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Three Workers Hurt in Rigged Aerial Lift Accident

Multiple injuries, many mistakes, and maybe some hefty fines on the horizon – a forklift / aerial lift accident in Hamden, CT is a great case study in what NOT to do on a job site.

A few weeks ago, emergency first responders were called to a residential construction site in Hamden. When they arrived, the accident scene was quite confusing – and it could’ve been much worse.

The official police report concluded that 3 workers fell nearly 30 feet from an “aerial lift” on State Street. We’ve put aerial life in quotation marks because, if you look at the photo accompanying the story, the aerial lift actually had a forklift extension on the top.

It appears the workers attempted to walk off the roof of a nearby house and onto a pallet held up by the aerial lift / forklift. Police believe the lift shifted, possibly causing the accident.

It’s not certain whether the lift could even hold the weight of three men. However, transporting workers on a lift-mounted pallet from rooftop is an ill-advised, potentially deadly activity.

All 3 workers were taken to Yale-New Haven Hospital with serious injuries. As of the news announcement, their condition or identities were not released.

As expected, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) was contacted and is investigating the scene. It wouldn’t be surprising if heavy fines were proposed, especially if any or all of the workers end up with serious, life-changing injuries.

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