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Orlando Aerial Lift Certification

Full of fun things to do and close to the ocean, Orlando is one of the most energetic and magical places you can live or visit. Orlando is home to more than a dozen theme parks, including Walt Disney World and Universal Studios. How does all the magic happen, day in and day out? With equipment operators and skilled tradesmen that cleverly install, repair, and maintain structures, rides, and local hot spots behind the scenes. Without workers like aerial lift operators, Orlando wouldn’t be what it is today.

Whether you want to move to Orlando, or simply start a new career, get your Orlando aerial lift certification and never find yourself out of a rewarding job.

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forklift certification orlandoWhy is Aerial Lift Certification Orlando Important?

Even though there is a constant demand, there’s tight competition for aerial lift operators in Orlando. If an employer has their pick of who to hire, they will always choose the trained and certified operator. Operators who wish to work in Orlando need to complete an Orlando aerial lift certification to qualify for jobs. As the best way to prevent accidents, aerial lift training can save your life and it’s required by OSHA so employers just aren’t willing to risk being fined.

Aerial Lift Jobs in Orlando

As a trained operator with your aerial lift certification Orlando, you have many job options. Qualify as an operator or mechanic, special events worker, tree care worker, lighting installer, amusement park employee, ride maintenance crew, and more!

Check out some of the jobs hiring aerial lift operators with an Orlando aerial lift certification:

  • – Specialist, Park Services, Universal Orlando Resort
  • – Horticulture- Arborist, Universal Orlando Resort
  • – Aerial Lift Operator, Walt Disney World
  • – Crew Leader, Lewis Tree Service
  • – Streetlight Bucket Operator, American Lighting and Signalization
  • – Fabric and Metal Awning Installer, Sundance Architectural Products
  • – Painter, IQ Painters
  • – And more!


Why Type of Orlando Aerial Lift Certification Do I Need?

Don’t get just any aerial lift training program. The type of aerial lift certification Orlando you need is an OSHA-compliant program that will teach you everything you need to know and ensure you are able to operate aerial lifts according to industry standards.

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Now that you know the importance of Orlando aerial lift certification, you might be concerned about how much it will cost and how much time it’ll take. We’ve got good news for you at We’ve designed our program to be quick, convenient, and affordable! Our students complete our online course in about one hour on average, all from any device with the internet.

Create an account today and complete your aerial lift training from home or during a lunch break at work. Once you’re done with our online course, you’ll be able to print your aerial lift certificate and operator card.

Costing only $299 for the entire aerial lift and scissor lift training kit, you’ll be completely OSHA-compliant and ready to apply to jobs the very next day!


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