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Sacramento Aerial Lift Certification

Sacramento Aerial Lift CertificationSacramento is one of the most historic cities in California, featuring an impressive array of attractions and a diversity of business industries, including the state’s major railroad, the Southern Pacific Transportation Company. As California’s state capitol, Sacramento’s broad economy offers ample career prospects for certified aerial lift operators in a wide range of industries, as well as many large federal, state and local government employers. Certified aerial lift operators in Sacramento can earn an annual salary of nearly $40,000, which increases based on experience, industry and specific companies. Employers need aerial lift operators who are able to perform tasks safely while reducing the risk for workplace injuries by remaining OSHA compliant. To become OSHA compliant, Sacramento aerial lift training must be completed to receive an aerial lift operator card.

Why do I need an aerial lift Certification?

Aerial lifts are necessary to perform day-to-day operations in a number of environments, but are also responsible for approximately 26 construction worker fatalities each year. A leading cause of aerial lift accidents includes falls, electrocutions, collapses and tip-overs. OSHA regulates the operation of aerial lifts to ensure safe workplace practices are used to decrease these risks. OSHA requires all aerial lift operators to be properly trained and hold a valid aerial lift certification for employment. Companies will not hire aerial lift operators who aren’t certified.

Aerial Lift Jobs in Sacramento

Many companies in Sacramento hire certified aerial lift operators, including California State University and the Department of Transportation. Other top employers for aerial lift operations include the Environmental Protection Agency, Intel Corp, Mercy General Hospital, Sacramento Regional Transit and the Water Resource Department.

How to receive an aerial lift certification? allows you to receive your Sacramento aerial lift certification quickly and easily. We offer affordable aerial lift training through OSHA compliant courses that can be completed around your own schedule. Upon completion, the certification is achieved to enter a career as a certified aerial lift operator. View our popular training kit to get started today and benefit from a stable and in-demand career as an aerial lift operator.


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