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Ohio Man Dies in Aerial Lift Accident

Ohio Workers DeathIn yet another example of just how important aerial lift safety is, a recent Ohio accident left a worker dead – and in the process, almost took the life of a little girl.

Jeremiah Webb of Circleville, Ohio, died a few weeks ago when his aerial lift touched a power line. Webb had an 11-year old girl with him (his daughter’s friend), but she was not seriously injured in the accident. Webb was using the lift owned by his employer, Seyfang Electric, according to Circleville Police Chief Wayne Gray. Webb fell out of lift and onto a parked vehicle after getting shocked. Despite efforts by Ohio State University’s Wexner Medical Center, he died later that day. Tragically, Webb died at his parents’ house. Webb lived behind them, according to police reports.

A worker for American Electric Power used another bucket lift to rescue the girl, once the power line was cut. Gray and his fellow officers were able to keep the girl calm during the rescue. “She was a very brave little girl,” said Gray.

Unfortunately, accidents like this are all too common in the news. At Aerial Lift Certification, we can help make your workplace as safe as possible. OSHA laws and regulations are in place to help prevent on-the-job disasters, and our training courses stress the importance of these safety factors.

With our 3 types of training available – Train the Trainer, Training Kit and Bundle Package – you and your co-workers will be aware and prepared for those safety hazards, both in the air and on the ground. Operating an aerial work platform is a tough, rewarding job – and only those workers with the best training possible can be trusted to do make the right decisions day in, day out.

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