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Los Angeles Aerial Lift Training & Certification [Updated 2019]

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Today, the Greater Los Angeles area located between the Pacific Ocean and the Angeles National Forest is home to more than 13 million people. Sometimes called the “City of Angels”, L.A. is the home of Hollywood and the early film and entertainment industries. The city’s broad economic base also includes fashion, finance, healthcare, telecommunications, transportation, aerospace, transportation and more.

The city’s economic growth brings with it a demand for aerial lift operators who have Los Angeles aerial lift operator certifications. The first step toward a career operating aerial lifts is to receive proper training and certification, such as if offered by Operators need training to protect the safety of themselves and their coworkers while on the job. Employers need operators with Los Angeles aerial lift certifications to avoid penalties and fines.

Aerial lift certification in Los Angeles is a two-way street; it benefits both employers and employees. For employers, Los Angeles aerial lift certification is a critical part of any safety program. Without training and compliance, OSHA fines and penalties can cripple any business in the City of Angels.

Whether you’re an employer or an operator, keep reading to learn why aerial lift certification in Los Angeles is important, what it entails and how to get it.aerial lift certification

Top Reasons for Getting Los Angeles Aerial Lift Certification for Your Employees

Aerial lift certification in Los Angeles is something that benefits workers in many ways. OSHA recognizes these benefits, which is why they’ve made it a requirement for aerial lift operators throughout the country to be certified. Here are a few reasons for completing your aerial lift certification Los Angeles training.

– Safety. According to OSHA, the number one reason for getting an aerial lift certification is that it can save your life, as well as reducing the number of workplace injuries and fatalities involving aerial lifts.
– Skip Traffic. Online aerial lift training and certification avoids the stress of traveling to and from an offsite training facility and spending hours in a classroom. With ALC’s online training and Los Angeles aerial lift certification, you can learn from the comfort of your home or anywhere else that’s convenient.
– OSHA compliance. Aerial lift certification in Los Angeles isn’t a luxury.  It’s a necessity. Your employees need the best training to avoid accidents and injuries. With, you’ll have the best Los Angeles aerial lift certification, anytime your employees need it!If you’re an employer, here are some of the many benefits you’ll enjoy when your employees receive Los Angeles aerial lift training and certification:

– Prevent workplace accidents that can lead to employee injuries or deaths and costly equipment damage.
– Increase profits with a workplace that’s more efficient and productive.
– Reduced production downtime from aerial lift equipment that’s being properly maintained and operated.
– Avoid costly OSHA penalties and fines.

Now that you know the benefits of Los Angeles Aerial Lift Training and Certification read on to learn about jobs available to trained and certified aerial lift operators.

Train Your Employees with Los Angeles Aerial Lift Certifications

Los Angeles is the largest manufacturing center in the western United States. Wherever there’s manufacturing, there are factories and warehouses that rely heavily on workers with aerial lift certifications. Among the major employers of certified aerial lift operators in the Los Angeles area are Occidental Petroleum and Reliance Steel and Aluminum, which are both Fortune 500 companies. The ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, which together form the world’s fifth-busiest port, also have lots of job opportunities for workers who hold aerial lift certifications in Los Angeles.

OSHA-approved Los Angeles aerial lift certification is the only type of training that qualifies workers to operate aerial lifts in these and similar settings. Get your company up to speed today Los Angeles aerial lift certification!

How Do OSHA’s Training Requirements Affect Employers?

OSHA requires employers to provide a safe working environment that doesn’t put workers’ health or safety at risk. If you’re an employee and need a Los Angeles aerial lift operator certification, it’s your employer’s obligation to ensure your safety by providing OSHA-approved training.

Here are some OSHA requirements for employers whose businesses use aerial lifts:

– All employers must provide a safe working environment free from hazards, including unsafe work practices
– Only workers who have successfully completed operator training and evaluation shall be allowed to operate aerial lifts
– Los Angeles aerial lift training must include formal instruction, practical guidance, and a skills evaluation by an experienced operator
– Workers must be taught and understand all components of operating an aerial lift, which is included with our aerial lift certification in Los Angeles

There’s only one OSHA-compliant online training program that meets these requirements, and that’s ALC’s comprehensive Los Angeles aerial lift certification course.aerial lift certification

Where to Get Los Angeles Aerial Lift Certification Training

When you choose, you’ll receive everything you need without the added costs of travel, compensating workers for time off and productivity losses. Using a smartphone, tablet or laptop, ALC’s Los Angeles aerial lift training can be completed in about an hour anywhere there’s an Internet connection.

We offer three convenient training options:

  • Our Aerial Lift Training Kit will train all your operators in about one hour for just $299. There are no per-operator fees, and the price includes free lifetime refresher training as required by OSHA. Aerial lift certification in Los Angeles doesn’t get more complete or comprehensive than this!
  • ALC also offers an online Train A Trainer course, which will certify one or more of your operators to train other employees in-house. The one-time cost is $149.
  • An even better bargain is’s Bundle Package, which includes both our Aerial Lift Training Kit and Train a Trainer course for the discounted price of $399.

To have all your employees received their Los Angeles aerial lift operator certification today, click here to get started. You can also call us at 888- 278-8896. Don’t settle for second-best with your Los Angeles aerial lift certification – contact us today!


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