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Do you hire aerial work platform (AWP) and mobile elevating work platform (MEWP) operators in Austin, Texas? By law – and enforced by OSHA with fines and penalties – you need to provide aerial lift certification in Austin., the leader in online, OSHA-compliant aerial lift & scissor lift training, has a great selection of courses for Austin.

Why do companies use ALC for their aerial lift certification in Austin?

  • Attentive, supportive customer service
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  • Complete, comprehensive OSHA compliance
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ALC’s Affordable Austin Aerial Lift Certification

Look no further than ALC for your aerial lift certification in Austin. From manlifts to cherry pickers to scissor lifts, we’re the best solution going!

$299 – Training Kit

If you just hired new MEWP or AWP operators and need to get them compliant, our Training Kit will get you headed in the right direction. Safety is too important to skip – give your scissor lift & aerial lift operators the training to stay safe on the job!

$149 – Train a Trainer

Having an on-site safety expert is always a good idea, and ALC can show you how. Sign up for this popular aerial lift certification in Austin today.

$399 – Bundle Package – Unbeatable Value!

Decisions, decisions…it’s sometimes tough to pick between our Training Kit and Train a Trainer for your aerial lift training in Austin. Well, we decided to give you the best possible value with our Bundle Package. Austin aerial lift operator certification just got more affordable with the Bundle Package. Get BOTH courses for a special discounted rate!

And best of all, every ALC Austin aerial lift certification course is available in both English and Spanish, a huge advantage for anyone that needs to cater to a bi-lingual workforce. Click here for more information on our Spanish language training course.

Sign up today for aerial lift certification in Austin. It’s the best thing you can do for your employees. Protect your company. Give your aerial lift operators the safety they deserve. And gain new peace of mind with ALC. Click here to get started with aerial lift certification in Austin!

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Importance of Austin Aerial Lift Operator Certification

In Austin’s increasingly competitive job market, business owners can’t risk neglecting safe workplace practices, which include ensuring each of their aerial lift operators has been properly trained and certified. Armed with the knowledge and tools they need to safely and efficiently operate aerial lifts and other aerial work platforms (AWPs), operators with Austin aerial lift certifications soon become permanent workers. 

For employers, this means they can choose aerial lift operators from among the “best of the best”, who are truly key players that help promote on-the- job safety and increase workplace productivity. It’s not just employers that benefit from Austin aerial lift certification. In addition to being an OSHA requirement, training such as is offered by (ALC) is extremely important for the safety and well-being of all your employees. To protect yourself and your business from hefty fines, penalties and possible litigation, you need to enroll each of your aerial lift operators in an OSHA-approved training and certification program such as offered by ALC.

OSHA Requirements for Aerial Lift Training in Austin

OSHA regulations make it the employer’s responsibility to provide a safe working environment for each of his or her employees. This means removing or curing all workplace hazards that could endanger your workers’ health and safety. As an example, allowing an untrained worker to operate an aerial lift or AWP is a clear violation. Here’s a partial list of OSHA’s requirements for operating aerial lift equipment in the workplace

  • Aerial lifts are to be operated only by workers who have successfully completed an OSHA-approved training and certification program.
  • Aerial lift operators must be recertified (a) a minimum of every three years, (b) whenever there are workplace accidents and an aerial lift is involved or (c) whenever a new type of lift equipment is brought into the workplace.
  •  Training must cover everything an operator needs to know about operating aerial lifts, including driving techniques, conducting equipment inspections, performing routine maintenance and how to recognize and avoid hazards.
  • Students must demonstrate to a certified instructor that they have the skills and knowledge needed to safely operate aerial lifts before they receive their licenses and are allowed to use the equipment on the job/

These topics and much more are included in ALC’s online Aerial Lift Safety Training Course. For more detailed information on operating aerial lifts in the workplace, see OSHA’s aerial lift fact sheet.

Advantages of ALC’s Austin Aerial Lift Certification

Aerial Lift has helped countless businesses, individuals, safety managers and others throughout the Austin metropolitan area receive the Austin aerial lift certifications they need to protect the assets of their businesses and ensure the safety of their workers. As an employer, your failure to comply can result in substantial fines, severe penalties, and expensive litigation.

When you choose ALC to certify your Austin aerial lift operators, rest assured you’ve chosen the very best training around. Here are just a few of the many reasons ALC’s aerial lift operator training programs just can’t be beaten:

ALC’s aerial lift training is fast, easy and affordable:

All class materials are available online around the clock. Your operators’ training can be completed in as little as an hour, although there are no time limits. Students work at their own pace using a smartphone, tablet or similar digital device anywhere there’s an internet connection. Most students pass the first time, although the training can be repeated as many times as needed for those who might need extra time (our pass rate is 100%!).

Our aerial lift training in Austin is 100% OSHA compliant:

After your workers complete our Austin aerial lift certification training, your workplace will be safer and more productive. You’ll also be less at risk of incurring steep fines and harsh penalties.

Austin aerial lift operator certification is surprisingly affordable:

Our aerial lift training program will train and certify all your current employees and future hires for a one-time payment of just $299. There’s no reason to spend a lot of money to train your operators and make your business OSHA compliant.

Operator cards and certifications are available immediately:

After completing ALC’s training, your employees’ OSHA certifications and aerial lift operator licenses can be immediately downloaded and printed, making it legal for them to operate aerial lift equipment. There’s no time wasted waiting for the paperwork to arrive in the mail.

If you hire uncertified and unlicensed operators, it’s important that you have them trained and certified as soon as possible. In as little as just one hour, you can protect yourself and your employees against OSHA fines and penalties. Not sure how to get aerial lift certification in Austin? Enroll your operators in ALC’s Austin aerial lift certification training today!

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Why You Need Austin Aerial Lift Certification

Here’s why your company needs Austin aerial lift operator certification: without proper training and OSHA compliant certification, any injury or accident will be flagged. The ensuing inspection will show which employees have gone through aerial lift training in Austin. If their HR records show they’ve been trained, your company is protected from severe fines. If not, you (as the employer) are responsible to pay OSHA penalties – not to mention, any associated legal fees with further issues.

Austin aerial lift certification is your best course of action – and the legal one, too! Get your workers signed up today with aerial lift training in Austin. Don’t take any chances…you simply can’t afford the cost of non-compliance. Plus, your employees deserve nothing but the safest workplace possible. There’s no excuse for not knowing how to get aerial lift certification in Austin – with ALC, we’ll show you how!

Our affiliate, recently surveyed more than 100 business owners and managers, supervisors and safety personnel about their experiences with OSHA. Of those who responded, more than half indicated they had been audited by OSHA, and 18% of these had received fines, the majority of which were over $100,000. To see the entire study, click here.

When you choose ALC to train and certify your Austin scissor lift operators, you’ve chosen the best.