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San Francisco Aerial Lift TrainingCalled the “City by the Bay”, San Francisco is spread across seven hills at the tip of the peninsula that separates San Francisco Bay from the Pacific Ocean. The city also boasts a vibrant and growing economy.

The Greater San Francisco metropolitan area has a population of more than 4.5 million residents, which means there’s a vast demand for goods and services at the retail level that adds to the job opportunities available to certified aerial lift operators.

If your company requires San Francisco aerial lift certification, look no further than Our three training programs give your employees 100% OSHA compliance, lifetime support, and the industry know-how you need to stay on top of your training!

Course Lineup For San Francisco Aerial Lift Certification

For the best scissor lift and aerial lift certification in San Francisco, choose from these courses:

1. Train a Trainer

Perfect for keeping internal tabs on your own training initiatives, this course is ideal for any company that needs aerial lift certification in San Francisco, along with an OSHA-approved trainer on staff. And, it only costs $149.

2. Training Kit

Aerial lift certification in San Francisco is required by law. How will your company achieve this? Forget about expensive training “experts” or off-site seminars; our Training Kit includes everything you need to offer aerial lift certification in San Francisco to your entire workforce. You can purchase our Training Kit for just $299.

3. Bundle Package

Get the best of both worlds with your San Francisco aerial lift certification. Our Bundle Package includes our Train a Trainer package and Training Kit for one low price of $399! Bundle and save today with your aerial lift certification!

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Why It’s Important to Complete San Francisco Scissor Lift Training

Failure to comply with OSHA aerial lift certification requirements can result in fines and penalties. Even worse, ignoring OSHA aerial lift safety standards can put workers in danger. It can even lead to aerial lift accidents that cause serious injury or death. 

One important reason for completing aerial lift operator training is that employers are simply not willing to put the assets of their businesses and the lives of their employees at risk by hiring workers without San Francisco aerial lift training. To be considered fully OSHA-compliant, your aerial lift operators need certification from an OSHA-approved trainer such as ALC.

What’s the Best San Francisco Aerial Lift Training Program for Employers and Aerial Lift Operators? 

OSHA takes compliance seriously and will conduct investigations if your company is involved with any accident or injury involving aerial work platforms (AWPs). Employers and managers are responsible for their company’s bottom line, which means they need to avoid potential OSHA fines and litigation, while at the same time maintaining a safe workplace for their employees. 

Employers aren’t the only ones who benefit from our San Francisco aerial lift training. As a trained and certified aerial lift operator,  employees learn how to operate the equipment properly, as well as how to recognize and avoid hazards. 

Why Do San Francisco Businesses Choose ALC for Aerial Lift Certification Training?

ALC ranks high among aerial lift certification training providers in San Francisco. Here are some of the reasons why we’re a top choice for aerial lift certification training:

✓ Affordable, convenient, and OSHA-approved training

✓ Interactive learning materials

✓ Online training

ALC’s aerial lift certification training is designed to meet the needs of your workforce. It enables employees to earn OSHA aerial lift certification in about one hour. Upon completion, your workers can serve as OSHA-approved aerial lift operators long into the future. 

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Want to Get San Francisco Aerial Lift and Scissor Lift Certification? Partner with ALC 

Aerial lift certification is mandatory for any worker that uses a lift. San Francisco businesses must ensure all of their aerial lift operators are certified according to OSHA standards. Now, ALC enables Bay Area businesses to get their workers OSHA-compliant without delay. 

ALC offers the most comprehensive, effective, and cost-efficient San Francisco aerial lift training available anywhere. Your employees won’t need to commit significant time, energy, and resources to complete our training. Rather, they can finish their coursework anywhere an internet connection is available, on their computer, smartphone, or tablet. 

Once our online training is completed, your employees can immediately download and print their aerial lift operator cards. These workers can rest assured that they are in compliance with OSHA standards. Plus, your business can take solace in the fact that it can avoid OSHA fines and penalties

Contact ALC online or call us at 888-278-8896 to learn more about our aerial lift certification in San Francisco. Get started today and ensure your company is 100% OSHA-compliant.

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