Should I Buy or Rent a Boom Lift?

So your company has decided to get a boom lift.

Before you sign the purchase papers or click “buy,” there’s another alternative worth consideration: renting a boom lift.

Each one has its pros and cons. And the process generates a ton of questions right off the bat:

  • What’s an acceptable price for how much to rent a boom lift?
  • ○ Should I buy a boom lift instead?
  • ○ What happens if my rental is involved with an accident?
  • ○ Why rent a boom lift when I could buy a new boom lift?
  • ○ And many more

If you’re involved in boom lift purchases or rentals, we put together a list of different factors to consider beforehand.

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How Much to Rent a Boom Lift? Should I Buy a Boom Lift or Rent One?

You have questions, ALC has answers.

Your decision ultimately depends on a variety of things. Making the right call requires a little bit of patience, solid research, and a good understanding of your company’s equipment requirements.

Since boom lift operators use the equipment more than anybody, some firms request input from aerial lift and boom lift workers before making a purchase or rental. After all, who knows better than the people actually using the equipment about safety features, performance, and the like?

Whether you eventually buy a boom lift or rent one, one thing remains constant. Your company needs qualified, well-trained operators. Our OSHA compliant courses are ideal for any enterprise looking to establish a solid safety program. With our training classes, you’ll have everything you need to increase safety, decrease the chances of accidents and injuries, and improve the working conditions of your entire aerial lift or boom lift fleet!

To Buy, or Not to Buy a Boom Lift?

Here are the advantages or renting a boom lift:


Generally speaking, rental companies always offer newer equipment. Thanks to cutting-edge developments and advanced in technology, rental equipment always gives you the option to have the best quality and reliability.

Minimal Documentation

If you buy a boom lift, you have to document everything, and things change all the time. If your boom lift requires repair, you have to keep track of those to keep accurate asset estimates. When you buy a new boom lift, remember all the documentation and recordkeeping that goes along with your purchase!

Company assets

Even if you’re not sure how much to rent a boom lift for, here’s one distinct advantage of renting: there are no worries about depreciation. Whenever your rental is up, you have no overhead costs and associated maintenance.

No storage and transport

Another great benefit when you don’t buy a boom lift? No concerns about long-term storage and transport. When you rent aerial lifts or scissor lifts on an as-needed basis, your company doesn’t have to worry about storage & transport procedures down the road – only for the short term.

Thinking about buying a boom lift? Here are some reasons why it’s a good idea:

Cost savings

If you need an aerial lift long-term, it makes more sense to purchase it new. Plus, there are no concerns about how much to rent a boom lift or scissor lift.

Job-specific flexibility

When you buy a new boom lift, you have the freedom to use your equipment when you need it, whenever you need it.


Companies that rent boom lifts are required to provide dependable equipment. But what’s more dependable than a brand-new piece of equipment?

The Verdict – It Depends on Your Company’s Needs

Renting a boom lift is a great way to “test drive” the equipment. If you’re happy with a boom lift rental and anticipate future work, you already know it’ll be a solid purchase. Rentals eliminate the hidden surprises that come with some boom purchases. Just make sure you know how much to rent a boom lift before pulling the trigger.

The one major drawback with a rental? You may need the equipment longer (or shorter) than you originally planned. This can result in greater expense than your company anticipated.

As you can see, each type of boom lift acquisition has its benefits – and drawbacks. Which one is right for your company? Do extra research, and don’t rush your decision. Making the correct call with your boom lift(s) will ultimately help your company and your fellow co-workers!

To Train, or Not to Train? There’s No Debate!

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Our courses cover all the key safety rules and regulations established by OSHA, and once your employees have passed their test and on-hands evaluation, you can print their training records immediately for HR filing.

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