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Orlando is one of the main entertainment meccas in the United States. This is due in large part to the efforts of behind the scenes equipment operators and skilled tradespeople who install, repair, and maintain Orlando structures, rides, concessions, and local hot spots. 

If you hire scissor lift or aerial lift operators in Orlando, you need the proper training program to optimize workplace safety. But here’s the problem: many employers have no idea how to provide OSHA training in Orlando, FL. Keeping track of changing OSHA guidelines can be difficult. And, few companies have in-house knowledge to develop OSHA-compliant training.

Our OSHA certification in Orlando, FL gives you the following advantages:

  • Affordable pricing
  • Lifetime support
  • Free renewal training
  • Great customer service
  • Full OSHA compliance
  • And much more

Here’s the solution: aerial lift certification in Orlando from! Our certification training programs are ideal for any company looking to comply with OSHA requirements now and in the future.

Orlando Aerial Lift and Scissor Lift Certification

ALC offers a trio of courses for aerial lift certification in Orlando. Each one comes with FREE renewal training!

1. Train a Trainer

This popular course for OSHA certification in Orlando, FL gives you a fully certified on-site aerial lift trainer. In doing so, it eliminates the need for third-party training and expensive training consultations. ALC has you covered with our Train a Trainer course – all for just $149!

2. Training Kit

Need OSHA-compliant training for veteran operators or new employees? Pick up our Training Kit and get your aerial lift certification in Orlando. You can purchase our Training Kit for just $299!

3. Bundle Package

For $399, you can buy our all-in-one Bundle Package. This includes everything you need to train and certify your employees with our Train a Trainer and Training Kit packages. This Orlando aerial lift and scissor lift certification is the best value going – don’t miss out! Ideal for warehouse workers, construction companies and everyone in between.

Sign up today with ALC, and we’ll take care of your Orlando aerial lift certification and training!

Is Orlando Aerial Lift Certification Necessary?

Simply put, your employees need Orlando aerial lift certification. It’s against the law to have anyone operate a scissor lift or aerial lift without training. Workplace safety is critical – for your employees and your company! 

With our aerial lift certification in Orlando, your company will enjoy: 

  • Total OSHA compliance
  • Full training records
  • Training and evaluation resources
  • And much more

Thanks to ALC’s Orlando aerial lift certification, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with having complete, OSHA compliant Orlando aerial lift and scissor lift certification. Your employees deserve the best possible training – and it’s required by law. Do the right thing and register with ALC today…we’ll ensure your safety program meets and exceeds OSHA’s guidelines for Orlando aerial lift certification.

What Type of OSHA Certification in Orlando, FL Do You Need?

Consider the types of aerial lifts you have at your worksites. From here, you can identify an OSHA-approved certification training program that teaches your workers how to safely operate, inspect, and maintain these lifts. They’ll also learn how to avoid common OSHA safety violations, which are the root cause of injuries and accidents. 

Many aerial lift training courses are available, but they are not created equal. Ultimately, you need an aerial lift certification training program that ensures your workers can use aerial lifts without endangering themselves or others. You also need to verify that your training program meets OSHA requirements. 

With our Orlando aerial lift and scissor lift certification, your employees will understand OSHA regulations, avoid hazards, and be more productive on the job. ALC’s comprehensive Orlando aerial lift certification covers all the basics, and also accounts for advanced safety concepts, making our aerial lift certification and training in Orlando ideal for beginner operators, veteran employees, and everyone in between.

Plus, you’ll also enjoy ALC’s friendly customer support for any questions you have. Sign up today and see why we’re the preferred training solution for Orlando aerial lift and scissor lift certification.

Get Orlando Aerial Lift Certification Today

Aerial lift certification delivers tremendous value for Orlando businesses and their employees. Your company can offer aerial lift certification training to help its workers become more productive and efficient than ever before. 

Our aerial lift certification and training in Orlando helps your employees prevent workplace accidents — and helps your company avoid lost productivity and other issues associated with these incidents. 

When you work with ALC, you can enjoy a seamless aerial lift certification process. We offer online access to our course materials, so your employees can take their Orlando aerial lift certification whenever it’s convenient for them. And, you can sign your workers up for OSHA certification in Orlando, FL at any time. 

We encourage you to explore our aerial lift certification training programs. For more information or to get rolling with aerial lift certification and training in Orlando today, please contact us online or call us at 888-278-8896.