wide safety practices will improve. Your Austin, TX enterprise has much to gain from Austin aerial lift certification. See the difference today – please visit our contact page for more information, or call our aerial work platform and aerial lift safety consultants at (888) 278-8896.


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