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Houston Aerial Lift Training and Certification

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Located near Galveston Bay and the Gulf of Mexico in Southeast Texas, Houston is home to more than 2 million people. Houston is both the most populous city in Texas and also the U.S.’ fourth largest city. Houston is named for General Sam Houston who won the battle for Texas’ independence from Mexico in 1836.

With a cost of living index almost 40% less than New York City, Houston is also a great place to live. Professional sports franchises include the NFL Houston Texans, the American League Houston Astros Baseball Club and the NBA Houston Rockets. Houston’s downtown theater district is home to several performing arts organizations and boasts the country’s second-largest concentration of theater seats. Houston has almost 60,000 acres of parks and green spaces, which is the most of any major U.S. city. As an added bonus, there’s no state income tax in Texas!

Job Opportunities in the Houston Area

Houston’s vibrant economy has a diverse industrial base that includes energy, manufacturing, aeronautics, transportation and more. Nicknamed the “Space City”, Houston is also home to the NASA Johnson Space Center.  Add all that to the fact that the Port of Houston is the largest port in the U.S., it makes Houston is a great place for warehousing, manufacturing, and shipping. A common link among these industries is the demand for equipment operators, and particularly those with aerial lift certifications in Houston.

If you now live in or have been thinking of moving to Houston, consider enrolling in Houston aerial lift certification training. Business owners who want to boost their bottom lines should also look into Houston training for their employees – it’s the most effective way of preventing accidents, avoiding OSHA fines and improving workplace productivity.

Why Houston Aerial Lift Certification?

There are lots of job opportunities for aerial lift operators in the Houston area, but you’ll need proper Houston aerial lift training to qualify for them. Aerial lift-related accidents happen every day, and most of them are caused by operator error. Lack of proper knowledge and skills gained through aerial lift training such as that offered by is the underlying cause of the hundreds of aerial lift accidents, injuries, and deaths that occur each year.

A lack of operator skills and safety training results in a lack of productivity. Business owners who employ uncertified aerial lift operators run the risk of costly workplace damages and worker injuries or deaths. There’s also the possibility of  expensive legal fees to defend against accidents. Substantial fines can also be imposed by OSHA for allowing aerial lift operators to work without the proper certifications .  The best way to avoid these pricey consequences and protect yourself and your business is to enroll your employees in aerial lift certification Houston from ALC.

The Benefits Of Aerial Lift Certification In Houston

Here are some of the ways ALC’s OSHA-compliant Houston will increase productivity and save money, while also protecting your workers and helping them advance their careers:

  • Safety. According to OSHA, an average of 26 deaths occur every year from accidents involving aerial lifts. Many of these, as well as other workplace injuries, can be prevented through proper aerial lift operator training, such as that offered by Houston
  • Save Time and Money. Inadequate aerial lift maintenance can lead to equipment malfunctions and breakdowns that can cost thousands of dollars to repair. ALC’s training teaches workers how to inspect and repair aerial lifts, which saves money and cuts productivity losses due to out-of-service equipment.
  • Job Opportunities. Employers recognize the value of workers who are trained and certified as aerial lift operators when compared to untrained workers.
  • Higher Pay. Houston workers with aerial lift certification can qualify for better jobs and increases in pay. As examples, check out Houston aerial lift operator salaries on sites like Glassdoor or

These are just a few of the many ways ALC’s aerial lift training and certification benefits both employers and their employees.

Job Opportunities for Aerial Lift Operators in Houston

In addition to the NASA Johnson Space Center and the various cultural attractions in the Museum District who create employment opportunities, there are several companies such as CenterPoint Energy that need certified Houston aerial lift equipment operators. Houston is also home to the HEB grocery chain and safety product manufacturer AMOT, both of which employ certified aerial lift operators to work in their warehouses.

As Houston continues to grow, the construction industry will continue to expand. Equipment rental companies like

BlueLine will keep hiring workers with Houston aerial lift certifications. Trico Lift is another example of a Houston area company that often has openings for certified aerial lift operators. Trico Lift also has opportunities for in-house trainers. Completing ALC’s online Train the Trainer program will qualify graduates to serve as in-house trainers, opening up even more opportunities. These are just a few of the aerial lift job opportunities in the Houston area.

ALC’s Houston Aerial Lift Certification is Fast, Easy and Affordable

Employers of aerial lift workers need to have them receive OSHA-approved Houston aerial lift certification training before putting them behind the controls to comply with industry regulations. Certifying employees through is a smart move that can improve both workplace safety and productivity.

The Internet makes it easy to protect you and your business from safety violations and workplace accidents. To get Houston aerial lift training and certification, start by logging onto to purchase the Training Kit. The aerial lift training program is all online. Using a smartphone, tablet or similar digital device, the training can be completed anywhere there’s an internet connection in about an hour. Once the training is completed, just print and download the certification and operator card – that’s all there is to it!

The course includes everything students need to know about operating an aerial lift, recognizing and avoiding hazards and preventing accidents that could result in injuries or fatalities. What’s more, it’s also completely OSHA-compliant.

For just $299, you’ll get ALC’s Operator Training Kit, including free lifetime refresher training for your entire workforce, which OSHA requires every three years. If you want your own in-house trainer to teach new employees, order our Train A Trainer course. To save even more, sign up for our Bundle Package, which combines the Training Kit and Trainer courses for a single discounted price of only $399. You’ll have everything you need to improve job site safety, avoid hefty fines, train new employees and boost your bottom line.

To get started with ALC’s Houston aerial lift certification for your employees, contact us online or call us at (888) 278 – 8896 to speak with one of our knowledgeable consultants. Do it today!

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