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Houston Aerial Lift Training and Certification

As the most populous city in the State of Texas and fourth largest in the U.S, Houston is home to just over 2 million people. Houston has a very strong economy, and a diverse industrial base with giants in the energy, manufacturing, aeronautics and transportation industries. The Port of Houston is the largest in the U.S in terms of international waterborne tonnage handled. Houston is a great city to start a career in the warehouse, manufacturing and shipping industries, and one particular career that connects all these is equipment operation.

If you’ve been wanting to make a fresh start in Houston, or if you’re a business owner who wants to boost your bottom line, look into Houston aerial lift certification. It’s the number one most effective way to prevent accidents and fines, and improve productivity in the workplace. Learn more below!

houston aerial lift certification

Why Houston Aerial Lift Certification?

There might be a number of jobs you can apply to as an aerial lift operator in Houston, and hundreds of job applicants to hire for your business. But without proper aerial lift training that includes Houston aerial lift certification, you and your workers won’t stand a chance at preventing injuries and fatalities. You see, aerial lift-related accidents happen every day on worksites in the U.S., and the majority of them are caused by operator error. This means that a lack of the proper knowledge and skills is the underlying cause in hundreds of annual aerial lift injuries and deaths.

Additionally, with a lack of skills and safety training, comes a lack of productivity. If you’re a business owner who employs aerial lift operators, you’ll not only be risking costly damages and accidents with your workers but also expensive repairs and maintenance, and a decreased bottom line.

So what do you do? Simply invest one time into proper aerial lift certification Houston and protect you and your business for life.

The Benefits Of Aerial Lift Certification In Houston

You may be wondering, will Houston aerial lift certification actually benefit my career or business? The answer is yes. Proper training like the OSHA compliant aerial lift program from not only helps employers save time and money but it also greatly benefits workers as well:


Did you know aerial lift injuries and deaths happen every year? Don’t let an aerial lift accident affect your life, or the lives of your loved ones forever. Proper aerial lift training will teach you what to do in hazardous situations and how to properly handle an aerial lift, which greatly reduces the number of injuries and fatalities on worksites.


Workers with aerial lift certification in Houston can qualify for higher-ranking jobs and increases in pay. Check out aerial lift operator salaries on sites like Glassdoor or

Save Money

Improper aerial lift maintenance can lead to parts breaking and malfunctioning, and can potentially cost thousands of dollars to fix. Equipment training teaches workers how to inspect and repair aerial lifts which saves employers money and loss of productivity due to out-of-service machines.

Get Jobs

When employers can save money and time because of your training, you will be hired over other untrained workers every time. You will also be eligible for more jobs than someone without training.


Houston aerial lift certification is the most successful at enabling workers to properly service their city and keep it safe for their loved ones and fellow community members.

There are so many ways to benefit from Houston aerial lift training. You won’t just benefit your employer, but your health, safety, and future career as well. The best thing about is that its affordable program only takes about an hour to complete.

Jobs for Those with a Houston Aerial Lift Certification

Most people have heard of NASA’s Johnson Space Center or the very popular Museum District—however there are numerous companies such as CenterPoint Energy that are very active job creators in the region. Houston is also home to HEB, one of the largest grocery store chains in the state, and AMOT, a leader manufacturer of safety products, and those with the right training in aerial lifts are in high demand for warehousing at these types of companies.

As Houston grows more and more, construction remains to be a large industry. Because of this, equipment rental companies like BlueLine Rental are also high in demand, and are always looking for employees with aerial lift certification. Trico Lift is also another aerial lift company in Houston that often has openings for driver jobs to those with an aerial lift certification. Trico Lift even has the opportunity to become a trainer, which is where your train-the-trainer program from will become useful. As you can see, aerial lift job opportunities are abundant in Houston, and there are a variety of different companies that you could apply your certification to.

If you’re an employer of aerial lift workers, you won’t be able to legally put them behind the controls without giving them Houston aerial lift certification training. In order to be compliant with industry regulations and qualify your employees for various positions within your business, you must look into OSHA-compliant aerial lift training.

Get Easy, Fast, & Affordable Houston Aerial Lift Certification with ALC

Getting aerial lift certification in Houston is a smart move than can significantly impact the safety and productivity of the workplace.

The internet has made it easy to protect yourself and your business from regulations and accidents. All you have to do to get aerial lift training and Houston aerial lift certification is to log onto our website at, purchase the Training Kit, complete the online training, and print the operator cards. That’s it!

The aerial lift training program at is all online and only takes about one hour to work through. Trainees can complete the program on any device with an internet connection, at home or at work. The course teaches students everything they need to know to operate an aerial lift, recognize and avoid hazards, and prevent accidents that lead to injuries and fatalities. It’s also completely OSHA-compliant.

For only $299, you get the Training Kit and free lifetime refresher training for your entire workplace.

If you want to have your own in-house trainers to lead the training for new employers, purchase our Train A Trainer course and save even more money and time.

The Bundle Package combines both the Training Kit and Trainer course at a single discounted price to equip your business with everything you need to improve safety, boost your bottom line, and avoid fines.

Create an account today and get Houston aerial lift certification for your employees in one day!

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