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Aerial Lift Certification in Englewood, NJ

Englewood Aerial Lift Certification

Englewood, New Jersey is only ten minutes away from New York City with its millions of people, but the town’s low-key, historical feel makes it seem like a million miles. With a population of slightly less than 30,000, you can find upscale restaurants, quaint boutiques, beauty salons, antique stores, and an assortment of other charming small businesses in downtown Englewood.

Are you interested in finding a job in the Englewood area? Are you an employee looking to find aerial lift certification in Englewood and become OSHA compliant? You’ll need aerial lift operator certification in Englewood from

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Why Complete an Aerial Lift Certification in Englewood?


Aside from the fact that lift operator certification is crucial if you want to qualify for some of the area’s better jobs, aerial lift training in Englewood is vital to protect yourself from serious injury or even death while on the job. Aerial lift certification training teaches everything a worker needs to know, including inspecting the equipment prior to operating it, assessing the surrounding area for hazards such as holes or uneven ground, and how to safely handle a forklift or scissor lift.

Stop to think about what might happen if you didn’t complete your Englewood aerial lift certification. Aerial lift accidents happen every day and a lack of training is a common thread among almost all of them. Here are some of the most common types of jobsite accidents involving aerial lifts:

✓ Electrocution: Deadly electrocutions happen when workers come into contact with overhead power lines. Electrocutions can also occur when the lift itself comes into contact with a power line. With aerial lift certification in Englewood, all of your operators will be aware of this unique and dangerous hazard.

✓ Falls From Lift Platforms: Falls usually occur when the lift is hit by another vehicle. To help prevent falls, all harnesses, lanyards and cables need to be securely attached before the lift is operated.

✓ Tipovers: Tipovers are one of the top causes of aerial lift accidents and often occur when the lift is operated on sloped or uneven ground. Proper aerial lift training can greatly reduce the risk of tip-over accidents. With Englewood aerial lift certification, your employees can avoid tip-overs and other dangerous situations.

✓ Getting Trapped between the Lift and Another Object: This can easily happen when the aerial lift bucket is being repositioned and the worker is caught between the bucket and an object such as a beam or joist. Here again, aerial lift certification in Englewoodreduces the risk.

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Affordable Aerial Lift Training in Englewood


Because this certification is so valuable and important, it would be natural to assume that it is expensive and time-consuming. When you choose, however, that’s not the case.’s online operator training and certification is fast, convenient and affordable.

Aerial lift certification in Englewood can be completed in about one hour.  All course materials are online and can be taken using a smartphone or other digital device anytime and anywhere it’s convenient. Aerial lift training certificates and operator cards can be downloaded and printed within minutes of completing the training.

That means there’s no need to travel to an offsite location for hours of in-person training – our Englewood aerial lift certification makes it easier than ever to get compliant. And here’s the best part: the 100% OSHA-approved aerial lift training costs employers just $299 when they order the group training kit. The low, one-time cost covers training for all your lift operators, and also includes free recertifications, which OSHA requires every three years.

For more information on and our Englewood aerial lift certification, call us toll-free at 888-278-8896. To get certified today, click here – you’ll be glad you did!


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