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Items to Inspect when Renting an Aerial Lift

If you plan to rent an aerial lift anytime soon, it helps to conduct a personal inspection session, along with some additional research, just in case your initial check-up missed an obvious flaw.  types of aerial lifts

But before you rent a lift, you should ask yourself 3 questions. The answers will determine what type of aerial lift you need.

1)      What is the maximum height requirement for the job?

2)      What are your load considerations (for example, how many workers and how much equipment does the lift need to hold)?

3)      Are there any adverse working conditions (outdoor / seasonal work, uneven terrain, etc.)?

Once you’ve picked the aerial lift you’d like to rent, schedule a date and time to personally inspect the lift. Depending on how big the lift is, your inspection could take anywhere from 15 minutes to over an hour. Here are some things to look for during your review:

  • Tire quality – check for tread and air pressure.
  • Safety functions – make sure the lift has all the relevant safety features in working order. This includes signals, sounds, harnesses and more.
  • Obvious flaws – if the lift has a dent, ask the dealer what happened.
  • Accident history – if the lift has even been involved in an accident, find out all you can. Was the accident the result of equipment malfunction? Operator error? Both?
  • Operating expense – you may really like the aerial lift, but how much does it cost to operate during the time you’ll need it? If fuel or other operating costs are too high, your “ideal aerial lift” isn’t the best choice.

Following your inspection, do all the internet research you can on the lift. Check out user reviews. Find out about any safety recalls. The more you know, the better your aerial lift rental experience will be.

Aerial Lift Certification can help train you and your workers on proper aerial lift operation, whether you’re talking about a rental or a company-owned lift. Our training courses (Group Training, Self-Paced and Guided) are ideal for beginner and veteran aerial lift workers.

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