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Choose ALC for Aerial Lift Certification in Milwaukee, WI

Aerial Lift Training in Milwaukee

Aerial Lift Certification in Milwaukee, WI

Milwaukee is Wisconsin’s largest city. It hosts the international headquarters of Harley-Davidson, Manpower, and other Fortune 500 businesses. And, many Milwaukee businesses frequently need certified aerial lift operators is proud to provide comprehensive programs for aerial lift certification in Milwaukee. Browse our program offerings to see how we can help your business teach its workers about OSHA aerial lift safety requirements

For Aerial Lift Certification in Milwaukee, WI, Partner with ALC

ALC has been a leading provider of aerial lift training in Milwaukee for many years. Our tried-and-true offerings ensure workers can quickly and easily become OSHA-approved aerial lift operators. Here are our offerings and how they can benefit your business and its employees. 

1. Train a Trainer

We provide a Train a Trainer course for $149 that allows your business to add an in-house aerial lift certification trainer. The course enables any worker to become an OSHA-approved trainer. It includes a variety of learning materials, all of which are regularly updated based on OSHA standards. Our Train a Trainer course also offers free renewals, instant documentation, and other perks you won’t find with other aerial lift certification programs.

2. Training Kit 

Your business can use our Training Kit to help dozens of workers become OSHA-compliant aerial lift operators. Our kit includes PowerPoint presentations, hands-on evaluation forms, practice quizzes, and more. In addition, our kit offers interactive DVDs, a 3-ring binder, and a USB flash drive, with each one containing all course materials. You can purchase our kit for $299. There are no per-operator fees and free updates with our kit, too.  

3. Bundle Package

Our Bundle Package includes our Train a Trainer course and Training Kit for $399 — so you can bundle and save! The package includes everything that’s required to teach workers how to become OSHA-approved aerial lift certification trainers and operators. It is backed by our team of aerial lift certification experts as well. 

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How Does ALC Approach Aerial Lift Certification in Milwaukee, WI?

Aerial lift certification is serious business. Without it, your company’s aerial lift operators can expose themselves and others to accidents, injuries, and fatalities. Your business can also face steep OSHA penalties

ALC recognizes the importance of aerial lift certification. So, we do everything in our power to provide Milwaukee businesses and others across the United States with the best aerial lift certification training offerings. 

When you partner with ALC for aerial lift certification, you get:

Superior Training: We provide best-in-class certification training programs for companies of all sizes and across all industries. 

Outstanding Learning Materials: ALC’s training materials are designed for all types of learners. They are also accessible in print and digital formats. 

Exceptional Support: The ALC team is happy to assist you in any way. If you ever have concerns or questions about aerial lift certification training, let us know, and we’re here to help.

ALC’s aerial lift certification offerings are simple, reliable, and effective. In the short term, our offerings can help you get your workers earn OSHA certification without delay. Meanwhile, in the long run, they can help your business keep its aerial lift operators safe and become more productive and efficient than ever before. 

Ready to Enroll Your Workers in Aerial Lift Training in Milwaukee? Get in Touch with ALC

We encourage you to enroll your workers in one of ALC’s training programs as soon as you can. Because, the sooner you sign your workers up for our aerial lift certification training, the sooner they can become OSHA-approved lift operators. 

Our team is available to offer assistance if you are considering aerial lift certification training for your workers. For more information or to enroll your workers in one of our programs, please contact us online or call us today at (888) 278-8896


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