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Sacramento Aerial Lift Certification

Sacramento is one of the most historic cities in California, featuring an impressive array of attractions and a diversity of business industries, including the state’s major railroad, the Southern Pacific Transportation Company. As California’s state capitol, Sacramento’s broad economy offers ample career prospects for certified aerial lift operators in a wide range of industries, as well as many large federal, state and local government employers.

Certified aerial lift operators in Sacramento can earn an annual salary of nearly $40,000, which increases based on experience, industry and specific companies. Employers need aerial lift operators who are able to perform tasks safely while reducing the risk for workplace injuries by remaining OSHA compliant. To become OSHA compliant, Sacramento aerial lift training must be completed to receive an aerial lift operator card.


Job opportunities for workers holding a Sacramento scissor lift certification are plentiful and varied. Many companies in Sacramento hire certified aerial lift operators, including California State University and the Department of Transportation. Other top employers for aerial lift operations include:

• Environmental Protection Agency
• Intel Corp
• Mercy General Hospital
• Sacramento Regional Transit and the Water Resource Department

Possible positions include aerial lift operator, aerial lift mechanic, aircraft maintenance, arborist, window washer/installer, special events employee, and more.

With your Sacramento aerial lift certification, you’ll have the opportunity to work in a variety of industries and business sectors in the greater Sacramento region. This includes Sacramento County, and the communities that comprise the northern Central Valley.

How Sacramento Aerial Lift Certification Will Help Your Career

Whether you’re looking to become a scissor lift worker, aerial lift operator, or other aerial work platform employee, ALC’s aerial lift training in Sacramento will help you become OSHA compliant in as little time as possible. In terms of jobs in the region, ALC’s Sacramento aerial lift certification programs will:

• Show employers you’re serious about your career.
• Limit liability with potential employers. Sacramento companies always want the best-qualified aerial lift operators in regulation-happy California.
• Expand your own career possibilities.
• Allow greater “probability” with your aerial lift skills and know-how. Once you have aerial lift training in Sacramento, your certification is accepted throughout the country. Bottom line: ALC’s instruction and courses move with you, wherever you’re headed!

Mining, engineering, telecommunications, distribution, construction – you name the industry, and our Sacramento aerial lift certification is definitely worth the effort. Seize control of your career path. Become a more safety-conscious aerial lift operator. Get the competitive advantage over other job applications. Sign up with our aerial lift training in Sacramento today!

The Benefits of Completing a Sacramento Aerial Lift Certification

Equipment operators are needed throughout Sacramento to keep the city bustling and safe for residents and the many tourists that visit annually. But because aerial lifts can be dangerous and cause accidents every year, specialized training is essential for succeeding in this career. Sacramento scissor lift certification is the best way to protect your life on the job and prevent injuries, fatalities, and equipment damage. And since employers aren’t willing to hire untrained workers due to OSHA requirements, you need this training to be considered for the best, highest paying jobs in Sacramento.

The quality of life afforded in the city with a Sacramento aerial lift certification isn’t bad either. Certified aerial lift operators in Sacramento can earn an annual salary of nearly $40,000, which increases based on experience, industry and specific companies.

How Do I Receive My Sacramento Aerial Lift Certification? allows you to receive your Sacramento scissor lift certification and aerial lift training quickly and easily. We offer affordable aerial lift certification through OSHA compliant courses that can be completed around your own schedule. The courses are self-paced but we’ve found most students complete their training in about one hour. And for only $75 for both aerial and scissor lift training, we offer the most affordable and convenient OSHA-compliant aerial lift training around.

When you choose for Sacramento scissor lift certification, you can enjoy these exclusive benefits:

• Save money by not having to pay for in-person, classroom instruction
• Train at home, at a coffee shop, or at work rather than travel to an offsite facility
• Don’t take any time off work, or your precious weekends, to train
• Stay in Sacramento, or take your aerial lift certification anywhere in the U.S.
• Learn from experienced aerial lift and scissor lift operators, and know exactly what you need to be prepared for the job and remain OSHA-compliant
• Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with superior safety training. Our Sacramento aerial lift certification programs provide an extra level of competence – and confidence – that’s hard to put a price tag on!

Upon completion of the Sacramento aerial lift certification course, you can print your certificate to start your career as an aerial lift operator. View our popular training kit to get started today and benefit from a stable and in-demand career as an aerial lift operator.

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