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Aerial lift operators and scissor lift workers make up a critical sector of the state’s employment rolls, thanks to their versatility in different industries such as construction, utilities, road work and much more. This work can be dangerous and is filled with daily hazards. Is your company 100% certain on workplace safety?, a premier OSHA compliant training source, enables your company to stay safe and productive at the same time.

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Getting an Aerial Lift Certification is the best thing you can do to ensure employee safety, and also reduce liability in case of OSHA audits or accident investigations.

The ALC Course Catalog: Aerial Lift Certification in New Jersey

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You Can’t Afford the Cost of Non-Compliance

Accidents at work happen all the time in New Jersey. They might happen with one of your scissor lift or aerial lift operators. Without aerial lift certification in New Jersey, OSHA will levy severe penalties and fines for non-compliance. These fines can reach tens of thousands of dollars, even hundreds of thousands for serious repeat offenses. Without aerial lift certification in New Jersey, your company could suffer serious financial consequences. But remember, the most important aspect of our New Jersey aerial lift certification is SAFETY. Your employees deserve the safest possible workplace. Get started with ALC today and reduce the chance of accidents!

That’s the most important reason to get New Jersey aerial lift certification. But there are plenty more, including employee morale. When you invest in your workers with our scissor lift and aerial lift certification in New Jersey, they know you’re fully committed to safety.

NOT training your employees can get very expensive. Thankfully, our aerial lift certification in New Jersey is super affordable!

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Welcome to the Garden State! New Jersey’s varied economy, large population, and strategic location on the East Coast make the Garden State an ideal place to grow a business. And many businesses continue to thrive in New Jersey, despite relatively high taxes. NJ’s economy is super competitive, and just one accident on an AWP, aerial lift or MEWP can cost thousands in OSHA fines.

With ALC, you can reduce liability while boosting safety awareness throughout your company – and our prices will fit any budget, including yours!

Keep safety in full focus at your company with ALC. Our affordable training courses (Train a TrainerTraining Kit and Bundle Package) offer convenient learning formats, hands on evaluation forms, convenient online access, renewal training and much more.

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