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Colorado Springs, aka “Olympic City USA,” is the most populous municipality in Colorado’s El Paso County. Technology businesses and defense contractors are among the leading drivers of the city’s economy. They frequently search for certified aerial lift operators, too. provides 100% OSHA-compliant Colorado Springs aerial lift certification. Our aerial lift certification course catalog includes Train a TrainerTraining Kit, and Bundle Package options.

A Closer Look at ALC’s Options for Aerial Lift Certification in Colorado Springs, CO

Here’s what you need to know about each of our options for aerial lift training in Colorado Springs, CO.

Train a Trainer

Our Train a Trainer course lets you certify workers to become OSHA-compliant aerial lift trainers. Once a worker completes the course, he or she is OSHA-approved to train others on all aspects of aerial lift safety.

Reasons to enroll your workers in our Train a Trainer course include:

– 24/7 Accessibility: All of our course materials are available online via smartphone, tablet, or desktop or laptop computer.

– Immediate Certification: Following successful completion of our course, a worker can download and print their OSHA aerial lift license.

– Free Updates: We keep our course up to date, so your workers are assured of always getting the latest OSHA information regarding aerial lift safety compliance.

Our Train a Trainer course is available for $149. It also comes with free lifetime refreshers and renewals.

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Training Kit

If you need an all-in-one kit to teach your entire workforce about aerial lift safety, check out our OSHA-approved Training Kit.

Our kit is designed for guided, self-paced, or group aerial lift safety training. As such, it gives you the flexibility to train your workforce in a manner that best suits your business.

Furthermore, our Training Kit includes the following aerial lift safety training materials:

– Start-up guide for training managers

– 5 pre-test summaries=

– Practice quizzes

– Hands-on evaluation forms

– Printable forms for each classification of powered industrial truck classes 1-7 (excluding class 6 tuggers)

– PowerPoint presentations for trainers and operators

Our Training Kit also includes:

– 3-ring Binder with printed course materials in

– 2 Interactive DVDs with all course materials

– USB flash drive with all course materials in digital format

– Unlimited printable certificates and wallet cards

Our Training Kit is a great option to teach your workers about aerial lift stability, load handling, and other relevant safety topics. It is available for $249.

Bundle Package

For $399, you can pick up our Bundle Package that includes our OSHA-compliant Train a Trainer course and Training Kit.

Our Bundle Package delivers the ideal combination of affordability and convenience. You’ll save $50 when you purchase our Bundle Package instead of buying our Train a Trainer course and Training Kit separately. Plus, our Bundle Package makes it easy to get your workers up to speed on aerial lift safety protocols and best practices.

Thanks to our Bundle Package, you can verify your workers can safely operate scissor lifts, boom lifts, and other types of aerial lifts. In addition, you can use our Bundle Package to ensure that your workers are in compliance with OSHA requirements and avoid OSHA penalties.

Want the Best Aerial Lift Training in Colorado Springs, CO? Partner with ALC

Colorado Springs businesses are responsible for learning and complying with OSHA aerial lift safety mandates. Ignoring these requirements puts aerial lift operators and their coworkers at risk of accidents. Even worse, an aerial lift accident can lead to a serious injury or fatality.

Don’t risk an aerial lift accident. Conversely, enroll your worker in aerial lift certification training from ALC. This ensures you can teach your workers how to safely operate, inspect, and maintain all types of lifts. And, your workers can comply with OSHA aerial lift safety requirements.

ALC is happy to provide additional details about our Colorado Springs aerial lift certification options. To learn more, please contact us online or call us today at (888) 278-8896.