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New York Aerial Lift Certification

New York Aerial Lift CertificationEmployment opportunities in New York grew by 3 percent in June of 2015, offering more career opportunities for those with a background in a special trade or skill. Among one career that’s experienced high growth due to the demand are certified aerial lift operators. Home to some of the largest employers in the nation, those with a New York aerial lift certification are highly sought, offering a rewarding career in a number of diverse industries. Among the top aerial lift employers in New York are warehouses, offering an annual income of over $27,000. To benefit from this rewarding career path, a proper certification is needed for employment.

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Only properly trained and authorized personal are permitted to operate an aerial lift in New York due to the risk for falls, structural failures, entanglement hazards, and lift platform ejections. As a result, OSHA has strict guidelines in place for aerial lift operators, which employers must abide by. After taking the necessary courses to receive a certification, aerial lift operators will be compliant with OSHA standards to safely operate an aerial lift, becoming more appealing to employers. With the proper certification, employers face less risk for OSHA penalties, while increasing the performance and function of the facility.

Why do I need an Aerial Lift Certification?

There are certain dangers involved with operating an aerial lift, which can threaten lives and businesses. Employers will only hire those who are able to lessen these risks by holding a valid aerial lift certification in New York. The training needed to obtain the certification proves to employers that you’re capable of safely operating the lift, while properly handling the tasks needed, such as retrieving items.

Aerial Lift Jobs in New York

Aerial lift jobs in New York are abundant and available in a number of business sectors, such as warehouses, construction, and materials management. Delta Air Lines, Sherwin-Williams, Abco HVACR Supply, and auto parts distribution sites are always hiring those with a New York aerial lift certification. In addition, there are numerous other employers needing certified operators, offering a stable, lucrative, and rewarding career that’s always in demand.

The training needed to obtain the certification proves to employers that you’re capable of safely operating the lift, while properly handling the tasks needed, such as retrieving items

Here are a few recently posted aerial lift jobs with great companies in New York:

If you wish to qualify for any of these exciting job opportunities, be sure to look into New York aerial lift certification from today. Employers are no longer willing to risk expensive fines from OSHA or costly employee liability due to inexperienced workers. New York aerial lift training not only gives workers the ability to qualify for higher-paying entry-level jobs but it also provides the opportunity to become a project or field manager. Keep reading to learn why our program is the best out there for aerial lift certification in New York.

How to Receive an Aerial Lift Certification?

Receiving your aerial lift certification in New York is easy after completing comprehensive and affordable courses. Upon completing the courses, you’ll be granted a valid certification that’s OSHA compliant. You’re able to complete the training needed around your own schedule, with many packages available to help you receive the certification you need to begin benefiting from a new career.

Now that you know how important it is to receive your New York aerial lift certification, you may be wondering how expensive and time consuming it is. Well, we have designed our programs to be very affordable, starting at $299, and very convenient and fast. Our training can be completed online, from any computer with internet access, 24/7. In only one hour, you can complete your New York aerial lift training and be prepared to handle all types of jobs. You won’t need to take any time off of work, or need to dedicate your valuable time-off to complete training.

We have made our classes to be very convenient and time-efficient. If you only need aerial lift certification, you can jump right to the Aerial Lift Training Kit.

If you need to complete not only aerial lift training, but also wish to become a trainer, you can save money and time by taking the Bundle Package.

If you need to be trained as the trainer for your fellow employees, the Train a Trainer class is for you.

If you have access to an easy, convenient, and affordable course that can open many more doors for career advancements, and protect yourself at work, why wouldn’t you get started today? Sign up right now for our OSHA-compliant aerial lift training and certification in New York.

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