Your Workers Can Complete ALC’s Easy, OSHA-Compliant Online Training in About an Hour!

The Greater Atlanta area is home to almost 6 million people. In addition to being a great place to live, Atlanta is also a major business center with a vibrant and growing economy. The area’s industry sectors include finance, healthcare, manufacturing, communications, and logistics. Coupled with the fact that several Fortune 500 companies, including Delta Airlines, Home Depot, UPS, Coca-Cola, AT&T Mobility, and Chick-fil-A are located in and around Atlanta, the outlook appears to be bright for employers and workers alike.

Atlanta businesses frequently seek out OSHA-approved aerial lift operators to perform tasks at heights. They can also offer OSHA aerial lift certification in Atlanta from (ALC). 

Our Operator Training Courses Are Fast, Convenient, and Affordable 

ALC offers the very best aerial lift certification in Atlanta training on the market today. We make it fast, easy, and affordable for your workers to receive Atlanta aerial lift certifications

Our online training can be completed in about an hour, and there are no time restrictions.  These are the three packages we offer for Atlanta aerial lift training and certification: 

1. Aerial Lift Training Kit

One of our most popular programs, our Training Kit covers all types of aerial lift equipment. A one-time payment of $299 will train and certify all your current and future operators in as little as an hour. 

2. Train a Trainer Program

This course certifies one or more of your operators to train your other workers for just $149, which means you’ll have an in-house trainer available at all times. Atlanta aerial lift training and certification just doesn’t get better than this! 

3. Bundle and Save Package

Can’t decide between our Training Kit and Train a Trainer program? Select our Bundle Package, and you can get them both for only $399, which saves $50 over purchasing the two courses separately. This is the best value for aerial lift operator training and certification you’ll find anywhere in Atlanta!

OSHA Aerial Lift Training Requirements

Here are some of OSHA’s requirements for operating aerial lift equipment, each of which and more are covered in ALC’s online course:

  • • Only workers who have successfully completed an approved training program, such as ALC’s aerial lift safety training course, are allowed to operate aerial lifts in the workplace. 
  • • Aerial lift operators must be recertified every three years. Re-certification can be required sooner, however, if there’s a workplace accident involving an aerial lift, a worker is observed operating a lift in an unsafe manner, or a new type of lift equipment is introduced.
  • • Aerial lift training needs to cover everything an operator must know about working with an aerial lift, including operating techniques, equipment inspections, performing routine maintenance, and recognizing and avoiding potential hazards. 
  • • Before trainees receive their certifications, they must demonstrate that they have the knowledge and skills to properly and safely operate aerial lift. 

For more information on OSHA’s aerial lift requirements, check out the OSHA Aerial Lift Fact Sheet.

Benefits of Enrolling your Operators in ALC’s Aerial Lift Training 

Aerial lift certification in Atlanta is more than just an administrative technicality. We’ve helped countless businesses throughout the Atlanta area receive the training and certifications needed to protect their businesses’ and ensure their workers’ safety. Atlanta employers who enroll their operators in ALC’s aerial lift certification training appreciate the outstanding value, instant accreditation, and unmatched convenience. 

What’s more, there’s free lifetime support and the re-certification training required by OSHA every three years. When you choose ALC to certify your Atlanta aerial lift operators, you can be assured they’re receiving the very best training available.

Reasons to Enroll Your Workers in ALC’s Training Classes

Here are a few of the many reasons ALC’s aerial lift operator training programs can’t be beat: 

ALC takes the guesswork out of aerial lift certification in Atlanta.

All class materials are available online 24/7. Trainees work at their own pace using a smartphone, tablet, or computer from anywhere there’s an internet connection. Most students pass the first time (our pass rate is 100 %!), although for those who need extra time, the course can be repeated as many times as necessary. 

Our training is 100% OSHA-compliant.

Once your workers complete our Atlanta aerial lift certification training, you’ll have a safer and more productive workplace. 

You can avoid OSHA penalties and fines.

OSHA violations can damage your bottom line and your brand reputation. With ALC, you can verify your workers are in compliance with OSHA aerial lift certification requirements. Thus, ALC reduces the risk of incurring severe penalties and fines. Also, if you want to learn more about OSHA violations, we’ve got you covered., an ALC affiliate, conducted a survey of more than 100 business owners, managers, supervisors, and safety personnel to find out about their experiences with OSHA. Over half of the respondents indicated they had been audited by OSHA; of these, 18% received fines, most of which were over $100,000! Click here to see the entire study. 

ALC’s training won’t break your budget.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to have your operators trained. Our aerial lift training program will certify all your current employees and future hires for a one-time payment of just $299. 

ALC online training is easy to access.

Our courses can be completed from nearly anywhere – at a coffee shop, at home, and many other locations. When ALC trains your operators, there’s no need for them to take time off work driving to and from an expensive offsite training facility. 

Aerial lift operator certifications are immediately available.

After your employees complete ALC’s training, their aerial lift certifications and operator licenses can be immediately downloaded and printed, making it legal for them to operate aerial lift equipment. There’s no need to wait for licenses to arrive in the mail. 

If you have unlicensed operators, it’s extremely important that they’re trained and certified as soon as possible. By choosing ALC for aerial lift certification in Atlanta, you can protect your business against OSHA fines and penalties. So, why put it off? Enroll your aerial lift and scissor lift operators in ALC’s Atlanta aerial lift certification training today!

How to Get Atlanta Aerial Lift and Scissor Lift Certification

The process to get Atlanta aerial lift and scissor lift certification from ALC is simple. Select the certification program you want. Next, provide your workers with access to the program. From here, workers can gain insights into all aspects of aerial lift safety. And, when they complete our training materials, they can become OSHA-approved aerial lift operators. 

Of course, if you have concerns or questions along the way, let us know. Our aerial lift certification experts are here to assist you in any way we can. 

If You Need Aerial Lift Certification in Atlanta, ALC Is Happy to Help

Atlanta scissor lift training can seem like a hassle at first. Yet, any worker that uses an aerial lift must complete this training. Otherwise, the worker risks mistakes that can lead to aerial lift accidents. The worker also puts their employer in danger of receiving OSHA fines and penalties. 

ALC enables businesses to quickly and easily enroll their workers in aerial lift certification training. Our certification offerings allow employees to become OSHA-approved aerial lift operators any time they choose. For more information about our Atlanta aerial lift operator certification programs, click here or call us at (888) 278-8896. We look forward to hearing from you!