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Should I Buy or Rent a Boom Lift?

Should I Buy or Rent a Boom Lift?

So your company has decided to get a boom lift.

Before you sign the purchase papers or click “buy,” there’s another alternative worth consideration: renting a boom lift.

Each one has its pros and cons. If you’re involved in boom lift purchases or rentals, we put together a list of different factors to consider beforehand.

Your decision ultimately depends on a variety of things. Making the right call requires a little bit of patience, solid research, and a good understanding of your company’s equipment requirements.

Since boom lift operators use the equipment more than anybody, some firms request input from aerial lift and boom lift workers before making a purchase or rental. After all, who knows better than the people actually using the equipment about safety features, performance, and the like?

Whether you eventually buy a boom lift or rent one, one thing remains constant. Your company needs qualified, well-trained operators. Our OSHA compliant courses are ideal for any enterprise looking to establish a solid safety program. With our training classes, you’ll have everything you need to increase safety, decrease the chances of accidents and injuries, and improve the working conditions of your entire aerial lift or boom lift fleet!

To Buy, or Not to Buy a Boom Lift?

Here are the advantages or buying a boom lift:

-Quality. Generally speaking, brand new boom lifts offer better quality and reliability than rental equipment.

-Documentation. Many companies have purchased rental boom lifts, only to find that the operating manual and recommended performance specs aren’t included. With a new boom lift, you know you’re getting everything you need to get up and running with no problems.

-Company assets. With a new boom lift purchase, you’re adding extra equity and tangible assets into your company.

-Resell value. Once your new boom lift has been used a few years, you can always rent or sell it for added value.

Those are the pros or buying a new boom lift. Here’s the one major con: expense. You’ll pay a premium price for your boom lift, which may limit your company’s ability to invest elsewhere.

Thinking about renting a boom lift? Here are some reasons why it’s a good idea:

-Cost savings. Even long-term rentals impact your bottom line more favorably than a new purchase.

-Job-specific flexibility. You may not need a boom lift permanently on your premises. If you rent a lift, you’ll enjoy optimal budget and planning flexibility.

-Reliability. Companies that rent boom lifts are required to provide dependable equipment. Even if your rental isn’t right off the assembly line, it should get the job done.

-Pre-purchase preview. Renting a boom lift is a great way to “test drive” the equipment. If you’re happy with a boom lift rental and anticipate future work, you already know it’ll be a solid purchase. Rentals eliminate the hidden surprises that come with some boom purchases.

The one major drawback with a rental? You may need the equipment longer (or shorter) than you originally planned. This can result in greater expense than your company anticipated.

As you can see, each type of boom lift acquisition has its benefits – and drawbacks. Which one is right for your company? Do extra research, and don’t rush your decision. Making the correct call with your boom lift(s) will ultimately help your company and your fellow co-workers!


To Train, or Not to Train? There’s No Debate!

Whether your company goes the “rental route” or decides to purchase a new boom lift, your employees need training. If you’re looking for the best OSHA compliant training for boom lifts, aerial lifts, aerial work platforms, and scissor lifts, look no further than for your training requirements.

Our courses cover all the key safety rules and regulations established by OSHA, and once your employees have passed their test and on-hands evaluation, you can print their training records immediately for HR filing.

Maintain a peace of mind. Create a safer, more efficient workplace. And avoid costly OSHA fines and penalties – all with the best online, OSHA-compliant training you’ll find anywhere! For any questions about our aerial lift and scissor lift training, call our safety training experts at (602) 277-0615.

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