aerial lift certificationAerial lift certification in San Francisco is a necessary step you’ll have to take if you plan on using this type of equipment on your next job and your employees are not yet OSHA certified. The reason for certification is twofold – you want your employees safe and must follow the law.

Thankfully, our exclusive training kit lets your team obtain a San Francisco aerial lift certification online. Opting to have your team certified online and on-site will help save you time and money by avoiding lost production time and fines from OSHA.

Our aerial lift operator training kit is available for a one-time price of $299.00. We also offer a train the trainer kit, which will help you be able to certify your team on-site. With our bundle and save option, you can get both courses for only $399.00.

Do you want to know more details? Learn more about how to get aerial lift certified in San Francisco using our program below.

How Online Aerial Lift Certification in San Francisco Works

When your team seeks a certification in-person, they must travel offsite. With our kit, they can get the education they need online and submit to an on-site evaluation with a trainer. Here is how it works:

  1. Sign Up on Our Platform: First, employers should set up an account on our platform.
  2. Select a Course and Kit: Next, you’ll want to select the course that meets your needs and purchase it directly from the website.
  3. Employees Take an Online Class: Next, the employees seeking certification should overlook all the educational material. Employees can access this training material with any device connecting to the internet.
  4. Pass Online Written Test: Employees must submit an online written test to demonstrate that they understand the course material. The good news is that employees can take this quiz as often as necessary until they pass.
  5. Hands-On Evaluation: A certified trainer should perform a hands-on evaluation with the employee. If you don’t have a certified trainer on your team, you can train a current employee on how to do this using our train the trainer kit.
  6. Print Proof: After the evaluation, you can officially certify your employee’s training and print off proof of certification directly from our kit.

After these steps, your employee will be considered fully OSHA certified.

Why Choose for Your San Francisco Aerial Lift Certification

Employees need to get certified for their job site to be OSHA compliant. You could get fined if you fail to adhere to these necessary regulations. Even worse, you could experience a work-related accident on your job. Aerial lifts are inherently dangerous and can lead to significant injuries and even fatalities. Getting certified helps your team avoid these accidents by spreading awareness about aerial lift hazards and educating your employees on handling these challenges.

Here are a few reasons to work with us to certify your team:

  • Simple and Quick: Most employees can get certified within an hour
  • Convenient: 24/7 access to training material on any internet-connected device
  • Affordable: One kit at one price can certify an unlimited number of employees
  • Free Renewals: Did you know your team’s aerial lift certification can expire? Get free updates to your program and renewals when you work with us
  • Easy to Print Proof

Moreover, we also offer a money-back guarantee to anyone unsatisfied with our kit.

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Do you have more questions about San Francisco aerial lift certification, OSHA’s standards, or aerial lifts in general? If so, then be sure to check out our general FAQs page. You can also learn some answers to more San Francisco-specific questions below.

Are Aerial Lifts Important in San Francisco?

Did you know that San Francisco’s iconic Bay Bridge carries more than a third of all the traffic that crosses bridges in the state? In other words, that beautiful bridge is crucial infrastructure, and aerial lifts are crucial in the upkeep of this bridge, along with several others, throughout California.

That’s not all aerial lifts do in San Francisco, though. They also support all the state’s electrical power, data cables, forestry and vegetation management, and maintenance goals.

What are the Most Common Aerial Lift Hazards?

The purpose of aerial lifts is to help workers reach a height or carry loads up to a high location. As such, the most obvious aerial lift hazard is the risk of falling. Falls can be fatal, as was the case for two workers who recently fell after attempting to remove a billboard. Other common hazards include the risk of electrocution from power lines, tip-overs, falling objects, and getting caught between the aerial lift and another object.

Sign up for San Francisco Aerial Lift Certification with ALC

Any employee that uses an AWP, MEWP, scissor lift, cherry picker, telescopic boom lift and other similar equipment requires San Francisco aerial lift and scissor lift certification. And ALC provides affordable, on-point, OSHA compliant training for your entire aerial lift fleet.

ALC offers the most comprehensive, effective, and cost-efficient San Francisco aerial lift training available anywhere. Your employees won’t need to commit significant time, energy, and resources to complete our training. Rather, they can finish their coursework anywhere an internet connection is available, on their computer, smartphone, or tablet. 

Once our online training is completed, your employees can immediately download and print their aerial lift operator cards. These workers can rest assured that they are in compliance with OSHA standards. Plus, your business can take solace in the fact that it can avoid OSHA fines and penalties

Contact ALC online or call us at 888-278-8896 to learn more about our aerial lift certification in San Francisco. Make sure your company is fully OSHA compliant – sign up today with ALC for San Francisco aerial lift and scissor lift certification. Thanks for visiting ALC! We’re ready to help with your Bay-area training requirements now!