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Ontario Aerial Lift Certification and Training

If you employ aerial work platform (AWP, scissor lift, aerial lift, or mobile elevating work platform (MEWP) employees in Ontario, you know you need to get them properly trained and certified. AerialLiftCertification.com can help you get your workers in compliance with workplace safety regulations. With affordable prices and convenient online access, we offer the very best resources for aerial lift certification in Ontario.

Why sign up for our aerial lift training in Ontario? Here are a few reasons:

Affordable prices for any budget

Convenient online format

100% OSHA compliant training & certification

Free renewal training

All paperwork to satisfy OSHA guidelines

And more

Want to know how to choose the best and most convenient aerial lift training in Ontario? Just keep reading!

Ontario Aerial Lift Certification Training Course Catalog

It’s against the law to have anyone operate your AWPs, MEWPs, cherry pickers, and other lifts without aerial lift certification in Ontario. Get signed up with ALC and get your safety program on the right track today.


Want a fully certified on-site aerial lift trainer for your aerial lift certification in Ontario? This course is the solution. It’ll put you in complete control over the training and certification of your employees. With Train a Trainer, you’ll gain access to an in-house expert who can train new employees. It’s one of the smartest investments you can make in your organization.


Affordable, easily accessible, and versatile, our Training Kit for aerial lift certification in Ontario can’t be beat. Participants will learn everything from basic safety best practices and regulations to more advanced concepts. All material is kept updated to reflect changing safety guidelines. This option is ideal for anyone in your company seeking to achieve compliance.


Choosing between the two courses listed above is tough…and some companies could use both courses. With the Bundle Package, you get the Training Kit and Train a Trainer courses for the exclusive reduced rate of $399!

ALC is here to assist with your Ontario aerial lift certification requirements today.

Why Get Aerial Lift Training in Ontario

The purpose of the Ontario aerial lift and scissor lift certification training is to save lives and reduce workplace accidents. Since operator training is an OSHA requirement, it’s also the law. Failure to fully comply can result in severe fines, penalties and possible litigation.

When you choose ALC to train and certify your Ontario scissor lift operators, you’ve chosen the best. Here are just a few of the many reasons our aerial lift operator programs simply can’t be beaten:

Our online aerial lift training is fast, easy and affordable: All class materials are available online 24/7, and the training can be completed in as little as an hour. There are no time limits, so students can work at their own pace using a digital device anywhere there’s an internet connection. Although most students pass the first time, the training can be repeated as many times as needed (our pass rate is 100 %!).

Our training is 100 % OSHA compliant: When your workers complete our Ontario aerial lift certification training, you’ll have a safer and more productive workplace, and you’ll also avoid exposure to hefty fines and penalties.

ALC training is affordable: Our aerial lift and scissor lift training program costs just $299, which will train and certify all your current employees and future hires. There’s no reason to spend a lot of money to train your operators and make your business OSHA compliant.

ALC online training is convenient and flexible: The courses can be taken any time and anywhere that’s convenient – this can be during a lunch break, at a coffee shop or at home. When you choose ALC, there’s no need for your employees to take time off work to travel to and from an expensive offsite training facility.

Operator cards and certifications and are immediately available: After completing ALC’s training, OSHA certifications and aerial lift operator cards can immediately be downloaded and printed, which makes it legal for operators to resume driving lift equipment. There’s no time spent waiting for the paperwork to arrive in the mail.

If you employ uncertified operators, it’s extremely important that you have them trained and certified as soon as possible. In as little as an hour, you can protect yourself and your employees against OSHA fines and penalties. Sign your operators up for ALC’s Ontario aerial lift certification today!.

Why Your Business Needs ALC’s Ontario Aerial Lift Operator Certification Training

The purpose of Ontario aerial lift and scissor lift certification training is to reduce accidents, improve workplace safety and save lives. Since the training is required by OSHA, it’s also the law. Failure to comply can trigger OSHA audits, which can result in substantial penalties and fines.

Besides the OSHA implications, failure to have aerial lift certification in Ontario will place your operators’ lives at risk, since the majority of injuries and fatalities involving aerial lifts are the result of operator error. This means the operator either wasn’t prepared or was misinformed about safely operating aerial lift equipment. Ontario aerial lift certification has been proven to reduce the number of workplace, accidents and equip workers with the knowledge needed to prevent injuries, deaths, and damages to property and equipment.

We recently took surveyed more than 100 business managers, supervisors and safety personnel. More than half of those who responded indicated they had been audited by OSHA, and of these,18% had received fines. The majority of these fines were over $100,000. To read the entire study, click here. Just another reason to sign up for aerial lift certification in Ontario with ALC!

The Kind of Aerial Lift Training in Ontario Your Team Needs

Aerial lift certification in Ontario can help protect employees by teaching them safety best practices. Here’s an idea of what our training program can teach your workers:

  • How to operate cherry pickers, telescopic boom and articulating boom lifts, and scissor lifts
  • How to use the controls the right way
  • How to conduct equipment inspections
  • How to best assess the work environment
  • How to recognize and avoid hazards on the job site

Workers will also receive training in fall protection, stabilizing and positioning techniques, which are all vital for preventing injuries in the workplace. Formal written instruction, practical training, video training, and all the necessary paperwork for completing the in-person evaluation are included in our aerial lift training in Ontario.

Get Ontario Aerial Lift Certification For Your Operators Today!

Getting started is easy. With our 5-step process, your operators can be certified in as little as an hour! Just follow these five simple steps:

 Open an account and register your company (this takes only a couple of minutes)

 Register each of your aerial lift and scissor lift operators

○ Have your employees log in to the company account

 Have students take the test (this usually takes about an hour)

 Once the exam is completed, a certified trainer will conduct an in-person, hands-on equipment operating evaluation

That’s all there is to it! After students pass the test, their 100 % OSHA-compliant Ontario aerial lift certification training is complete. Just download and print their aerial and scissor lift operator cards, file the certifications in each operator’s HR files and they’re ready to go to work!

Sign up for Aerial Lift Certification in Ontario Today with ALC!

The city of Ontario, in San Bernardino County, California, is just 35 miles east of downtown LA and slightly more than 20 miles west of San Bernardino’s city center. The city is strategically poised for business and offers workers numerous career opportunities across a wide sector of industries. Home to Ontario International Airport, the city handles most of the freight traffic that’s shipped through the busy ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.

Nearly 200,000 people live in Ontario, and the city’s business-friendly environment offers many advantages for employment with industries rich in international trade, high tech, manufacturing, retail sales, and construction. As a result, the city has an abundance of stable career opportunities, including aerial lift operator jobs for those who have completed Ontario aerial lift certification. Although it may be tempting to hire uncertified operators in a tight labor market, Ontario area employers must immediately arrange for any unlicensed aerial lift operators on their payroll to receive the operator training and certification OSHA requires. By far the fastest, most convenient and most affordable aerial lift operator training is available through AerialLiftCertification.com. ALC’s aerial lift certification in Ontario is ideal for any company that hires aerial work platform (AWP) and mobile elevating work platform (MEWP) workers – including yours!

Fast, Easy & Affordable Ontario Aerial Lift Operator Certification

Do you hire aerial lift workers in Ontario, CA? Chances are your company doesn’t have the time, resources or expertise to handle Ontario aerial lift training in house. AerialLiftCertification.com (ALC) specializes in both aerial lift certification in Ontario and scissor lift certification.  With our Ontario aerial lift certification, you’ll have a safer and more productive workplace. In the event of a job site accident or injury, your aerial lift certification in Ontario will show that your operators have received proper training. Enrolling your Ontario area operators in ALC’s aerial lift training is in the best interests of employers and employees alike.

Just follow the five easy steps above and your operators can complete their aerial lift certification in Ontario today! ALC’s courses offer convenient, 24/7 online access, and each program is priced for optimum value. When it comes to Ontario aerial lift training, nobody beats ALC in terms of ease, convenience and affordability!

Aerial Lift Certification offers streamlined, easy to access aerial lift certification training for any Ontario job applicant. Besides our superior safety training, ALC offers easy renewals as well. Plus, when you sign up for Ontario aerial lift certification with us, we’ll help with any questions or issues you may experience. To find out how AerialLiftCertification.com can enhance your company’s safety, call us at (888) 278-8896. You can also get started online by choosing one of our packages, which are Training kitbundle package, or train the trainer.

Thanks for considering AerialLiftCertification.com for your Ontario aerial lift certification needs!