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Chicago Aerial Lift Training

The Windy City’s resilient economy has grown from a transportation and logistics-based commerce center to a worldwide leader in technology, energy, construction and more. Many Chicago companies require aerial lift and scissor lift operators for maintenance, assembly & manufacturing, landscaping & more.

Chicago area employers are responsible for safety training, including Chicago aerial lift certification. (ALC) is a preferred provider for aerial lift certification in Chicago.

With our programs, your company will have:

  • Free renewal training – after three years, your aerial lift and scissor lift operators require renewal training, which is provided by ALC
  • Attentive, friendly customer support
  • Complete paperwork and evaluation forms
  • Online convenience
  • Safety checklists, training to avoid accidents and more
  • 100% OSHA compliance
  • And much more

Aerial Lift Certification in Chicago: Course Catalog

OSHA compliance is required before you can have any workers operate aerial work platform (AWP) or mobile elevating work platform (MEWP) machinery. ALC leads the way with the best aerial lift certification in Chicago, Illinois!

Training Kit – $299

One of our most popular courses for complete Chicago aerial lift certification and training, the Training Kit is a great way to ensure your new AWP & MEWP operators are properly trained to operate all of your aerial lift equipment, including scissor lifts and related scaffolding. Plus, it’s ideal for more experienced drivers looking to refresh their skills or take renewal training. Sign up today!

Train The Trainer – $149

Having an outsourced training consultant evaluate your employees’ ability to operate aerial lifts and scissor lifts can be a hassle; keep your Chicago aerial lift training in-house with our Train the Trainer course. With this popular aerial lift certification in Chicago, you’ll take control of your training and safety program with a qualified, OSHA compliant resource – anytime you need it!

Bundle and Save– $399

Get the best of both worlds – and the best aerial lift certification in Chicago, Illinois, period – with your Chicago aerial lift certification. Includes the Training Kit and Train a Trainer courses at a special reduced rate of $399. Optimal value, maximum safety, all in one convenient package.

Our Chicago aerial lift certification offers complete, OSHA compliant training for the Windy City. Sign up today!

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The Need for Chicago Aerial Lift Certification and Training

Located on the shores of Lake Michigan in Illinois, Chicago is the 3rd largest city in the United States, behind New York and Los Angeles. Long a center of transportation and distribution for the upper Midwest, the Windy City is also a hub for technology, utilities, and other key business sectors.

The city’s economic diversification has earned it the accolades of being the most balanced economy in the entire United States, and the fourth most important commercial center in the world. The Port of Chicago handles significant annual cargo tonnage, while numerous lakefront warehouses manage a wide variety of cargo and materials. Six miles inland from Lake Michigan lies the Lake Calumet terminal. These are just some of the companies that require aerial lift certification in Chicago.

Since OSHA requires employers to provide Chicago aerial lift training and certification, many companies are looking to get compliant. If your company requires aerial lift certification in Chicago, ALC has all the courses you need to meet and exceed these important requirements.

Why Get Chicago Aerial Lift Certification and Training?

Whether your company is involved with manufacturing, construction or maintenance, one thing’s for certain: you need to provide your employees with Chicago aerial lift certification. ALC’s expertise with OSHA guidelines, intuitive training courses, complete paperwork requirements and more will get your company compliant – and stay that way, thanks to our free renewal training!

Here’s the bottom line with Chicago aerial lift training: without it, your company will be liable for any accidents or injuries that occur in your workplace. If an accident happens, OSHA will ask for your employee training records. And if they don’t have Chicago aerial lift certification and training, heavy fines and penalties are inevitable. 

ALC can help if you already have training in place but aren’t sure if you’re OSHA compliant, and also if you need to provide aerial lift certification in Chicago for any new hires or renewal training for experienced operators. 

Go with the leader for aerial lift certification in Chicago:! Register with ALC, and ensure your company is 100% OSHA compliant.

Topics Covered by Aerial Lift Certification in Chicago 

Your company needs OSHA-compliant Chicago aerial lift training. And ALC delivers complete, comprehensive instruction for everyone from rookie operators to veteran AWP drivers. 

A major advantage is what your AWP and MEWP operators will learn from our Chicago aerial lift certification and training. Here’s just some of the skills they’ll acquire:

  • Perform routine maintenance 
  • Avoid accidents and common hazards
  • Operate cherry pickers, aerial lifts, and other AWPs safely & efficiently
  • Give equipment a thorough inspection before operating
  • And much more — all with the best aerial lift certification in chicago, illinois

ALC is your best option to give your employees the essential skills, knowledge and confidence to excel on the job!

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Where to Get Aerial Lift Certification in Chicago

By completing an aerial lift training program in Chicago with, your employees will be taking part in an OSHA-compliant training and certification course. ALC is the preferred option for Chicago aerial lift training

Your employees can complete Chicago aerial lift certification from the comfort of their own homes, at their own pace, and at an affordable price. When they complete their Chicago aerial lift certification and training, you’ll have a printed card to show to OSHA auditors in case of accident or injury.

Ensure your safety program is up to OSHA standards. Give your employees the best aerial lift certification in Chicago, Illinois, and enjoy a safer, more productive workplace today. To learn more about our courses and how we can help with Chicago aerial lift certification and training, give ALC a call today at (888) 278-8896. Thanks for visiting ALC!