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Get Your Employees OSHA Certified In One Hour or Less With Our OSHA Compliant Aerial Lift Certification in Utah!

Utah’s population grows each year, thanks to its reputation as a tax-friendly haven from other high-regulations states. From Salt Lake City to Provo, from Ogden to Orem, the Beehive State is certainly an area of strong economic activity!

For companies that employ aerial lift operators in Utah, here’s a question to ask: is your entire workforce OSHA compliant? If the answer is no, or you’re not sure about your training status, is here to help.

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We offer scissor lift and aerial lift certification in Utah at outstanding prices. Our Utah aerial lift certification has:

  Affordable pricing

  Free renewal training

  Comprehensive resources

  Hands-on evaluation tools

  Lifetime support

  And more

It’s easy to get started today with your aerial lift certification in Utah. Simply sign up and give your safety program a boost right away! Show your employees that you’ve invested in them, and create a safer workplace with our Utah aerial lift certification.

ALC’s Courses: Aerial Lift Certification in Utah



  • Perfect for new employees or anyone that needs to get compliant. Many employers use our Training Kit for OSHA compliant aerial lift certification in Utah.


  • Need a fully certified on-site aerial lift trainer? Sign up for this course today! Experience the convenience and flexibility of having your own safety expert with our Train a Trainer course.


  • This is the best value for aerial lift certification in Utah. Everything you need to train and certify your AWP and aerial lift employees. Get the benefits of a fully certified on-site aerial lift trainer and a complete employee aerial lift certification training package at a discount!

Get started today with your new & improved safety program – ALC is ready to help today! See why we’re trusted by companies all across the state with aerial lift certification in Utah!

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Why Get Aerial Lift Certification in Utah?

Why is aerial lift certification in Utah so important? For one thing, your employees require OSHA complaint training in order to perform their duties. For another, a well-trained workforce is a safer, more productive workforce.

But here’s the main reason why you should sign up for Utah aerial lift certification today: it’s the law! OSHA will investigate any workplace accidents with scissor lifts or aerial lifts. If you can show proof of training, your company is subject to expensive fines, legal action, and you might end up losing your business altogether! All of our Utah aerial lift certification includes those standards and specification tweaks from OSHA and ANSI – we’re always on top of our game, in order for you to stay compliant!

Don’t settle for second best with your Utah aerial lift certification – sign up with ALC today!

Get Your Scissor Lift & Aerial Lift Certification in Utah Today!

We’re here to help with your company’s OSHA compliance and training needs. Get started today – simply sign up and we’ll get the ball rolling in the right direction. We offer our Training KitTrain a Trainer and Bundle Package. Each one offers customized training and instruction for your particular Utah aerial lift certification needs.

Your company can’t afford the cost of non-compliance. Show your aerial lift operators you’re fully committed to their well-being. Improve your company’s safety program right away. And ensure OSHA compliance for all of your equipment operators. Become complaint today with ALC!


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