ALC Simplifies Aerial Lift Certification in Phoenix.

Phoenix has a population of over 1.7 million, and it is one of the fastest-growing metropolitan areas in the country. Nicknamed “The Valley of the Sun”, Phoenix is also Arizona’s cultural, political and business center where opportunities abound for employers and workers alike. Companies in Phoenix that use aerial lifts must provide their employees with proper training and certification — and can help! If your workers require Phoenix aerial lift certification, our fast, convenient and affordable programs are the only training resources you need. In as little as an hour, ALC will train and certify your aerial lift operators, so you can make your workplace safer and bring your business into compliance with OSHA regulations.

Phoenix Aerial Lift Certification Training Courses 

We offer three aerial lift training and certification programs: our Training Kit, Train a Trainer program, and Bundle and Save package. Here’s a brief overview of each. 

Aerial Lift Training Kit 

This is one of our most popular Phoenix aerial lift certification training programs, since it covers all types of aerial lift equipment. A one-time payment of just $299 allows you to train and certify all your current and future operators quickly, easily, and affordably. 

Train a Trainer Program 

This class lets you certify one or more of your company’s experienced drivers to train your other operators for just $149. It also means you’ll always have an in-house Phoenix aerial lift training expert at your disposal! 

Bundle and Save Package 

Can’t decide which of our two programs is best for your business? With our Bundle and Save package, you can get them both for $349, which is a savings of $50 over purchasing the two programs separately. This outstanding combination is the best value you’ll find anywhere for Phoenix aerial lift operator certification training.

Reasons to Choose ALC to Certify Your Operators

When ALC certifies your aerial lift operators, you’ve chosen the very best training available. Here are some of the reasons why our programs just can’t be beat:

 ALC Aerial Lift Training Is Fast. 

All training and test materials are accessible online 24/7 via a computer or mobile device, wherever there’s an internet connection. Training can be completed in one day, and students are free to work at their own pace. 

✓ Our Certification Training Is Simple.  

We make our certification training programs easy to understand. Most students pass the first time, but our courses can be repeated as many times as necessary. 

✓ Our Training Is 100% OSHA-Compliant.

When your workers complete ALC’s Phoenix aerial lift training, your workplace will be safer and more productive than ever before. You’ll also be able to avoid expensive OSHA fines

✓ We Deliver Comprehensive Certification Training.

Our training covers a wide range of aerial lift safety topics. We ensure your workers can use our training to learn how to correctly operate different types of aerial lifts — and much more.

✓ Our Training Is Affordable.

ALC’s aerial lift certification in Phoenix program costs just $299, so you can certify all your current and future operators for one low price. When you choose us for aerial lift certification training, there’s no reason to spend a lot of money to get your workers up to speed on OSHA requirements. 

✓ ALC’s Online Training Offers Anywhere, Anytime Access.

Our training can be complete at any time or place –  during a break for lunch, at home, or anywhere else. With ALC’s Phoenix aerial lift certification, there’s no need for your workers to spend time away from the job traveling to and from an offsite training facility. 

✓ Your Workers Can Receive Instant Certification. 

We provide immediate documentation to verify successful completion of our certification training. Lift operator cards are available to download and print, so there’s no waiting for paperwork to arrive in the mail. 

✓ You Can Eliminate OSHA Penalties.

OSHA imposes severe penalties against businesses that ignore its aerial lift certification mandates. ALC affiliate surveyed more than 100 business owners, managers, supervisors and safety personnel to learn about their experiences with OSHA. CMO found that more than half of respondents reported OSHA had audited them, and 18% received fines, most of which were over $100,000! Click here to view the full study results. 

✓ Our Certification Training Delivers Proven Results.

We have helped many companies in construction, manufacturing, and other sectors provide certification training to their workers. These businesses have been able to comply with OSHA aerial lift safety requirements and ensure their workers can safely use aerial lifts at all times.

✓ We Are Committed to Your Company’s Success.

Our goal: to provide your workers with Phoenix aerial lift certification training that meets or exceeds your expectations. We work diligently to accomplish our goal and are happy to help you get your employees in compliance with OSHA regulations.

✓ You Can Enroll Your Workers in Our Training Right Away.

It only takes a few minutes to sign up workers for any of our aerial lift certification training programs. Once a worker is enrolled, he or she can promptly access our program materials.

✓ Our Training Promotes Work Safety and Productivity.

If there are unlicensed aerial lift operators on your payroll, have them trained as soon as possible. With our training program, you can ensure your operators are OSHA-compliant and encourage them to maintain a safe, productive work environment.  

We can help you protect your business and workers against OSHA compliance penalties and fines and aerial lift accidents, injuries, and fatalities. To learn more, browse our Phoenix aerial lift certification training programs!

Why Is Aerial Lift Certification in Phoenix Important?

The primary reason OSHA requires operator certifications is safety. Even though business may be booming in Phoenix, your workers won’t be prepared or qualified to operate aerial lifts without OSHA-compliant training. 

ALC’s aerial and scissor lift training provides an effective resource to help your business prevent workplace accidents that can result in serious injuries or even deaths. Having your workers complete our aerial lift training and certification program will also help you avoid costly OSHA penalties and fines. 

Phoenix aerial lift training is more than just a legal requirement. It can also help your business stand out from its rivals and foster a culture of workplace safety. 

After completing ALC‘s Phoenix aerial lift operator training, your workers can operate aerial work platforms (AWPs) with poise, confidence, and composure. These OSHA-approved AWP operators can handle loads safely and take precautions to avoid workplace safety dangers. They can even inspect and maintain AWPs regularly, so you can keep your aerial lift repair and replacement costs low. 

With ALC at your side, you can simultaneously improve workplace safety and productivity. And we’ll ensure that you won’t have to break your budget to comply with OSHA aerial lift safety requirements, either.  

Provide Phoenix Aerial Lift Operator Training from ALC

Your Phoenix business has workers who use aerial lifts on a daily basis. And it needs to provide them with OSHA-approved training. 

ALC ensures that you can get one or more workers OSHA-compliant without delay. Our training programs are readily available. They make it simple for workers to learn how to safely operate and maintain all types of aerial lifts. 

Remember, it is illegal to let an employee use an aerial lift at a worksite unless he or she has valid OSHA certification. So don’t wait any longer to have your aerial lift operators trained and certified!  Enroll them in certification training from now! 

Still have questions? Call us at (888) 278-8896 to speak with one of ALC’s training experts or contact us online for more information