Houston online aerial lift certificationIt’s easier than ever to earn your aerial lift certification in Houston. Aerialliftcertification.com offers convenient, comprehensive training classes accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. Our comprehensive training kit comes at a one-time price of $299. For $100 extra, you could bundle our services and also obtain a ‘train the trainer’ kit, too. This will make sure you have everything you need to certify an unlimited number of employees to operate aerial lifts not only in Houston but across the country.

How Online Aerial Lift Certification in Houston Works

With the help of Aerialliftcertification.com, it’s easy for employees to pursue aerial lift certification online in Houston. Off-site training is time-consuming – not to mention expensive. Our offerings, on the other hand, make it easy to get started right away. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Sign Up – Your employer can create an account and register anyone in need of certification.
  2. Choose Applicable Classes – We offer a range of certifications based on your interests and needs. Select the classes that apply and then check out.
  3. Complete Online Training – Our courses are self-paced, meaning there are no time limits on our material. Once complete, you’ll be required to take and pass an online course to demonstrate all you’ve learned. There’s zero pressure, as you can take the test as many time as needed to earn a passing score.
  4. Undergo an On-Site Evaluation – A hands-on evaluation must be performed by an on-site employee. If there’s no operator available to offer such evaluations, check out our Train the Trainer course. It teaches employees how to train and perform hands-on evaluations.
  5. Print Your Operator Card – Upon passing both the written and hands-on exams, you’ll be formally certified to operate aerial lifts in Houston. You can print proof of certification from our website.

Why Choose Aerialliftcertification.com for Houston Aerial Lift Certification

Every aerial lift operator in the country is required to train and certify under OSHA regulations. Fail to get certified and your organization may face expensive OSHA fines. With the future of your business and the safety of your workers at risk, training can make all the difference.

Our comprehensive online courses for Houston aerial lift certification come with a number of perks, including: 

  • 24/7 Availability – This kind of accessibility means employees can learn at their convenience. So long as you have a device connected to the internet, you can begin training.
  • Fast and Easy – Our courses take about an hour to complete, and the test at the end can be taken as many times as needed to earn a passing score.
  • Certification Cards – Once training is finished, you can print off proof of certification immediately.
  • Free Renewals – Under OSHA guidelines, aerial lift operators must recertify every three years. We’re the only training program that offers free renewals for life. Any time you need a refresher, you can access our courses for free.
  • A Great Value – Traditional off-site training schools are expensive and time-consuming. Our classes, on the other hand, are a fantastic value at just $59.95 each.

Bring aerial lift certification training into the 21st century with Aerialliftcertification.com Still feel uncertain about whether to proceed? Check out our reviews page to see how useful our coursework can truly be. All our classes come with a 100 percent money-back guarantee, so there’s little risk in trying us out.

Houston online aerial lift certification classes

Frequently Asked Questions About Aerial Lift Certification in Houston

Still unclear about how to get aerial lift certified in Houston? Allow us to shed a little more light on the subject. Here are a few answers to some of our most frequently asked questions:

Do I Need a Aerial Lift License in Houston?

Yes, OSHA mandates that all lift operators in Texas – and the rest of the United States – be formally trained and certified in accordance with standard 29 CFR 1910.178(I)(1)

Do I Need Experience to Earn My Aerial Lift Certification in Houston?

No experience is necessary to train with Aerialliftcertification.com We’ll teach you everything you need to know about aerial lift operation.

Can I Register for Training, Or Does My Employer Need to Sign Me Up?

Employers are required to provide aerial lift certification in Houston for their operators. While there’s no reason you can’t register yourself, it may be better to find an aerial lift operator position first and have you employer take care of training in-house.

How Much Do Aerial Lift Operators Earn in Houston?

Aerial lift operators in Houston earn an average salary of $38,514. As you gain more experience, you can expect to make more than average. When you’re just starting out, though, you may initially make less than average, though.

Why is Aerial Lift Training Necessary?

When used by untrained workers, aerial lifts can be incredibly dangerous. A 2019 incident in Irving, Texas demonstrates just how badly wrong such accidents can go. By understanding safety techniques and best practices, workers can avoid injuries on the job.

Get Your Aerial Lift Certification in Houston Now

Earning your aerial lift certification in Houston is easy with AerialLiftCertification.com. Instead of traveling to an offsite facility, you can take our online course from anywhere that’s convenient. So long as you have an internet connection, you can take and complete our training. 

All ALC students receive free three year renewal training, so your team is always up-to-date – no gaps in OSHA compliance or HR certification records! Should you be audited, you’ll breathe easy knowing everyone is officially certified and licensed to operate aerial lifts. 

Sign up today or call us at (888) 278 – 8896 for OSHA-compliant aerial lift certification in Houston. ALC can help you get your employees up to speed in a single afternoon. Given how important it is to prevent accidents and injuries on the jobsite, you’ll want to get started right away!