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New York Aerial Lift Certification

new york aerial lift certificationHome to the largest city in the United States, New York also holds the largest potential for career opportunities. 40% of the state’s population lives in New York City, which is the nation’s hub for new beginnings and exciting career opportunities. One career that’s experienced high growth is certified aerial lift operating to keep New York running and always improving.

If you’ve been wanting to start a new life and career in The Big Apple or anywhere in New York state, and need to get in a new job fast, consider becoming an aerial lift operator with a New York aerial lift certification.

ALC helps employers get their aerial lift and scissor lift workers compliant. With budget-friendly prices and convenient online access, we’re the best place to get aerial lift training in New York.

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Why Get a New York Aerial Lift Certification?

Even with so many potential employers in New York, it’s important to get your employees aerial lift certification. It comes down to two main reasons why aerial lift training is so important:

1. Safety – It is the best way to stay safe on the job and protect your life from accidents.

2. Compliance – if OSHA audits your company, they’ll want to see training records. Sign up for aerial lift certification in New York, and enjoy the confidence of knowing your workers are properly trained!

Choose a Training Package to Get Your New York Aerial Lift Certification!

The Type of New York Aerial Lift Certification You Need

OSHA-compliant aerial lift certification in New Yorkist the best program you can get because it’s the most comprehensive to protect your employees.

Here’s what an OSHA-compliant aerial lift training program will teach your workers:

• How to operate an aerial lift, including cherry pickers, scissor lifts, and telescopic boom and articulating boom lifts
• How to work the controls properly
• How to perform equipment inspections
• How to assess the surrounding environment
• How to recognize and avoid hazards that can lead to accidents

You will also receive training in fall protection, stabilization and positioning techniques for aerial lifts, which all are essential for preventing injuries and fatalities.

Formal written instruction, video training, practical training, and the paperwork for completing the in-person evaluation are also all included in the aerial lift certification NY training from ALC.

The Benefits of Choosing Online Aerial Lift Certification in New York

Everything thing that is important to look for in aerial lift training may seem overwhelming and expensive, not to mention time consuming. However, you don’t have to choose an in-person training course with an offsite facility for the best OSHA-compliant training you need. All you need is an online course, like the one from ALC, to get you or your workers the training you need to operate aerial lifts properly, prevent accidents, and be compliant with OSHA regulations.   

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Fast, Reliable, and Affordable New York Aerial Lift Certification with ALC

Receiving your aerial lift certification NY is easy with Rather than force you or your employees to travel to an offsite facility, take our online course from any device that’s the easiest, whether that be a smartphone or desk top.

Our online programs are very affordable, starting at $299 for the complete training kit, and very convenient and fast. In only one hour, you can complete your New York aerial lift training and be OSHA-compliant, ready to apply to the best jobs. You won’t need to take any time off of work, or dedicate your valuable time-off to complete training.

If you only need aerial lift certification, you can jump right to the Aerial Lift Training Kit. This is one of our most requested courses for aerial lift certification in New York!

If you need to be trained to lead the in-person evaluations for your fellow employees, the Train a Trainer class is for you. This course qualifies already experience operators how to lead the evaluations that round out the requirements for aerial lift certification NY. Employers can keep the entire training program in-house. With, we give you complete control for aerial lift certification in New York.

If you need to complete not only aerial lift training, but also wish to become a trainer, you can save money and time by choosing the Bundle Package. Whatever option you choose, your company will enjoy affordable OSHA compliance, lifetime support, and the best training around – all courtesy of our aerial lift certification in New York!

Sign up right now for the OSHA-compliant New York aerial lift certification from ALC and get your employees compliant today!

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